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  • 2.54ct Aquamarine and Diamond Ring Lugano Ring2.54ct Natural Aquamarine and Platinum Ring Lugano Ring TSV

    Lugano Aquamarine Ring

  • tapered baguette diamonds 2.48 carat Green oval cut natural emerald 18k white gold - Madison Ring18k white gold 2.48 carat Green oval cut natural emerald tapered baguette diamonds - Madison Ring

    Madison Ring

  • Elongated French Cut Sapphire Wedding Band - Manetto Band 14457 TVFrench Cut Sapphire Half Eternity Band - Manetto Band 14457 TSV

    Manetto Band. 2.6mm

  • 11.25ct Natural Emerald Cut Amethyst Gemstone Ring Manorville Ring 13723-TVDiamond Halo and Gemstone Ring Manorville Ring Top Side View

    Manorville Ring

  • Mantua ring pear shaped natural garnet ring 14234-TV-1000PXpear shaped natural garnet ring Mantua ring 14234-TSV-1000PX

    Mantua Ring

  • Marseille Ring modern cushion cut aquamarine ring 14427-TV-1000PX14427-TSV-1000PX Marseille Ring modern cushion cut aquamarine ring

    Marseille Ring

  • Kunzite Ring with Sapphire Halo and Yellow Gold 13316 TVKunzite Sapphire Halo Ring and Yellow Gold 13316 TSV

    Marvão Ring

  • 1.58ct Colombian Emerald Diamond Accent Ring - Mayfield Ring 14701 TV

    Mayfield Ring (Colombian, No Oil)

  • Victorian Era Ruby And Diamond Navette Ring Circa 1890 14037-TV-1000PXNavette Elongated Ruby And Diamond Ring 14037-TSV-1000PX

    Medina Ring. Circa 1890

  • Emerald Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring - Melville Ring 14803 TV

    Melville Ring

  • Amethyst and Diamond 18k Yellow Gold Ring 12212 TVMadison Ring Top Side View

    Meriden Ring

  • Emerald Cut Amethyst and Diamond Ring - Meridian Ring 13878 TVEmerald Cut Amethyst Diamond Engagement Ring - Meridian Ring 13878 TSV

    Meridian Ring

  • Round Aquamarine and Diamond Halo Ring Midland ring Top View18k White Gold Aquamarine Ring Midland ring Top Side View

    Midland Ring

  • 1.65ct Round Aquamarine Sapphire and Diamond Pendant - Colorado PendantCenter Aquamarine and Sapphire and Diamond Halo Pendant - Colorado Pendant

    Millbum Pendant

  • 2.70ct Emerald Cut Emerald Sapphire Ring - Monsey Ring 13907 TV2.

    Monsey Ring

  • 22ct Aquamarine Yellow Gold and Platinum Ring - Montague RingEmerald Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Leaf Design Ring - Montague Ring

    Montague Ring. Circa 1960 (Vintage)

  • Amethyst and Sapphire 18k Yellow Gold Ring - Montana Ring 13409 TVGemstone and 18k Yellow Gold Engagement Ring - Montana Ring Top Side View

    Montana Ring

  • Diamond and Ruby White Gold Band - Moraine Band 14495 TVDiamond and Ruby Accent Birthstone Band - Moraine Band 14495 TSV

    Moraine Band

  • Emerald Cut Emerald Three Stone Ring - Moravia Ring 14703 TVColombian No Oil Emerald Engagement Ring - Moravia Ring 14703 TSV

    Moravia Ring (Colombian, No Oil)

  • Amethyst and Diamond Gold Earrings - Moriches Earrings 13728 TV

    Moriches Earrings

  • 1.68ct Emerald Cut Sapphire Engagement Ring - Morristown Ring 14467 TV

    Morristown Ring

  • Emerald Cut Natural Emerald And Diamond Halo Gemstone Ring 13903-TV-1000PXEmerald Cut Natural Emerald Gemstone Diamond Halo Platinum Ring 13903-TSV-1000PX

    Murci Ring

  • 12.11ct Emerald Cut Rubellite Cocktail Ring - Naples Ring 14044 TVEmerald Cut Rubellite Gemstone Cocktail Ring - Naples Ring 14044 TSV

    Naples Ring

  • TV Nassau RingTSV Nassau Ring

    Nassau Ring

  • Elongated French Cut Sapphire Diamond Band - Niagara Band 14453 TV

    Niagara Band. 2.5mm

  • Nordmont Ring Top ViewNordmont Ring Top Side View

    Nordmont Ring

  • 0.63ct Emerald Cut Emerald Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 13695-TV

    Northport Ring

  • Oceanside Ring

  • Emerald and Diamond Ring Ogden Ring 13267Platinum Mid Century Ring Ogden Ring 13267

    Ogden Ring. Circa 1950

  • Natural Amethyst Cocktail Ring Olmstead Ring 13690 Top View 13690_TVDiamond Shoulder Natural Amethyst Cocktail Ring Olmstead Ring 13690_TSV

    Olmstead Ring. Circa 1960 (Vintage)