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Westhampton Earrings

SKU: 13891

Windsor Ring

SKU: 13658

0.57ct Vintage Sapphire Ring. Arezza Ring. Circa 1965

SKU: 14519

0.96ct Colombian No Oil Emerald and Sapphire Halo Ring. Ramsen Ring

SKU: 14697

0.97ct Emerald and Diamond Cluster, Colombian, No Oil

SKU: 14698

1.01ct Emerald and Baguette Halo Platinum Arcadia Ring

SKU: 13909

1.01ct Pink Sapphire and Diamond Accent 18k White Gold Valencia Ring

Original price was: $5,800.Current price is: $5,220.

1.02ct Colombian, No Oil Emerald Platinum Ring

SKU: 14700

1.08ct Oval Cut Ruby Orland Ring

SKU: 14334

1.13ct Round Aquamarine and 18k White Gold Ring

SKU: 14764

1.15ct Oval Cut Ruby and Diamond Cluster Ring. Durbin Ring

SKU: 14742

1.18ct Round Aquamarine and Diamond White Gold Ring

SKU: 14772

1.20ct Round Pink Sapphire Ring. Covelo Ring

SKU: 13932

1.20ct Vintage Estate Sapphire Ring. Celano Ring. Circa 1950

SKU: 14737

1.52ct Oval Cut Ruby and Diamond Ring. Formosa Ring

SKU: 13283
Original price was: $7,900.Current price is: $7,110.

1.52ct Sapphire and Diamond Halo Portland Ring

SKU: 13311

1.56ct Oval Cut Natural Sapphire Ring. Kingston Ring

SKU: 14744

1.58ct Natural Colombian No-Oil Emerald Platinum Ring. Mayfield Ring.

SKU: 14701

1.60ct Emerald and Diamond Accent Platinum Ring

SKU: 14613

1.65ct Oval Cut Ruby and Diamond Halo Aster Ring

SKU: 14743

1.66ct Natural Blue Oval Sapphire Ring. Celina Ring

SKU: 13715

1.66ct Oval Cut Ruby and Diamond Halo Sicily Ring

SKU: 14741

1.72ct Oval Emerald and Diamond Halo Platinum Essex Ring

SKU: 14612

1.76ct Round Aquamarine and Platinum Ring. Tiber Ring

SKU: 15221

1.81ct Oval Kashmir Sapphire Halo Ring. Lane Ring

SKU: RS3238

1.87ct Colombian Emerald and Cluster Platinum Ring

SKU: 14611

18k White gold and 6.32ct Amethyst White Gold Vivant Ring

SKU: 15093

18k Yellow Gold and 1.20ct Cushion Cut Aquamarine Ring

SKU: 15033

18k Yellow Gold and 12.50ct Amethyst Manorville Ring

SKU: 14874

1ct Emerald and Diamond Halo Platinum Ring Ring

SKU: 14505