Birthstone Jewelry

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  • Deco Style Diamond Sapphire Wedding Band - Edgemont Band 14870 TVVintage Diamond Sapphire Half-Eternity Wedding Band - Edgemont Band 14870 TSV

    Vintage Half-Eternity Wedding Band. Edgemont Band. Circa 1950

  • A Geometric Emerald and Diamond Ring Dalton Ring 14638Retro Era Diamond and Emerald Geometric Ring 14638 F1

    Vintage Retro Diamond and Emerald Ring. Dalton. Circa 1940

  • Art Deco Style Platinum Sapphire Ring Waldorf Ring 148570.30ct French Cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring SH125 F1

    0.47tcw Sapphire and Diamond Waldorf Ring

  • Emerald Cut Natural Emerald And Diamond Halo Platinum Engagement Ring 13901-Artistic-1000x1000Bezel Set Emerald Center Stone Diamond Geometric Halo Engagement Ring 13901 F5

    1.03ct Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Halo Platinum Ring

  • Oval Cut Ruby Diamond Ring Arbor Ring 14335Prong Set Natural Oval Cut 1.05ct Ruby Center Stone Gemstone Platinum Ring 14335-F5

    1.05ct Oval Cut Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring. Arbor Ring

  • Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring Artistic PhoneAGL Certified Emerald Cut Emerald Ring 13894 F2

    1.06ct Colombian No Oil Emerald Platinum Ring

  • Pear Shape Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring Cordoba Ring 15057cordoba ring featuring a 1.06 carats prong set saphire

    1.06ct Pear-Shaped Sapphire Halo Ring. Cordoba Ring

  • Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring Harvard Ring Top View Zoomed In Heldharvard engagement ring showcasin,g a prong set sapphire

    1.62ct Cushion Cut Sapphire Halo Ring. Harvard Ring

  • A Geometric Engagement Ring Featuring an Emerald Cut Sapphire Morristown Ring 14467Two Step Baguette Cut Diamond and Sapphire Platinum Ring 14467 F5

    1.68ct Natural Sapphire Platinum Ring. Morristown Ring

  • Aquamarine and Diamond Accent Ring Sedgewick Ring Top View Artisticaquamarine diamond Sedgewick Ring with diamonds on the sides

    10.55ct Aquamarine Platinum Sedgewick Ring

  • Round Natural Aquamarine And 18k Yellow Gold Mounting Engagement Ring 13898-Artistic-1000x1000Gemstone Leaf Motif Engagement Ring - Elliston Ring 13455 F3

    18k Yellow Gold Floral Motif Aquamarine Elliston Ring

  • Coatesville Ring round cut prong set aquamarine ring 14940-F5Coatesville Ring 2.75ct round cut 18k yellow gold aquamarine ring 14940-F2

    2.75ct Round Aquamarine and 18k Yellow Gold Ring

  • Natural Emerald Cut Aquamarine Ring Diamond And Sapphire Accented 13087-Artistic-1000x10005.60 Carat Aquamarine Ring Holt Ring Zoomed In Top View Ring

    5.40ct Emerald Cut Aquamarine Platinum Ring

  • 5.46 Carat Oval Cut Yellow Sapphire Halo Ring Nyons Ring DYL17Yellow Sapphire And Diamond Floral Motif Halo Gemstone Ring DYL17 F2

    5.46ct Yellow Sapphire Cluster Gold Ring. Nyons Ring

  • 1.70ct Total Diamond Weight Floral Motif Old Mine Diamond Halo Gemstone Ring 14115-F51.70ct Natural Burmese Cushion Cut Ruby Center Stone Gemstone Ring 14115-F2

    AGL 1.46ct Cushion Cut Burma Ruby Ring. Toulon Ring

  • Westbury Ring. Circa 1900, Antique, Edwardian Era. Top View zoomed artisticwestbbuy ring with a halo of old European cut diamonds

    Antique Edwardian Sapphire Ring. Circa 1900

  • 0.70 Carats Floral Style Aquamarine and Platinum Ring Watertown Ring 143070.80ct Natural Round Cut Aquamarine Gemstone Ring Watertown Ring F2

    Aquamarine and Platinum Diamond Floral Ring

  • 1.12ct Center Asscher Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Halo Ring 13090-Artistic1ct Asscher-cut Aquamarine and Diamond Cluster Ring FA2

    Asscher Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Cluster Platinum Ring

  • 13.09ct Pear Shape Morganite Hanging Earrings - Bocca Earrings 14056 TVPink Morganite and Diamond Hanging Earrings - Bocca Earrings 14056 TSV

    Bocca Earrings

  • Emerald Cut Aquamarine Center Stone - Tide Ring 12065 ArtisticAquamarine and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring - Tide Ring Top View

    Carre Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Halo Ring

  • Aquamarine and Diamond Hanging Earrings Top View MAR109

    Fullerton Earrings

  • 1.10ct Round Aquamarine Solitaire Platinum Ring - Westridge Ring1.25ct Natural Round Cut Aquamarine Prong Set Ring 13989 F2

    Platinum and Around Aquamarine Solitaire Westridge Ring

  • 1.16 Carat Prong-Set Aquamarine Gemstone Ring Cutler Bay Ring 141741.16ct Aquamarine Gemstone Engagement Ring 14174 TV 1000PX

    Platinum, Round Aquamarine Solitaire Ring

  • 1.00 Carat NaturaL Aquamarine Gemstone Ring Tallis Aquamarine Ring 15029tallis engagement ring with Three diamonds are set on each shoulder

    Round Aquamarine and Sapphire Halo Platinum Ring

  • 1.68 carat Round Aquamarine Diamond Engagement Ring Mohegan Ring 14774Round Cut Aquamarine Solitaire Gemstone Ring 14774 F2

    Vintage Platinum 1.68ct Aquamarine Ring

  • Oval Cut Sapphire Diamond Hanging Earrings - Westhampton Earrings 13891 TVOval Cut Sapphire Diamond Floral Motif Earrings - Westhampton Earrings 13891 TSV

    Westhampton Earrings

  • Natural Morganite and Ruby Cocktail Ring Windsor Ring Top View 13659_TVRuby Accented Shoulder 18k Yellow Gold Cocktail Ring Windsor Ring 13659_TSV

    Windsor Ring

  • 2.51 Carat Natural Zambian Emerald Cut Ring Winslow Ring DYL432.51ct Emerald Cut Prong Set Zambian Emerald Gemstone Ring DYL43 F2

    Winslow Ring

  • 3 Stone Sapphire and Diamond Ring Arezza Ring. Circa 1965, Vintage Top View ArtisticVintage Sapphire and Diamond Gypsy Ring 14519 F5

    0.57ct Vintage Sapphire Ring. Arezza Ring. Circa 1965

  • Three Stone Pink Sapphire Center Stone Diamond Accenting 18k White Gold Ring DYL30-Artistic-1000x100018k White Gold Diamond Sapphire Ring DYL30 F3

    1.01ct Pink Sapphire and Diamond Accent 18k White Gold Ring