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  • 9.39ct Emerald Cut Natural Zambia Emerald Ring - Escalante Ring9.39ct Emerald and Diamond Cocktail Ring - Escalante Ring

    Escalante Ring

  • 3.00ct Oval Cut Natural Emerald Ring - Essex Ring 13957 TVPlatinum and Diamond Halo Emerald Ring Essex ring Top Side View

    Essex Ring

  • Fitchburg Ring Top ViewFitchburg Ring Top Side View

    Fitchburg Ring

  • 1.00ct Emerald Ring with diamonds 13277 TV1-carat Emerald Ring with diamonds 13277 TSV

    Funchal Ring

  • Vintage Calibre Cut Emerald Diamond Ring - Glasgow Ring 14558 TVVintage Midcentury Emerald and Diamond Ring - Glasgow Ring 14558 TSV

    Glasgow Ring. Circa 1950 (Vintage)

  • Emerald and Yellow Gold Wedding Band - Glendale Band

    Glendale Band

  • Emerald Cut Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring - Greendale Ring 14700 TV

    Greendale Ring (Colombian, No Oil)

  • Emerald Cut Columbian Emerald Cocktail Ring - Greenhaven Ring 13249 TV4.49ct Columbian Emerald Sapphire Halo Ring - Greenhaven Ring 13249 TSV

    Greenhaven Ring

  • Colombian Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring Greenwood Ring Top ViewPlatinum Emerald and Diamond Accent Ring Greenwood Ring Top Side View

    Greenwood Ring (Colombian, No Oil)

  • 2.84ct Emerald Cut Emerald Diamond Ring - Hazelton Ring 14404 TV

    Hazelton Ring

  • Natural Emerald Ring Hazlet Ring Top View

    Hazlet Ring (Colombian, No Oil)

  • Holmes ring emerald ring with 18k white gold ringDYL58-TSV-1000PX 18k white gold ring Holmes ring

    Holmes Ring

  • Lakeside Ring three stone platinum on yellow gold emerald ring 14960 TV 1000P14960 TSV 1000P Three stone emerald and diamond ring Lakeside ring

    Lakeside Ring Circa 1910 (Antique Edwardian Era)

  • tapered baguette diamonds 2.48 carat Green oval cut natural emerald 18k white gold - Madison Ring18k white gold 2.48 carat Green oval cut natural emerald tapered baguette diamonds - Madison Ring

    Madison Ring

  • 1.58ct Colombian Emerald Diamond Accent Ring - Mayfield Ring 14701 TV

    Mayfield Ring (Colombian, No Oil)

  • 2.70ct Emerald Cut Emerald Sapphire Ring - Monsey Ring 13907 TV2.

    Monsey Ring

  • Emerald Cut Emerald Three Stone Ring - Moravia Ring 14703 TVColombian No Oil Emerald Engagement Ring - Moravia Ring 14703 TSV

    Moravia Ring (Colombian, No Oil)

  • Emerald Cut Natural Emerald And Diamond Halo Gemstone Ring 13903-TV-1000PXEmerald Cut Natural Emerald Gemstone Diamond Halo Platinum Ring 13903-TSV-1000PX

    Murci Ring

  • Nordmont Ring Top ViewNordmont Ring Top Side View

    Nordmont Ring

  • 0.63ct Emerald Cut Emerald Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 13695-TV

    Northport Ring

  • Emerald and Diamond Ring Ogden Ring 13267Platinum Mid Century Ring Ogden Ring 13267

    Ogden Ring. Circa 1950

  • 1.95ct Colombian No Oil Emerald Ring - Pennsylvania Ring 14702 TV

    Pennsylvania Ring (Colombian, No Oil)

  • Cluster Emerald and Diamond Cocktail Ring - Quintan Ring2.00ct Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring - Quintan Ring

    Quintan Ring

  • 1.15ct Natural Emerald And Diamond Cluster Gemstone Ring 13713-TV-1000PXPlatinum Mounting Emerald And Diamond Halo 13713-TSV-1000PX

    Riverdale Ring

  • Antique 2.62 Carat Colombian Emerald Ring - Sacramento Ring 14281 TVArt Deco Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring - Sacramento Ring 14281 TSV

    Sacramento Ring. Circa 1920 (Antique, Art Deco Era)

  • Vintage Seaman Schepps Cabochon Emerald and Gold Ring 14972 TVTSV Seaman Schepps Emerald and Diamond Vintage Ring 14972

    Seaman Schepps Emerald Ring. Circa 1975 (Vintage)

  • Segovia Ring Top ViewSegovia Ring Top Side View

    Segovia Ring

  • 3.9ct Natural Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring - Sheridan RingEmerald and Diamond Halo White Gold Ring - Sheridan Ring

    Sheridan Ring

  • 0.97ct Emerald Cut Colombian Emerald Ring - Smyrna Ring 14696 TVColombian Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring -

    Smyrna Ring (Colombian, No Oil)

  • Tempi Ring Top ViewTempi Ring Top Side View

    Tempi Ring