H Color

Our collection of H-Color Diamond Engagement Rings. Curated by Estate Diamond Jewelry. These diamonds have a center diamond that features H Color.

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  • Asscher Cut Diamond and Double Halo Ring Atlanta Ring Top View0.50ct Asscher Cut Diamond and Emerald Platinum Ring 12724

    Atlanta Ring

  • Callington Ring Top ViewCallington Ring Top Side View

    Callington Ring

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  • Haynes Ring Top ViewHaynes Ring Side View

    Hayne Ring. Circa 1880

  • Preston Ring Top ViewPreston Diamond Platinum Ring 11590 TSV

    The Preston Ring. Circa 1920

  • 0.87ct Emerald Cut Diamond and Halo Rings Boston Ring 13094Boston Ring

    Boston Ring

  • 2ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring Everett RingBaguette Cut Accent Diamond Platinum Ring Everett Ring

    Everett Ring

  • 12385 TV 2 Asscher CutKingbury Ring Top Side View

    Kingbury Ring. Circa 1920

  • Pacific Engagement Ring TV GS168TSV Pacific Engagement Ring GS168

    Pacific Ring

  • 12078 Toledo Diamond and Sapphire Ring Top ViewToledo Ring Top Side View

    Toledo Ring

  • Pisa Ring TVPisa Ring TSV

    Pisa Ring

  • Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Ring Abbeville Ring CH2451.27ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Band Abbeville Ring CH245

    Abbeville Ring

  • Antique Tiffany Ring Top View3-carat Tiffany Antique Marquise Ring TSV

    Antique Tiffany Ring. Circa 1910

  • Bayard Ring Top ViewBayard 3.50ct Diamond Antique platinum Ring SV

    Bayard Ring. Circa 1920

  • SPK101 Brilliant Cut Diamond RingSPK101 TSV Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

    Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

  • Howden Ring Top ViewHowden Ring Top Side View

    Howden Ring

  • Original Antique 0.90 ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring Kapolei TV 12607Original Antique 0.90 carat Old European Diamond Ring Kapolei TSV 12607

    Kapolei Ring. Circa 1920

  • Emerald Wedding BandEmerald Cut Wedding Band

    Lansford Band. 3.70mm

  • Rare Edwardian Marquise Diamond Filigree Engagement RingRare Edwardian platinum Marquise Diamond Filigree Engagement Ring

    Lindenhurst Ring. Circa 1900

  • TV 11764 Oxford RingTSV Oxford Ring

    Oxford Ring

  • TV 11694 Arts and Crafts Ring11694 Arts and Crafts Ring TSV

    Pittston Ring. Circa 1920

  • Salamanca 5.03ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring TVSalamanca Pave Set Oval Diamond Ring in Platinum TSV

    Salamanca Ring

  • 4.20 Carat Ring Top View4.20 Carat Ring Top Side View

    Sherbrooke Ring

  • 5.16 Carat Antique Cushion Cut Diamond and Platinum Ring Swiss Ring

    Swiss Ring

  • Circa 1930 The Luton Ring TVThe Luton Ring circa 1930 TSV

    The Luton Ring

  • 0.95ct Cushion Cut Diamond and Platinum Ring Utah Ring0.95ct Cushion Cut Diamond and Halo Ring Utah Ring

    Utah Ring

  • Vintage Cartier Ring Top ViewVintage Cartier Ring Top Side VIew

    Vintage Cartier London Ring

  • Amalfi Ring TVAmalfi Ring TSV

    Amalfi Ring. Circa 1925

  • GS112 Dublin Gold Ring TVRuby Halo Engagement Ring

    Dublin Gold Ring

  • Abilene Ring Top ViewAbilene Ring Top Side View

    Abilene Ring. Circa 1920

  • Antique marquee engagement ring11696 Marquise Ring TSV

    Marquise Ring. Circa 1925