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  • Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Colborne ring Top View

    Colborne Ring

  • Oval Rose Cut Diamond Halo Ring - Finchley Ring 13757 TVRose Cut Diamond Platinum Ring - Finchley Ring 13757 TSV

    Finchley Ring

  • Art Deco Diamond Ring Girona Ring Top View 14369045 carat Diamond Ring Girona Ring Top Side View

    Girona Ring. Circa 1920 (Antique, Art Deco)

  • Emerald Wedding BandEmerald Cut Wedding Band

    Lansford Band. 3.70mm

  • 0.63ct Antique Cushion Diamond Gold Ring - Malta Ring 13052 TVAntique Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - Malta Ring 13052 TSV

    Malta Ring

  • Diamond Cluster Ring Milford Ring Top ViewH Color SI1 Clarity Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring Platinum Mounting

    Milford Ring

  • 0.83ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring - Mill Ring 14261 TV0.83ct Old European Diamond Engagement Ring - Mill Ring 14261 TSV

    Mill Ring

  • Amour Eternite Rose Gold main view Diamonds Channel Set11261 Amour Eternite Rose Gold Diamond Tall View

    Montauk Band. 1.8mm

  • GIA-Certified 1.01ct Asscher Cut Diamond Ring - Montgomery Ring 14821 TVAsscher Cut Diamond Sapphire Halo Ring - Montgomery Ring 14821 TSV

    Montgomery Ring

  • 2.19ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Ring - Mulberry Ring 14736 TV

    Mulberry Ring

  • Antique Three Stone Ring Pierce Ring Top ViewAntique Edwardian Three Stone Engagement Ring - Pierce Ring 14141 TSV

    Pierce Ring. Circa 1902 (Antique, Edwardian Era)

  • TV 11694 Arts and Crafts Ring11694 Arts and Crafts Ring TSV

    Pittston Ring. Circa 1920 (Antique, Art Deco Era)

  • Purdy ring round brilliant cut diamond ring 14674-TV-1000PXround brilliant cut diamond ring Purdy ring 14674-TSV-1000PX

    Purdy Ring

  • Rochelle Infinity Band Top ViewRochelle Infinity Band Top Side View

    Rochelle Infinity Band

  • Salamanca 5.03ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring TVSalamanca Pave Set Oval Diamond Ring in Platinum TSV

    Salamanca Ring

  • 2.16ct Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - Seymour Ring 14568 TVCushion Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - Seymour Ring 14568 TSV

    Seymour Ring

  • 1.03ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond ring Sharptown Ring Top ViewHalo Diamond Ring Sharptown Ring Top Side

    Sharptown Ring

  • 4.20 Carat Ring Top View4.20 Carat Ring Top Side View

    Sherbrooke Ring

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  • 4.06ct Cushion Cut Oval Halo Ring - Swanton Ring HER609 TVSwanton engagement ring featuring a vvs1 diamond

    Swanton Ring

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  • 0.95ct Cushion Cut Diamond and Platinum Ring Utah Ring0.95ct Cushion Cut Diamond and Halo Ring Utah Ring

    Utah Ring

  • 1.22ct Antique Cushion Cut Ring - Westmorland Ring 13001 TVCushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring - Westmorland Ring 13001 TSV

    Westmorland Ring

  • Cushion Cut Cluster Ring Manchester Ring Top ViewCushion Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring - Manchester Ring 14048 TSV

    Manchester Ring

  • 1.27ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond and Diamond Halo Ring1.27ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Band Abbeville Ring CH245

    Abbeville Ring

  • Antique Edwardian Bow Motif Diamond Ring - Auckland Ring 13862 TV1.29ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring 13433 F2

    Auckland Ring. Circa 1905

  • Hexagon Diamond Ring Birmingham Ring Top ViewGeometric Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring - Birmingham Ring

    Birmingham Ring

  • 0.60 Carat Diamond and Platinum Ring Brantford Ring Top ViewFrench Antique Art Deco Diamond Ring Brantford Ring Top Side View

    Brantford Ring. Circa 1925 (Antique, Art Deco Era)

  • 2ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring Everett RingBaguette Cut Accent Diamond Platinum Ring Everett Ring

    Everett Ring

  • Dome Shaped Diamond And Platinum Engagement Ring Circa 1920 13863-TV-1000PX (1)Dome Shaped Diamond And Geometric Platinum Motif Engagement Ring 13863-TVS-1000PX (1)

    Harkness Ring. Circa 1920

  • Original Antique 0.90 ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring Kapolei TV 12607Original Antique 0.90 carat Old European Diamond Ring Kapolei TSV 12607

    Kapolei Ring. Circa 1920

  • Vintage Art Deco Halo Engagement Ring - Orleans Ring 14030 TV

    Orleans Ring. Circa 1925