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  • 4.26ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring - Bauer Ring 14239 TV

    Bauer Ring

  • 5.09 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Baywood Ring Top View5.09ct Emerald Cut with Baguette Accent Diamond Ring - Baywood Ring

    Baywood Ring

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  • 4ct Antique Diamond Ring Beckton Ring Top View4.25 Carat Diamond Crown Style Ring Beckton Ring Top Side View

    Beckton Ring. Circa 1930 (Antique, Art Deco Era)

  • 5.01ct Antique Cushion Cut Engagement Ring - Bellmore Ring 25358 TVProng Set Antique Cushion Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring 25358 F1

    Bellmore Ring

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  • 4.04 Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring Bethpage Ring4.04ct Fancy Yellow Emerald Cut Ring - Bethpage Ring

    Bethpage Ring

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  • 5.09ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring SPK1015.09ct Round Brilliant Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring SPK101

    Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

  • 4.04ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring - Carthage Ring 167RJ TVFrench 4.04ct Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring - Carthage Ring 167RJ TSV

    Carthage Ring. Circa 1960 (Vintage)

  • 5.01ct Antique Cushion Cut Solitaire Ring - Cassel Ring JR761 TV5 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Ring Cassel Ring Top Side View

    Cassel Ring

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  • Trim Ring Top ViewCastlebar 4ct Asscher Cut Diamond and Platinum Ring TSV

    Castlebar Ring

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  • 4.08ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring - Chatham Ring SB602 TVOld European Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring - Chatham Ring SB602 TSV

    Chatham Ring. Circa 1950 (Vintage)

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  • Estate 5.44 Carat RingEstate 5.44 Diamond Ring

    Cheverny Ring

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  • 5.02 Carat Asscher Cut Baguette Engagement Ring - Classique RingAsscher-Cut Diamond and Platinum Ring - Classique Ring

    Classique Ring

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  • Coatbridge Ring Top ViewCoatbridge 8ct Diamond and Platinum Ring TSV

    Coatbridge Ring

  • 12ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Earrings

    Cordova Earrings

  • Creston Ring Top ViewCreston antique Asscher Cut diamond prong set Ring TSV

    Creston Ring

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  • 4.22ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring - Devon Ring 14035 TV4.22ct Diamond and Platinum Engagement Ring - Devon Ring 14035 TSV

    Devon Ring

  • 4.25ct Old European Cut Engagement Ring - Dutchess Ring 14034 TVVintage Diamond Solitaire Baguette Accents Ring - Dutchess Ring 14034 TSV

    Dutchess Ring. Circa 1950 (Vintage)

  • Earling Ring Top ViewEarling Ring Top Side View

    Earling Ring

  • 5.01ct Elongated Antique Cushion Cut Ring - Ellsworth Ring 608SB TV5.01ct Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond Ring - Ellsworth Ring 608SB TSV

    Ellsworth Ring

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  • 10.10ct Diamond and Emerald Gold Signed Cocktail Ring - SB503 TV

    Elwood Ring. Circa 1975 (Vintage)

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  • Signed Bulgari GIA Certified 5.02ct Emerald Cut Diamond Ring HER602 TVSigned Bulgari 5.02ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring HER602 TSV

    Emerald Cut Bulgari Ring

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  • 1.315ct Yellow Diamond Impressive Ring Fremont RingPlatinum and Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring - Fremont Ring

    Fremont Ring

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  • Garland Ring 607SB-TV-1000PX old European cut diamond ringGarland ring old European cut diamond ring 607SB-TSV-1000PX

    Garland Ring

  • 6 carat Asscher cut ring Genesee Ring Top ViewGenesee antique 6ct Asscher Cut Ring TSV

    Genesee Ring

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  • Old European Cut Diamond Ring Top View Golders Green RingOld European Cut Diamond Sapphire Halo Ring - Golders Green Ring SM315 TSV

    Golders Green Ring

  • 4.24ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring - Hartford Ring RJ5153 TV4.24ct Old European Diamond Engagement Ring - Hartford Ring RJ5153 TSV

    Hartford Ring. Circa 1970 (Vintage)

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  • 5.81ct Old European cut diamond ring Haydon Ring Top ViewOld European Cut Diamond Haydon Ring Top Side View

    Haydon Ring. Circa 1920

  • Platinum 5.21ct Old European Diamond Solitaire Ring - Hemingway Ring5ct Diamond Ring Hemingway Ring Artistic Top View

    Hemingway Ring. Circa 1925

  • 5.91ct Old European Diamond Emerald Halo Ring - Hudson Ring 13416 TVOld European Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring - Hudson Ring 13416 TSV

    Hudson Ring

  • Kingbury Ring platinum asscher cut diamond ring 14629-TV-1000PX14629-TSV-1000PX Kingbury ring platinum Asscher cut diamond ring

    Kingbury Ring