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Top 30 Vintage Style Earrings

Platinum stud diamond earrings

Vintage-style earrings are quickly becoming a trend and for a good reason. Modern designs can’t compete with vintage styles’ timeless beauty and craftsmanship. If you’re looking for the best vintage-style earrings, then we have curated a list below to give you some inspiration.

1. Irvine Earrings

Estate Diamond Jewelry Floral Motif Irvine Earrings

Price: $3,900

The Irvine Earrings are suitable for women who love intricately crafted floral motifs.

They feature a dazzling cluster of round-cut diamonds, with each diamond securely set in a bezel that’s further adorned with milgrain detailing. The earrings also feature sleek platinum metal paired with 18k gold backs for maximum comfort and an effortless moving mechanism.

The Irvine Earrings weigh approximately 1.60 carats and radiate elegance and sophistication.

2. Batley Earrings

Circular Design Batley Earrings Made With Onyx

Price: $5,300

If you love the combination of black and white, then this stunning pair of Art Deco-style earrings is a suitable choice. They showcase a breathtaking geometric design with a pair of old European-cut diamonds acting as the centerpieces of each earring. The diamonds are nestled within a gleaming ring of natural onyx, revealing a stunning contrast of black and white.

3. Bampton Earrings

Bampton Earrings Featuring Diamonds In An Emerald Halo

Price: $3,500

The Bampton Earrings are excellent for confident women who love to step out in bold colors.

This radiant pair of halo earrings certainly prove that diamonds and emeralds complement each other perfectly. Centering each earring are round brilliant cut diamonds set in a bezel. A halo of calibre-cut green emeralds surrounds the diamonds, showcasing exceptional attention to detail.

These earrings also feature a practical push-back mechanism making them comfortable for the wearer.

4. Veneto Earrings

Veneto Earrings Featuring Emeralds In A Diamond Cluster

Price: $68,000

The Veneto Earrings are certainly suitable for women who love glamor and sophistication and are unafraid to embrace timeless beauty and craftsmanship.

Each 18k gold earring features an intense colored natural emerald that doesn’t show any blemishes to the naked eye. Surrounding these emeralds is a shimmering cluster of old European-cut diamonds that enhance the overall brilliance of the earrings. The earrings also feature sturdy and secure clip-backs to ensure the wearer is comfortable.

The total diamond and emerald weights are 5.54 and 10.37 carats respectively.

5. Bayville Earrings

Bayville Earrings Featuring Intense Yellow Pearls With Diamonds

Price: $9,000

The Bayville Earrings are another great addition to the list of the top vintage-style earrings. They are perfect for women who prefer simple styles which do not forego class and elegance.

These earrings feature breathtaking off-round south-sea pearls that radiate a captivating yellow color. The pearls are enhanced with old European-cut diamonds giving this already perfect design an opulent charm. Overall, these versatile vintage-style earrings are perfect for any occasion and can elevate any look.

6. Concord Earrings

Concord Earrings Featuring Sapphires Diamonds And White Gold

Price: $8,000

The Concord Earrings are perfect for women who want something with a touch of modernity, royalty, and class. Each regal earring features three cabochon sapphires nestled within a halo of shimmering round brilliant diamonds. Petite princess-cut diamonds accent the stunning arrangement. Finally, the earrings are secured by push-back backs which guarantee maximum comfort to the wearer.

7. Balmoral Earrings

Balmoral Earrings Featuring Yellow Diamond With Diamond Cluster

Price: $13,500

The Balmoral Earrings are just as bustling and colossal as the castle they are named after. These earrings are a spectacular work of art, so we made sure to include them on the list of the best vintage-style earrings.

The centerpiece of each earring is a mesmerizing light yellow old European-cut diamond graded by the GIA as VS1 clarity and a total of 1.82 carats. The center stones are surrounded by a spectacular arrangement of white, old European-cut diamonds that harmoniously elevate this impressive design.

8. Belsize Earrings

Vintage Style Belsize Earrings With Four Diamonds

Price: $15,000

Next on the list of the top 30 vintage-style earrings are the Belsize Earrings.

This pair is a timeless treasure featuring stunning old European-cut diamonds that exude everlasting beauty and sophistication. The diamonds are set in 18k yellow gold and are securely held by sturdy Euro-backs, making them suitable for any occasion. The total diamond weight is 2.74 carats.

9. Windber Earrings

Vintage Style Windber Earrings Featuring Diamonds And Onyx

Price: $2,500

The Windber Earrings are great for those looking to buy something exeptional without breaking the bank.

They are inspired by the Art Deco era and showcase exquisite craftsmanship. The tops feature a bezel-set old European cut diamond with oblong onyx pieces that are joined using a supportive platinum link. While this design is minimalist, it exudes grace, elegance, and poise.

10. Avondale Earrings

Vintage Style Avondale Earrings Featuring Aquamarines And Diamonds

Price: $3,500

The Avondale Earrings certainly deserve their place on this list of the top vintage-style earrings. The centerpiece of each earring is a stunning cushion-cut aquamarine weighing around 3.60 carats in total. Above each aquamarine, a sparkling round brilliant diamond adds an extra touch of beauty to the entire design. The earrings are also secured by push-back backs to allow for flexible movement.

11. Avonlea Earrings

Avonela Earrings Featuring Yellow Gold And Topaz Stones

Price: $1,050

The list of the top 30 vintage style earrings would be incomplete without the Avonlea Earrings. These stunning drop earrings are set in 14k yellow gold and showcase magnificent blue topaz stones. The topaz is firmly held in place by four prongs. The findings are embellished with dazzling single-cut diamonds, which add further appeal to this already gorgeous pair of earrings.

12. Florence Earrings. Circa 1940

Emerald Cut Natural Citrine Retro Drop Earrings Circa 1940 Florence Earrings worn

Price: $3,500

If you thought the earrings on this list couldn’t get any more beautiful, then the Florence Earrings are here to prove you wrong. They are reminiscent of the Retro era featuring an emerald-cut citrine as the centerpiece, set in delicate prongs and surrounded by an intricate floral metalwork design. Each earring is further elevated by round brilliant-cut diamonds.

13. Bocca Earrings

Bocca Earrings Featuring Pear Shaped Natural Pink Morganites

Price: $9,800

The Bocca Earrings are another excellent choice for women who love hanging earrings. They showcase beautiful pear-shaped pink morganites, accentuated by a stunning geometric section featuring bezel and pavé-set diamonds. Crafted from the finest platinum and secured by push-back backs, the Bocca Earrings certainly radiate luxury, sophistication, elegance, and, most importantly, femininity.

14. Excelsior Earrings

Excelsior Earrings Featuring Floral Design And Diamonds

Price: $4,500

The Excelsior Earrings are a great addition to the list of the top 30 vintage-style earrings.

The centerpiece of each of these earrings is a bezel-set brilliant-cut diamond surrounded by a stunning cluster of eight smaller diamonds. Meanwhile, this floral arrangement is surrounded by a halo of pavé-set diamonds buffered by openwork, resulting in a gorgeous pattern that serves as a great feast for the eyes. Finally, the earrings are expertly crafted in a harmonious blend of platinum and 18k yellow gold.

15. Westhampton Earrings

Vintage Style Westhampton Earrings Featuring Sapphires And Diamonds

Price: $3,800

Those who want floral hanging earrings will find the Westhampton Earrings to be a suitable choice, especially if they also love the combination of diamonds and sapphires.

The centerpiece of each earring is an oval-cut sapphire set in a bezel. Surrounding the main sapphire is a cluster of brilliant cut diamonds, which give the design that extra sparkle. The total carat weights of the diamonds and sapphires are 0.78 and 1.76 respectively.

16. Pier Earrings

Victorian Style Pier Earrings Featuring Pear Shaped Diamonds

Price: $58,000

If she loves vintage-style earrings, then the Pier Earrings will be a great way to surprise her on that special occasion.

It features a silver-on-gold setting that showcases antique rose-cut pear diamonds weighing 4.99 carats graded as I color and VS1 clarity. This breathtaking design also features old mine-cut diamonds arranged in a halo following the center diamond’s shape, further emphasizing the vintage feel of the earrings.

17. Salem Earrings

Yellow Gold Oval Cut Amethyst Drop Salem Earrings

Price: $960

These vintage-style earrings are another excellent choice for those with expensive tastes and a tight budget. The centerpiece of each earring is a prong-set oval-cut amethyst gemstone surrounded by single-cut diamonds. Additional diamonds dazzle the finding making this already impressive design even more radiant.

18. Greenlawn Earrings

Estate Diamond Jewelry Greenlawn Earrings Featuring Colorful Diamonds

Price: Contact us for the price

The Greenlawn Earrings are another pair of vintage-style earrings that will get people talking and are suitable for women who love floral patterns.

Each earring showcases a pear-shaped fancy yellow-green diamond set in prongs and haloed by round brilliant cuts and marquise-cut diamonds, forming a breathtaking floral design. The design is completed with push-back closures to ensure maximum comfort and an easy-moving mechanism.

19. Hazelwood Earrings. Circa 1830

Estate Diamond Jewelry Vintage Hazelwood Earrings Featuring Diamonds

Price: $18,000

Minimalism can be beautiful, and the Hazelwood Earrings serve as definitive proof. Each of these earrings features a prong-set rose-cut diamond with a combined total weight of 3.09 carats. These earrings were handcrafted in gold and silver and feature secure and flexible wire backs for maximum comfort.

20. Lakeshire Earrings

Platinum Drop Minimal Lakeshire Earrings Featuring Diamonds

Price: $45,000

Next on the list of the top 30 vintage style earrings are the stunning Lakeshire Earrings. These minimal earrings feature gleaming pear-shaped diamonds securely nestled within prongs. The studs are comprised of smaller, old European-cut diamonds, enhancing the ring’s overall design and making the final product a truly stunning, yet subtle piece.

21. Meadowbrook Earrings

Floral Design Diamond Cluster Vintage Style Meadowbrook Earrings

Price: $9,000

The Meadowbrook Earrings is another exciting pair of vintage-style earrings that are minimalist yet exquisite. Each earring features a prong-set old European-cut diamond haloed by additional small diamonds to reveal an eye-catching flowerhead design. The earrings are set in platinum and are reminiscent of the Edwardian era.

22. Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings

Estate Diamond Jewelry Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings

Price: $86,000

This pair of vintage-style earrings are suitable for women who love fancy-colored diamonds. Above all, each of these luxurious earrings boasts a radiant yellow pear-shaped diamond as the centerpiece. The fancy diamond is housed in a halo of brilliant cuts that graduate towards the level backs.

23. Ingram Earrings

Diamond Cluster Ingram Earrings With A Floral Design

Price: $34,000

The Ingram Earrings are another great addition to the list of the top 30 vintage-style engagement rings, offering a cluster of diamonds in a floral design.

Each earring features a prong-set old European-cut diamond as the centerpiece, which is framed by additional diamonds to form a truly captivating flowerhead design. Secured with sturdy Euro backs, these earrings are set in platinum and 18k yellow gold, making them a go-to for any occasion. The total diamond weight is 6.30 carats.

24. Calverton Earrings. Circa 1980

Vintage Calverton Diamond Earrings Handcrafted Circa 1980

Price: $7,000

The Calverton Earrings exemplify the timeless beauty and skilled craftsmanship that vintage jewelry exudes. If you’re looking for vintage earrings, not just vintage style, then this pair is a great choice.

The centerpiece of each earring is a sparkling round brilliant-cut diamond with a combined weight of approximately 1.80 carats. The center diamonds are set in bezels and have no visible blemishes. What’s more, the earrings are handcrafted in platinum and feature convenient push-backs for comfort and flexible movement.

25. Aberfoyle Earrings

Aberfoyle Earrings Featuring Pearls Featuring Pearls And Diamonds

Price: $3,500

If you love collecting vintage-style earrings, then the Aberfoyle Earrings will be a great addition to your collection.

Each of these earrings showcases a central round brilliant-cut diamond surrounded by a captivating halo of pearls. The design is further enhanced by additional surrounding round brilliant-cut diamonds that add a touch of sophistication and detail to the ring. Finally, the earrings feature euro-back fastening, guaranteeing that the jewelry pieces will remain in one place whenever you wear them.

26. Estoril Earrings

Estoril Hanging Earrings Featuring Diamonds And Buffed Onyx

Price: $4,800

The Estoril Earrings are suitable for women who want vintage-style earrings that are unique and a bit playful. These earrings are inspired by the Art Deco era and are divided into three sections. Each section is adorned with high-quality diamonds, so the wearer gets that extra sparkle. The earrings also have onyx which complements the shimmering diamonds and adds a subtle feel to the entire design.

27. Raleigh Earrings

Raleigh Earrings Featuring Onyx And Several Diamonds

Price: $1,800

This hanging pair of earrings is another suitable choice for women who love vintage-style earrings that feature diamonds and onyx as the primary gemstones. Given their complementary colors, these stunning earrings can elevate any outfit and are a great addition to any collection. What’s more, the use of negative space gives this pair some extra charm.

28. Norwich Earrings

Norwich Edwardian Style Drop Earrings Featuring Diamonds

Price: $5,000

This stunning pair of earrings is inspired by the Edwardian era. These drop-style earrings are a suitable choice for women looking for both sophistication and detail in their jewelry. Each earring is divided into sections, featuring small old mine-cut diamonds totaling approximately 2.00 carats. Most importantly, the cohesive and satisfying use of geometry adds great appeal to this pair of earrings.

29. Madigan Earrings

Madigan Earrings Featuring Old European Cut Diamond Studs

Price: $85,000

The Madigan Earrings are an excellent choice for women who want something minimalist but elegant and sophisticated. Each stud earring features a stunning old European-cut diamond set in platinum. Even better, the diamonds are further adorned with milgrain, which adds to the radiance of the whole design. The total diamond weight of these earrings is approximately 7.06 carats.

30. Canvey Rings

Canvey Earrings Featuring Halos Of Pearls And Diamonds

Price: $4,500

The Canvey Earrings are finishing off the list of the top 30 vintage style earrings. This 18k yellow gold pair is inspired by the Edwardian era and is a good example of how alluring the combination of diamonds and pearls can be. The center stones are diamonds, while a double halo of pearls and round diamonds surrounds them.

7 Tips and Tricks for Buying Vintage-style Earrings

Here are some quick tips for buying vintage-style earrings:

  • Get quotes from various dealers and go for options that are reasonably priced.
  • Work with certified retailers to avoid fakes.
  • Be sure to ask for pictures featuring a model wearing the earrings, so you can see what they look like in real life.
  • Ensure you ask the dealer for a GIA certificate to prove the authenticity of the jewelry.
  • Go for gemstones that have a clear cut to ensure maximum brilliance.
  • Avoid earrings with visible blemishes because they compromise the overall radiance of the piece.
  • Go for a pair of earrings that you love. If you’re purchasing it for someone else, then consider their personal preferences.

Talk to a Vintage Jewelry Expert

If you’re looking for expert advice regarding vintage-style earrings, then EDJ is at your disposal. Our team has several vintage jewelry experts who are more than happy to answer any questions. Also, if you’re interested in any of the above vintage earrings, feel free to visit our New York showroom for viewing.

Not within the city? Don’t worry because we also offer video call consultations.


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