Top 30 Vintage Engagement Rings Etsy

May 10, 2021 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Etsy is among the most popular handmade and vintage item marketplaces. This includes jewelry, including fine jewelry. No wonder so many people visit Etsy websites for an engagement ring. However, such a wide range of products from all over the world may be very overwhelming so as a result, we’ve created this guide to Vintage Engagement Rings Etsy. 

In this guide, we’ve gathered the 30 best vintage engagement ring styles on Etsy. From feminine Victorian-era designs to angular and minimalistic retro-era styles, we’ve got a ring for everyone – read on to find yours. 

1. Oval Cut Three Stone Ring

Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring with Simple Details on Side

This vintage ring has a classical style, yet is capable of making others turn their heads. The total weight of the three stones is over 4 carats, but the oval cut makes them appear even bigger. And if that’s not enough, a diamond pave runs along the shoulders. Despite its lavish look, the ring is practical due to its low profile.

Etsy has never looked so good!

2. Leaf Motif Ring Vintage Engagement Rings Etsy

12551 Artistic Hand Pictures 1

This dainty, chic ring will surely be a perfect fit for the most feminine brides. A very clear, 1.12-carat stone is in the center and equally important, there’s the triple-wire shank style 18k gold band that is elegant and minimalistic. Finally, the shoulders feature a three-leaf ornament with additional small stones on each leaf. 

3. Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring 

Yellow Diamond Ring from Etsy

If you prefer diamonds but fancy a dash of color, this ring will be a perfect choice. This style with a sunny-yellow, 2-carat diamond in the center is a rare find indeed. A halo of clear stones surrounds the main stone. Additionally, the shoulders feature a leaf ornament with an additional diamond on every side. The platinum band is bare, and yet the lower part of the stone mounting features openwork. 

4. Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring

This ring features a mix of sapphires and diamonds. The cushion-cut stone in the center weighs under a carat but is of high clarity grade. Although the band is plain, more small stones run along the sides. The fine milgrain and openwork complete the look. In conclusion, this style is modest yet unique. The ring also holds a UGL certificate. 

5. Baguette Diamond Shoulders Ring

Three-stone rings are classic, but they don’t have to feature the same cut. The 1.24-carat diamond is in the center, while the two smaller stones are on the sides. The center stone is mounted in a four-prong setting. In addition, fine ornaments run along with the 18k gold band and are visible from the side. 

In conclusion, this ring is a great example of Vintage Engagement Rings Etsy.

6. Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

The Asscher cut is among the priciest stone cuts, and the stone’s quality is crucial. Thankfully, the center 3.44-carat diamond in this ring is very clear. More stones run along the shoulders while fine ornaments decorate the band. This ring features a high crown profile, but the stone cut is rather flat. 

7. Double Halo Emerald Ring 

Colored gemstone engagement rings became trendy a couple of years ago, and are likely going to stay. A bright green emerald is in the center, while a double diamond halo surrounds it. The 1.52-carat, square-cut emerald has a low profile, thus it’s practical to wear. The platinum band is plain, but the shoulders feature more stones and ornaments. 

8. Sapphire Halo Marquise Cut Ring

Marquise Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Marquise-cut stones suit dramatic brides and elongate fingers. A nearly half-carat diamond in this ring is set in a deep blue sapphire halo. The shoulders are adorned with three smaller stones from each side, but the band is bare. Without a doubt, the perfect choice for a chic and elegant style.

In conclusion, this ring is a fantastic example of an Esty engagement ring that brings together the whole Art Deco motif.

9. Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Even though the center stone in this Art Deco ring weighs under a carat, it doesn’t look small due to its emerald cut. A diamond halo surrounds the main stone. The center stone is almost flawless – very clear, which is crucial as this cut is demanding to quality. More stones run along the shoulders, in contrast to the platinum band which is plain. 

10. Edwardian Ring

Edwardian Engagement Ring on Finger

A rare, 3.72-carat diamond is in the spotlight of this ring. A six-prong setting makes the stone appear even larger. The effect is additionally enhanced by a narrow band adorned with smaller stones along the shoulders. The under-gallery looks like a crown – a perfect fit for such a lavish piece.

In conclusion, this is one of the nicest Edwardian rings that we’ve seen in a very long time.

11. Hexagonal Halo Ring

If your significant other prefers elongated, angular shapes, she will absolutely appreciate this unique engagement ring. The center hexagonal cut diamond weighs under a carat, meaning that the ring is rather delicate. A deep blue sapphire halo repeats the shape of the main stone while the shoulders are adorned with more diamonds. 

12. Asscher Cut Aquamarine Ring

By tradition, this engagement ring features diamonds – but they aren’t the center of attention here. Instead, in the spotlight is a 1.2-carat, French-cut aquamarine. A double sapphire and diamond halo surrounds it, enhancing its heavenly blue color. 

13. Garnet Ring

A 2.47-carat, cushion-cut garnet in the center has an excellent cut and astonishing brownish-pink hue. Three diamonds run along each shoulder. The platinum band and under-gallery are plain. This ring is perfect for brides who prefer delicate rings with a modern twist. 

14. Emerald Cut Aquamarine Ring

Yet another ring combining diamonds, sapphires, and aquamarines in our selection. The 2.50-carat, emerald-cut aquamarine in the center is paired with a dark blue sapphire halo. Two baguette-cut diamonds are set from each side of the main stone. In other words, this ring is drop-dead stunning.

15. Diamond Shoulders Ring

ring like this will never go out of fashion. The center round-cut diamond weighs slightly over a carat, yet the total weight of all diamonds is nearly two carats. Smaller stones cover half of the platinum band – all the visible space on a finger. 

16. Emerald Elongated Ring

This ring is a perfect fit for brides who adore emeralds and wish to elongate fingers. The 1.94 carat emerald in a fine gold filigree setting is in the center. A diamond halo surrounds the main stone, and more diamonds adorn the shoulders. Above all, the craftsmanship on this ring is something unseen in regular rings.

17. Aquamarine Ring

The Asscher cut and the color of this aquamarine is so flawless that the stone resembles a teardrop – of happiness, of course. A diamond pave’ runs along the shoulders and the under-gallery while the platinum band is engraved with fine ornaments. 

18. Kunzite Ring

This Kunzite ring is for brides who are looking for a ring that’s truly one of a kind. The center stone weighs over 16 carats and features a light pink color. Ruby floral ornament decorates the shoulders. 

19. Yellow Diamond Halo Ring

The cheerful yellow stone in the center isn’t a citrine, but rather a diamond. The diamond halo around it repeats its octagonal shape. A diamond pave runs along the shoulders while fine filigree enhances the sparkle. 

20. Onyx Diamond Ring 

Vintage Engagement Ring Etsy with Diamond and Onyx Halo

Engagement rings with black stones are another recent trend – and this vintage ring fits it perfectly.

The center stone is a traditional, 1.24-carat, old European cut diamond. But the halo around it is from glossy black onyx. Two more diamonds in a rare angular shape accent the shoulders. Therefore there are three diamonds on this ring in total.

21. 12ct Aquamarine Ring

Hand Showing Vintage Engagement Ring from Etsy

The design of this aquamarine ring is simple but eye-catching. The center emerald-cut stone weighs 12 carats, is very clear and deeply saturated. The four-prong setting and baguette-cut stones on the shoulders suit the main stone perfectly. 

22. Floral Engagement Ring

The center round-cut stone weighs slightly over a carat, yet this is one of the shiniest rings of our selection. The effect is achieved by fine floral openwork bedazzled with small stones all over whereas more diamonds create an ornament along the shoulders. 

23. Retro Era Ring

Retro Era rings have a very distinct style. The 1.81-carat, French-cut diamond is set in a wide bezel platinum band. The only additional decorum is a fine milgrain around the stone and openwork on the under-gallery. 

24. Diamond Cluster Ring

The nine diamonds in this ring with a total weight of 1.5 carats look like a snowflake. Not only is the triple-wire shank style band crafted from 18k gold but also, additional stones adorn the floral ornament on the shoulders. 

25. Cartier Ring

This vintage Cartier ring is a timeless classic and will easily fit a modern style. The emerald-cut diamond in the center weighs slightly over 1.5 carats and is of flawless color and clarity. Two triangle-cut sapphires are on the sides. The minimalistic platinum band makes the ring even more elegant. 

26. Crown Style Ring

Brides who prefer the classics will definitely love this 18k gold, round-cut diamond ring. The center stone in a delicate four-prong setting weighs over 1.6 carats. Eight smaller diamonds run along the shoulders, additionally decorated with filigree. More diamonds decorate the crown-style under-gallery. 

27. Emerald Cut Diamond Ring 

This chic ring features angular shapes and is a great example of the Art Deco era style. The emerald-cut, 1.05-carat diamond is in the center, surrounded by four baguette-cut diamonds. The ring has a low profile and plain band. 

28. Floral Halo Ring

An extremely feminine option inspired by floral shapes. The total weight of diamonds in this ring is under 1.50 carats, and yet the sparkle is intense. This ring has a low profile, making it not only beautiful but also convenient to wear. Finally, the craftsmanship on this ring is something to marvel at.  

29. Octagonal Onyx Halo Ring

Another example of how well affordable gemstones, such as onyx, can be paired with diamonds. Due to its unusual shape and color combination, this ring is extremely stylish and looks contemporary, even though it originated in the 1990s. The center diamond weighs over a carat. 

30. Tiffany & Co. Ring

This Tiffany ring is for brides who value traditions. Plain platinum band, three-stone style, and modest size of stones – what could be more timeless? The different cuts of diamonds add a twist to the otherwise traditional design. 

Trendy Vintage Engagement Rings Etsy

Fashion is cyclic – for this reason, plenty of Vintage Engagement Rings Etsy pieces fit modern trends. Thankfully, nowadays you can select an engagement ring style you prefer without worrying about breaking rules. Whether you like a 16-carat kunzite ring or a modest three-stone diamond ring, we hope that the ring you choose will bring your significant other a lot of joy.