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Aquamarine is something of an unusual gemstone, in that some colors are quite common and others extremely rare. One of several types of the mineral Beryl, aquamarine is among the rarest of the various colors (pink, green, yellow, blue colorless and others) to be found, and is so named due to it resembling the clear blue color of the ocean.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Emeralds are really green Beryl and, although rarer than aquamarine, the two are very closely related. Colorless Beryl was used in early spectacle manufacture, as it was much clearer than a manufactured glass of the time.

In jewelry, aquamarine is very distinct from other blue stones and will display more of a blue hint in what might otherwise be viewed as a colorless stone, than the rich blue of other gemstone examples such as sapphires. To increase the effect of the aquamarine, it is often paired with colorless diamonds to enhance the blue further.

Because of the similar light reflecting properties of aquamarine and emerald, and because larger gem-quality aquamarine stones can be found, they are often mounted using an emerald cut that brings out the best of them and enhances the beautiful blue tones.

Although diamonds will always dominate engagement ring manufacture, high-quality aquamarine is becoming more sought after as people become increasingly willing to be a little bit different and stand out from the crowd. Aquamarine, because of it’s subtle and unusual color properties is guaranteed to draw admiring glances and questions about the ring and the pretty blue stone at its heart.

Rare Antique Aquamarine Ring

Antique Aquamarine RingArt Deco jewelry is invariably spectacular, and it is rightly considered a golden period for the design and manufacture of spectacular pieces, and this stunning aquamarine and diamond engagement ring is no exception.

With a quite astonishing emerald cut 5.08 carat aquamarine at its center and a very unusual design to both the shoulders and gallery which are adorned with a total of 18 diamonds, this c.1925 art deco engagement ring is breathtaking in every way.

The clarity of the diamonds and the use of platinum for the mount and band enhances the blue of the aquamarine to the point where the richness and depth of color becomes almost sapphire-like in places.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Aquamarine and Diamond Engagement RingThis is another fine example of aquamarine and diamonds being used in perfect harmony.

A bezel set 2.50-carat aquamarine sits surrounded by a halo of diamonds with a baguette diamond flanking the center stone and 3 further diamonds on each shoulder. In total, 1 carat of diamonds provide a spectacular supporting act to the star attraction and adds significant contrast to the delicate blue of the aquamarine.

Incredible open filigree work around the gallery and fine milgrain finish off this quite lovely engagement ring and show, that whilst diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, aquamarine can be the one getting the attention!

Aquamarine and Diamond Engagement Ring

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

We’ve talked about aquamarine often benefiting from contrast to bring out the delicate blue that is characteristic of a high-quality example of the stone, and this ring demonstrates that point perfectly. Not only is the 0.90-carat aquamarine set between a total of 1.4 carats of round cut diamonds, but all three are prong set on a high, open gallery in yellow gold.

The tri-color effect gives an unusual effect and makes the round cut aquamarine all the more impressive for being set against the vivid yellow of the band and mount. The diamonds act as the perfect frame which brings it all together and makes the whole piece really beautiful.

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