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  • 1-carat Aquamarine Engagement Ring TV 126441ct Platinum Aquamarine Ring TV 12644

    Tallis Aquamarine Ring

  • Top View 0.40 Carat Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring Westbury Ring 15064Top Side View Old European Cut Diamond Ring Westbury Ring 15064

    Westbury Ring. Circa 1900, Antique, Edwardian Era.

  • Oval Cut Sapphire Diamond Hanging Earrings - Westhampton Earrings 13891 TVOval Cut Sapphire Diamond Floral Motif Earrings - Westhampton Earrings 13891 TSV

    Westhampton Earrings

  • 5.35 Carat Old Mine Diamond with Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

  • Albian Diamond Wedding 12897 Band Top View12897 Albian Wedding Band Side View

    Albion Band

  • Almont band half eternity sapphire and diamond band 14065-TV-1000PXSapphire and Diamond Band Almont Band 14065 Top View

    Almont Band

  • 0.63 Carat Marquise Diamond and Sapphire Halo Ring Alpine RingSapphire Halo Platinum and Diamond Ring Alpine Ring

    Alpine Ring

  • Top View Rose Cut Diamond Sapphire Ring Ambler Ring 14999Top Side View 1.56 Carat Diamond and Sapphire Ring Ambler Ring 14999

    Ambler Ring

  • Amherst RingAmherst Sapphire Ring TSV

    Amherst Ring

  • Antique Victorian Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring - Amiens Ring 14213 TV0.40ct Oval Cut Pink Sapphire Ring - Amiens Ring 14213 TSV

    Amiens Ring. Circa 1870 (Antique, Victorian Era)

  • Top Side View 0.40 carats Sapphire Engagement Ring Antalya Ring 15121

    Antalya Ring. Circa 1980 (Vintage)

  • Antique Art Deco Two Stone Diamond Ring. Circa 1920

  • Diamond and Sapphire Three Stone Ring - Arezza Ring 14519 TVSapphire Diamond Three Stone Gypsy Ring - Arezza Ring 14519 TSV

    Arezza Ring. Circa 1965 (Vintage)

  • 1.60ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring - Arlington Ring14250-TV-1000PXDiamond Sapphire Antique Style Engagement Ring - Arlington Ring 14250 TSV

    Arlington Ring

  • 1-Carat Double Halo Aquamarine Ring Diamonds Sapphires TV 12579Asscher Cut Aquamarine Halo Ring with Diamonds and Sapphires Finger 12579

    Aspen Ring

  • 3.01ct Emerald Cut Sapphire Diamond Ring - Atlantic Ring 14477 TV

    Atlantic Ring

  • 1.00ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Atwood Ring Top View 13714_TVTwo Baguette Cut Accented Shoulders Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring 13714_TSV

    Atwood Ring

  • 0.50ct Five Stone Diamond Sapphire Ring - Avalon Ring 14424 TVDiamond Five Stone Sapphire Halo Ring - Avalon Ring 14424 TSV

    Avalon Ring

  • Sapphire 18k White Gold Necklace Ballerina Pendant Necklace 15151 Top ViewInvisible set Sapphire and Diamond Necklace Ballerina Pendant Necklace 15151 Back View

    Ballerina Pendant Necklace

  • Top View Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring Ballina Ring 15122Top Side View Silver on 14k Yellow Gold Ring Ballina Ring 15122

    Ballina Ring. Circa 1880, Antique, Victorian Era

  • Sapphire and Diamond Band Barfield Grove Band Top View

    Barfield Grove Band. 2.4mm

  • Diamond and Sapphire Platinum Half Eternity Band TvDiamond and Sapphire Platinum Half Eternity Band TSV

    Bayswater Place Band. 2.6mm

  • Elongated Baguette Cut Sapphire Eternity Band - Beauval Band

    Beauval Band

  • Round Aquamarine and French Cut Sapphire Ring - Bellport Ring 13778 TV1.24ct Prong Set Aquamarine Gemstone Sapphire Shank Ring 13778-TSV-1000PX

    Bellport Ring

  • 1.69ct Old European Cut Diamond and Sapphire Ring Belwood Ring Product Photo TV ViewDiamond Sapphire Leaf Motif Engagement Ring - Belwood Ring 14359 TVS

    Belwood Ring. Circa 1925 (Antique, Art Deco Era)

  • Antique Art Deco Era Diamond And Sapphire Engagement Ring 14013-TV-1000PX

    Bernex Ring. Circa 1925

  • Edwardian Era Bloomsburg Ring Top ViewSapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring Bow Tie Motif Circa 1910 Top Side View 13604_TSV

    Bloomsburg Ring. Circa 1910 (Antique, Edwardian Era)

  • 2.07ct Asscher-Cut Diamond ring Bowery Ring

    Bowery Ring

  • 5ct Emerald Cut Aquamarine Cocktail Ring - Broadway Ring 14124 TVEmerald Cut Aquamarine Double Halo Ring - Broadway Ring 14124 TSV

    Broadway Ring

  • 1.22ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond and Sapphire Ring - Bromley Ring

    Bromley Ring