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  • Pear Shape Emerald Diamond Halo Pendant - Rochester Pendant DYL51 TVrochester pendant featuring a pear shape emerald and radiant cut diamond

    Rochester Pendant

  • Antique 2.62 Carat Colombian Emerald Ring - Sacramento Ring 14281 TVArt Deco Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring - Sacramento Ring 14281 TSV

    Sacramento Ring. Circa 1920 (Antique, Art Deco Era)

  • Vintage Seaman Schepps Cabochon Emerald and Gold Ring 14972 TVTSV Seaman Schepps Emerald and Diamond Vintage Ring 14972

    Seaman Schepps Emerald Ring. Circa 1975 (Vintage)

  • Segovia Ring Top ViewSegovia Ring Top Side View

    Segovia Ring

  • Emerald and Diamond Platinum Anchor Pendant - Selkirk Pendant 14563 TVEmerald Diamond Vintage Style Anchor Charm - Selkirk Pendant 14563 BK

    Selkirk Pendant

  • 0.97ct Emerald Cut Colombian Emerald Ring - Smyrna Ring 14696 TVColombian Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring -

    Smyrna Ring (Colombian, No Oil)

  • Diamond and Emerald Half Eternity Band - Sylvan Band 13985 TV

    Sylvan Band

  • Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Emerald Ring - Syracuse Ring 14287 TVDiamond and Emerald Double Halo Ring - Syracuse Ring 14287 TSV

    Syracuse Ring

  • Top View Emerald-Cut Emerald Engagement Ring Tamaya Ring 15047Top Side View Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring Tamaya Ring 15047

    Tamaya Ring

  • Tempi Ring Top ViewTempi Ring Top Side View

    Tempi Ring

  • 1.65ct Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring - Tennyson Ring 13958 TV

    Tennyson Ring

  • Top View Teslin Ring 15070Top Side View Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Teslin Ring 15070

    Teslin Ring. Circa 1920 (Antique, Art Deco)

  • Top View Thornhill Ring 13352

    Thornhill Ring

  • Emerald Cut Emerald Ring Tiffany Emerald Ring Top ViewPlatinum Diamond Accent Ring Tiffany Emerald Ring Top Side View

    Tiffany Emerald Ring. Circa 1950 (Vintage, Mid Century)

  • 2.49ct Emerald Cut Emerald Engagement Ring - Vernon Ring 14390 TV

    Vernon Ring

  • Emerald and Diamond Ring Villeta Ring Top ViewAsscher Cut and Emerald Cut Ring Villeta Ring Top Side View

    Villeta Ring (Colombian, No Oil)

  • 0.52ct Asscher Cut Diamond Emerald Ring - Vine Ring 14125 TVAsscher Cut Diamond and Emerald Ring - Vine Ring 15125 TSV

    Vine Ring

  • Cartier Earrings TV

    Vintage Cartier Earrings

  • Asccher Cut Diamond & Emerald Accented Cocktail Ring Top View 13793-TV-1000PXAsscher Cut Diamond and Emerald Ring - Warwick Ring 13793 TSV

    Warwick Ring

  • Top View Cushion Cut Emerald Engagement Ring Wickham Ring OCT-23-21Top Side View Vintage Emerald and Diamond Ring Wickham Ring OCT23-21

    Wickham Ring

  • Vintage French Retro Emerald Cocktail Ring - Woodhaven Ring 14253 TVVintage French Emerald and Gold Ring - Woodhaven Ring 14253 TSV

    Woodhaven Ring. Circa 1940 (Vintage, Retro Era)

  • Top View Product Photo Aquamarine Gemstone Cocktail Ring 13918-TV-1000PXTriple Wire Shank Open Work Under Gallery Platinum Gemstone Ring 13918-TSV-1000PX

    Almada Ring

  • Dearest Band in platinum ringDearest Band Top Side View

    Dearest Band

  • Green Emerald and Diamond Cluster Ring Holme Green RingPlatinum, diamond and Emerald Ring Holme Green Ring

    Holme Green Ring

  • Cluster Emerald and Diamond Cocktail Ring - Quintan Ring2.00ct Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring - Quintan Ring

    Quintan Ring

  • 3.9ct Natural Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring - Sheridan RingEmerald and Diamond Halo White Gold Ring - Sheridan Ring

    Sheridan Ring

  • Towson Old European Cut Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring with Emerald HaloTowson Old European Cut Diamond Cluster Halo Ring TSV

    Towson Ring

  • 1.00ct Natural Emerald And Diamond Cluster Halo Engagement Ring 14038-TV-1000PXOpen Work Under Gallery Platinum Mounting 14038-TSV-1000PX

    Verdant Ring. Circa 1915

  • French Art Deco Sapphire and Emerald Ring - Bonhomme RingFrench Egyptian Revival Sapphire and Diamond Ring - Bonhomme Ring

    Bonhomme Ring. Circa 1920 (Antique, Art Deco Era)

  • 2.19ct Antique Cushion Cut Ring Apulia Ring 13111Cushion Cut Diamond and Platinum Ring Apulia Ring 13111

    Apulia Ring