Top 30 Square Engagement Rings

November 9, 2022 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Square engagement rings offer the perfect twist on familiar favorites of the engagement ring world. These chic rings are available in various styles, from timeless solitaires to sparklers with multiple diamonds and other eye-catching gemstones. Here are our top picks of square engagement rings that are sure to get a resounding yes.

1. Berkeley Ring

14149 Berkeley Ring

Price: $19,000

If “go big, or go home” is the standard for your proposal, consider getting this exquisite Berkeley ring. This antique piece features a 1.53-carat old European cut diamond of excellent color and clarity. The center gemstone is held by prongs inside a square bezel.

A mesmerizing floral openwork design contrasts the geometrical center, adding a playful feeling to this stunning ring. Smaller diamonds of the same cut adorn the surrounding design and the triangular shoulders, adding 0.85 carats to the ring’s total weight.

Hopeless romantics will absolutely adore the heart motif designs that decorate the under-gallery. Thanks to these carefully thought-out elements, this ring looks breathtaking from any angle. This shouldn’t be surprising as it was crafted during the Edwardian era, whose jewelry is unrivaled in opulence.

2. Copenhagen Ring

13864 Copenhagen Vintage Engagement Ring

Price: $5,000

Copenhagen is known as the city of fairy tales, and the Copenhagen ring might make you believe in them. This antique ring is everything we love about the Art Deco era designs – bold and beautiful. The center stone is an old European cut diamond weighing around 0.90 carats in a box-prong setting. A geometric halo surrounds the ring’s center in a step design, adding new elements to feast your eye on with each step. Single cut diamonds adorn the halo and the shoulders, adding 1.15 carats to the total diamond weight.

The platinum band is far from simple. It features hand engravings that tie the entire ring design together. This stunner was handcrafted circa 1930, allowing your partner to carry a piece of history on their finger daily.

3. Sanremo Ring

D5406 Sanremo Ring

Price Upon Request

The Sanremo ring makes its presence known thanks to the gigantic GIA-certified diamond in the center. This emerald cut beauty weighs approximately 5.05 carats and commands all the attention. Still, we shouldn’t forget the unique shoulders that feature additional baguette cut diamonds and ensure the center stone flows seamlessly into the platinum band. The sleek band was kept simple so as not to detract from the star of the show.

4. Marino Ring

12632 Marino Ring

Price: $9,800

If you’re looking for a diamond extravaganza, the Marino ring might be the one for you. The magnificent diamond display starts with the centerpiece, a GIA-certified cushion cut diamond weighing approximately 1.10 carats. This antique diamond stands out for its exceptional color grade. The diamond story continues into the square halo and shoulder, ensuring that these precious gemstones cover every inch of the ring’s setting. This low-profile ring also features a decorated under-gallery and a chic triple-wire platinum band.

5. Atlanta Ring

13787 Atlanta Square Asscher Cut Diamond and Emerald Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $4,800

The Atlanta ring is perfect for brides looking for a rounded square engagement ring with a pop of color. The stunning color comes from a halo of natural emeralds, weighing 0.50 carats. This captivating halo hugs the center diamond, a lively 0.50-carat Asscher cut diamond.

Although emeralds don’t need help to look remarkable, another diamond halo makes their color shine in all its glory. Seeing how well diamonds and emeralds complement each other, it’s no wonder this is one of the all-time favorite gemstone combinations for engagement rings.

6. The Denmark Ring

12396 Denmark Ring

Price: $9,500

You’ll love the Denmark ring if you’re looking for a square diamond engagement ring with a twist. This unique ring centers a sparkling old European cut diamond, weighing approximately 1.07 carats and taking up most of the mounting. Still, what’s left of the mounting looks splendid, thanks to a winning combination of deep-blue sapphires and dazzling diamonds.

The exquisite craftsmanship continues with the shoulders, which feature a fleur-de-lis design. Accenting diamonds and delicate milgrain adorn each shoulder, adding to the delicacy of this ring. A platinum triple-shank wire springs from the shoulder, resembling flower stems.

7. New York Ring

12317 New York Square Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $9,800

New York is famous for its flashing lights and vibrant culture that keeps you coming back for more. Naturally, a ring named after this unforgettable city couldn’t disappoint. And it doesn’t.

This lively rounded square engagement ring centers a GIA-certified Asscher cut diamond weighing approximately 1.01 carat. A diamond-studded halo accents the center stone and adds 0.23 carats to the total diamond weight. The shoulders are equally eye-catching, thanks to a fleur-de-lis motif with a single diamond on each side. This platinum beauty boasts a lustrous triple-wire shank and stunning openwork under-gallery.

8. Sardinia Ring

13188 Sardinia Square cut Aquamarine Ring

Price: $2,800

While timeless and beautiful, diamonds are everywhere you look when it comes to engagement rings. So, why not break away from tradition and choose a colorful alternative? One look at the alluring Sardinia ring, and you’ll understand why aquamarine engagement rings are all the rage right now.

This simple yet effective ring centers a fiery Asscher cut aquamarine set in a platinum and diamond mounting. The center stone weighs around 1.20 carats and boasts a lively shade of blue. Accent diamonds line the entire visible part of the platinum shank. The rest of the shank is no less beautiful, thanks to captivating hand engravings.

9. Metz Ring

13445 Metz Ring

Price: $9,500

The Metz ring comes from the Retro Era. It was handcrafted in France circa 1940. Like other jewelry from this era, it was designed to make a statement.

This outstanding square diamond engagement ring features an old European cut diamond weighing approximately 1.28 carats. The center diamond is set in four distinct prongs, extending from the lower gallery. These unique prongs lead to a pyramid-style halo packed with smaller diamonds. The ring’s shoulders also received some love with single cut diamonds weighing around 0.26 carats. The elegant 18k white gold band was kept simple.

10. Worcester Ring

13577 Worcester Ring

Price: $3,600

The Worcester ring is ideal for future brides who prefer subtle jewelry. This demure Art Deco-era ring centers a GIA-certified diamond weighing around 0.65 carats. Five smaller single cut diamonds accent each shoulder, set in a bullet-shaped bezel. This original piece was handcrafted in platinum circa 1920.

11. Tide Ring

12065 Tide Square Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Price: $3,500

Diamonds and aquamarine are a match made in heaven, which the Tide ring can attest to. The square-cut aquamarine is in the center of the ring, weighing around 0.80 carats and offering exquisite saturation. The diamonds are everywhere else – in the surrounding halo and down the shoulders. In total, these sparkling additions weigh around 0.45 carats. The under-gallery features stunning openwork and filigree.

12. Tolu Ring

13009 Tolu Square cut emerald Ring

Price: $6,000

Looking for a unique square engagement ring? The Tolu ring is as square as it gets! And as beautiful, we might add. This unusual ring features an emerald, which is also emerald cut, weighing 1.84 carats in the center. The center stone is bezel-set in 18k yellow gold, creating an appealing contrast of colors that oozes glamor. Last but certainly not least, a square diamond-studded halo surrounds the center stone, further emphasizing its color.

13. Winona Ring

D3176 Winona Square cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price Upon Request

The Winona ring is pretty hard to miss, thanks to its impressive size and brilliance. The ring owes this effect to the giant 6.38-carat emerald cut diamond in the center, set in prongs. Since the center stone does all the talking, other details are minimal. This includes the lovely bullet cut diamonds on the shoulders and the simple platinum band.

14. Sulham Ring

12954 Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Emerald Halo

Price: $9,500

The Sulham ring is another impressive option for a rounded square engagement ring. This beauty features a 1.30-carat antique cushion cut diamond of excellent color and clarity. A square-shaped bezel surrounds the center stone and houses none other than stunning natural emeralds. Delicate milgrain surrounds the center stone and the emerald halo, adding a touch of sophistication. Three accent diamonds adorn each shoulder and complement the detailed under-gallery.

15. Huron Ring

MAR104 Huron Ring

Price: $4,100

Why have one featured diamond on your ring when you can have two? Toss in some beautiful sapphires and more brilliant diamonds, and you get the majestic Huron ring.

The two square bezels hold round brilliant cut diamonds weighing around 0.25 carats each. These diamonds are of exceptional color and clarity grades but stand out even more thanks to the baguette cut sapphires bordering each bezel on three sides. The sapphires weigh around 0.50 carats and give this ring the wow factor.

As if these stunning elements weren’t enough, additional round brilliant cut diamonds adorn the stepped shoulders, giving this ring a colossal size.

16. Redstone Ring

14210 Redstone vintage Square Diamond engagement Ring

Price: $2,800

Brides-to-be looking at two-tone square engagement rings will probably fall head over heels for the Redstone ring. This vintage piece centers a 0.50-carat old European cut diamond of excellent color and clarity. A square halo of single cut diamonds tightly hugs the center stone, creating an effect of a seemingly endless diamond. A single cut diamond adorns each shoulder, creating the perfect transition into the 14k yellow-gold band. This timeless ring was handcrafted during the Retro era, circa 1940.

17. Brisbane Ring

12116 Brisbane Square French Cut Sapphire Halo and Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $11,500

The Brisbane ring is a lovely diamond and sapphire rounded square engagement ring featuring an Art Deco Era motif. The center stone is an old European cut diamond weighing approximately 1.42 carats. This sparkling stone was cut circa 1920 and fitted in a handcrafted platinum mounting. A daring sapphire halo surrounds the center diamond, making it stand out. The sapphires weigh around 1.04 carats and are framed by fine milgrain. The fantastic design is completed by diamonds on both shoulders and an elegant triple-wire shank.

18. Albi Ring

14067 Albi Vintage antique Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $48,000

You can never go wrong with a solitaire, and the Albi ring is all the proof you need. This wonderful ring centers a massive 4.11-carat antique cushion cut diamond. Thanks to its size and brilliance, all eyes will undoubtedly be on your ring.

Although the center display is the main attraction, jewelers didn’t neglect the rest of the ring. A smaller European cut diamond adorns each shoulder, perfectly blending in with the hand engravings on the shank.

19. Starrett Ring

13788 Starrett Asscher cut Square diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $4,000

The striking Starrett ring features a GIA-certified Asscher cut diamond in the center, weighing approximately 0.50 carats. A geometrical halo packed with baguette cut diamonds surrounds the center stone, adding to the ring’s brilliance. More diamonds can be found on the ring’s shoulders – five on each side, to be precise. The surrounding diamonds weigh as much as the center stone, making this ring a perfect choice for a loved one who can’t get enough of these shiny stones.

20. Olympia Ring

13559 Olympia Onyx halo and diamond square set engagement Ring

Price: $3,900

The Olympia ring is perfect for brides looking for unorthodox square engagement rings. For the most part, this ring has everything you’d expect from an engagement ring – a stunning diamond in the center, an eye-catching halo, and an elegant band. However, it’s the onyx halo that makes this piece stand out. Thanks to its dark color, onyx is ideal for high-impact designs that always serve as a conversation starter.

21. Charlton Ring

14265 Charlton Vintage Art Deco Square Onyx Halo and Old European cut diamond engagement Ring

Price: $14,000

If you like the idea of onyx in your engagement ring but dislike the notion of keeping it toned down, we present the Charlton ring. This unique piece takes the onyx-diamond combination one step further by crafting the entire square halo from onyx. The velvety smooth onyx leans on the center diamond, a 1.50-carat old European cut beauty.

Since so much is happening at the top, the surrounding elements must keep up. And that they do! The shoulders feature exquisite fleur-de-lis motifs, which perfectly blend with the openwork under-gallery.

The famed John W. Charlton signed the ring after its creation during the Art Deco era, circa 1920.

22. Califon Ring

13496 Califon Ring

Price: $3,800

If your loved one is fond of more traditional engagement rings, this vintage Califon ring might be a perfect choice. This charming ring centers an old European cut diamond weighing around 0.75 carats, set in box prongs. The center display looks lovely, but the shoulders are where the magic happens. They feature unique bullet-shaped bezels with a single cut diamond in each. The 14k white gold beautifully complements the overall design.

23. Tiffany Diamond Ring

KAV532 5.92ct Tiffany Emerald Cut Square Diamond Engagement Ring

Price Upon Request

Over time, the Tiffany & Co. brand has almost become synonymous with jewelry. The brand has a reputation for offering only the most meticulously inspected stones of top quality. So, few things can top having a Tiffany diamond ring as your engagement ring.

This magnificent ring centers a giant GIA-certified emerald cut diamond weighing approximately 5.92 carats. The center diamond is of excellent clarity and even more impressive color grade. In fact, this diamond is the only diamond on our list of square engagement rings that’s entirely colorless. This gorgeous diamond is flanked by two baguette cut diamonds, adding 0.40 carats to the already impressive diamond weight.

24. Lowville Ring

13013 Lowville ring

Price: $9,800

The Lowville ring has got a lot going for it. For starters, it features an exquisite cushion cut diamond in the center, weighing 1.10 carats. The center diamond was cut circa 1925 and is GIA certified. Next, a lovely array of baguette cut diamonds accent the center stone, creating a striking visual effect. Finally, old European cut diamonds line the gallery and the bullet-shaped bezels on the shoulders, tying the entire design together.

25. Creston Ring

SB0862 Creston Square Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price Upon Request

The Creston ring is what most people initially picture as an engagement ring. Iterations of this stunning design have graced the cover pages of magazines and celebrities’ fingers for decades. This simple yet impactful ring centers a GIA-certified emerald cut diamond weighing 5.06 carats. Naturally, with a center ring of this size and magnificent, everything else falls into the background. Still, it’s worth mentioning that the ring’s shoulders show off some beautiful baguette cut diamonds.

26. Tuena Ring

12916 Tuena Ring

Price: $9,000

The lovely Tuena ring features a rare antique cushion cut diamond weighing approximately 1.07 carats. The center diamond is mounted in platinum and surrounded by a splendid square halo packed with diamonds. The fleur-de-lis motif on the shoulders, the triple-wire shank, and the delicate milgrain sparkling all around further elevate this ring’s design.

27. Bragança Ring

13046 Braganca Emerald Cut Double Halo French Cut Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $5,200

Thanks to their color, rubies add a perfect touch of romance to any engagement ring, and the Bragança ring is no exception. This sensational ring centers a 0.52-carat emerald cut diamond of excellent color and clarity grades. A double halo of rubies and diamonds surrounds the center stone, making it shine even brighter. Diamond accents are also present on the shoulders, which merge with the triple-wire shank effortlessly.

28. Baywood Ring

D3484 Baywood Emerald Cut Square Diamond Engagement Ring

Price Upon Request

If we could use just one word to describe the Baywood ring, it would be “spectacular.” The ring centers a mammoth of a diamond, weighing 5.09 carats. This GIA-certified stone is set in prongs and will capture anyone’s attention with ease. Tapered baguette cut diamonds flank this stunner on each side.

29. Durham Ring

12242 Durham Old European Square Setting Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $14,600

The Durham ring is one for the books. Choosing this sparkler gets you a piece of history since the center diamond was cut more than a century ago. As a result, it features stunning antique characteristics like high build-up and an open culet. The center diamond weighs around 1.92 carats.

The surrounding halo is no less impressive. It features many smaller old cut diamonds extending onto the ring’s shoulders.

Jonesboro Ring

12406 Jonesboro vintage Style diamond engagement Ring

Price: $10,800

The Jonesboro ring is extraordinary from any angle. Look at it from the top, and you’ll see a stunning GIA-certified old European cut diamond weighing 1.03 carats flanked by smaller diamonds of the same cut. Turning the ring to its side will reveal beautiful openwork under-gallery. And finally, if you inspect the ring’s band, you’ll notice unique hand engravings, which evoke nostalgia and charm of the bygone eras.

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