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What Does a Sapphire Engagement Ring Symbolize?

Sapphire Engagement Ring with Sapphire Accents

Sapphire engagement rings are a popular alternative to traditional white diamonds. People have adored this gem for a long time. In ancient Greece, it symbolized protection. In Victorian England, royalty believed it to represent affection. 

But what does the sapphire symbolize nowadays? Read on so that you can tell an incredible story to your beloved one once she says ‘Yes’ to her Sapphire engagement ring. 

Sapphire Symbolism in the Past 

Sapphire Stone Birthstone September

Sapphire has a long history. It was important in ancient Greece. And it’s no wonder, especially since the name ‘Sapphire’ comes from Greek, meaning ‘blue’. Owing to its richness of color, ancient Greeks thought that the sky represented a reflection of an enormous Sapphire. They believed this celestial blue gem could protect them from evil, envy, and poisoning. Anyone wearing Sapphire was considered to have good luck. 

A Sapphire engagement ring was also a popular choice among the royalty of Victorian England. During those times, multiple gems would adorn an engagement ring. Jewelers would meticulously choose each of them to represent a letter of the word. For example, the Sapphire would represent the letter ‘S’ in the word ‘dearest.’ That way, the gems of the engagement ring would stand for the nickname lovers had for each other. The ring would represent the love and affection they had. 

In ancient Egypt, people praised Sapphire for its healing properties. They often used it to treat eye issues, enabling the patient to see the truth. There are also stories that some royal members used the Sapphire to heal injured soldiers. 

Finally, in some cultures, people used Sapphire for its calming properties. They thought that wearing one would help them gain enlightenment, and calm them during unsettling times. Just imagine wearing such a ring when wedding planning stress hits! 

Sapphire in Literature 

Kashmir Sapphire Brooch
A Kashmir Sapphire Brooch from our collection. SOLD

Can you imagine a precious stone being a central character in literature? In “Le Saphire Merveilleux,’ one person used a Sapphire as a judge of female virtue. People believed the gem could determine whether the woman holding it was faithful or an adulteress.

However, the stone owner knew that the light would change the Sapphire color a bit. He decided to take advantage of that feature. If he wanted a woman to appear as innocent, she would have a trial during the day. 

When it was daytime, the color of the Sapphire would stay the same, thus proving her innocence. On the other hand, if he wished a woman to be found guilty, the trial would be in the evening. The shimmering candle light would make people believe the Sapphire changed its color. 

Sapphire Symbolism Now 

12849 Cartier Sapphire Ring

Today, Sapphire is among the most popular choices for an engagement ring. Sapphire rings look classy and sophisticated. Like in the past, a Sapphire gem still symbolizes good luck. And there isn’t a better way to start a new chapter in life than by wearing something that’ll bring good fortune. 

Moreover, Sapphires symbolizes fidelity. It represents trust, faithfulness, and sincerity. Purchasing such an engagement ring will ensure both partners remember to be honest with one another. 

Sapphire engagement rings are still popular among royalty. One such example is the most famous Sapphire ring ever, which belonged to Princess Diana. When Charles gave it to her, he wanted the ring to symbolize trust and dedication. For royal members, Sapphire is also a symbol of class, sophistication, and style. Think of Kate Middleton who now wears Diana’s Sapphire ring… She’s the epitome of elegance. 

Like other gems, Sapphire also represents a birth month. It’s the birthstone of September. That’s why it’s a unique choice for anyone born in September. Many believe it to symbolize a new beginning, such as an engagement or a wedding. September is also a perfect month to propose to your loved one and give her a Sapphire. 

Wearing a Sapphire engagement ring is believed to help a woman with her confidence and self-motivation. Plus, many think its energy can bring happiness and positivity into one’s life. 

Beyond all these characteristics, a Sapphire engagement ring is a timeless yet unconventional piece. It stands for uniqueness and individuality. Nowadays, other stones often complement Sapphire, thus making it a modern piece of jewelry. That’s why many couples love that a Sapphire engagement ring combines tradition with modern elements. 

Choosing the Sapphire Engagement Ring 

Sapphire Engagement Ring in Platinum 12770
Sapphire Engagement Ring. Learn more.

Now that you know what a Sapphire engagement ring symbolizes, here are some tips on choosing the perfect one for your lover: 

Sapphire Color 

sapphire engagement ring

When thinking about the Sapphire, most people immediately envision the royal blue color. However, it also exists in various colors. For instance, a Ruby is actually a red Sapphire. Besides, there are purple, orange, yellow, green, and colorless Sapphires. 

If you’re considering a Sapphire engagement ring, you should also pay attention to the tone. Sapphire exists in light, medium-light, medium, medium-dark, and dark tones. In general, the best ones are the medium and dark toned stones. In general, the richer the color, the better the quality. 

Next, examine the saturation of the gem. This represents the amount of brown or grey hues in the ring. Keep in mind that an engagement ring with a few grey or brown hues can be expensive. But it’s also purer in its form, therefore more desired. 

Finally, if you’ve got your eyes set on the standard blue Sapphire, look for the royal blue color. This Sapphire is usually the most valuable. 

Sapphire Cut 

Antique Sapphire Engagement Ring

Some gems look the best in the oval, diamond, or pear cut. But Sapphire doesn’t have an ideal cut. Since it exists in various colors, there isn’t a shape that suits this stone the most. Therefore, jewelers generally decide on the one that would work for the stone they have. But this task isn’t easy. They need to create the cut that’ll show the brilliant colors of the Sapphire. The oval cut is the most popular one, as the cutters don’t need to change the shape of the natural gem much. 

Sapphire Origin 

Another thing to consider is the Sapphire’s origin. Like other stones, some locations are more desirable. Although Sapphire exists in Australia, Vietnam, and even the USA, the most precious Sapphires come from Madagascar, Burma, and Sri Lanka. However, the most expensive ones come from Kashmir. They’re incredibly rare which also dictates the price. 

If you are unsure whether the Sapphire you’re considering is of a good quality, check with the jeweler. They’ll be able to tell you more. 

Sapphire Setting 

Finally, the setting will depend on the style you prefer. For a traditional look, diamonds surround the Sapphire. An example of such is the engagement ring that Princess Diana wore. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something modern, choose a mixed piece that sports gems of various colors. A popular combination is Sapphires and Emerald.

Examples of Sapphire Rings

Nothing is better than seeing examples, and so here are different jewelry pieces from our collection that all contain sapphires.

A Timeless Choice 

A Sapphire engagement ring is a timeless choice that looks great on traditional and modern brides-to-be. With its rich symbolism, it’s also an excellent choice for those born in September. On top of that, it stands for trust, faithfulness, loyalty, and luck – all characteristics you’d want your marriage to boast. Finally, since it has been a favorite stone among the royals for centuries, your fiancé will feel like a princess wearing such a ring. 


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