Top 30 Sapphire Engagement Rings Under $5000

October 13, 2021 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Sapphire engagement rings are the second-most popular choice for engagement rings, right after diamonds. It’s no wonder, given that their beautiful blue color and luster are unparalleled. They’re an incredible option for women who want to wear jewelry that’s a little bolder and that stands out from the crowd.

Here at Estate Diamond Jewelry, we have a beautiful assortment of sapphire engagement rings that make regular diamond rings look boring.

Take a look at our top 30 sapphire engagement rings under $5,000. This list also includes diamond and aquamarine rings with sapphire accents!

Portland Ring

Sapphire engagement ring with diamond halo 12366

Price: $5,600. Link:

For those looking for something a little more extravagant and detailed, the Portland ring is surely an option worth considering. The central stone is a 1.52-carat sapphire, surrounded by an emerald-cut diamond halo. The ring’s under-gallery makes it even more beautiful, especially the openwork filigree that makes you want to observe it for hours. The diamond halo weighs 0.30 carats.

Amherst Ring

Price: $4,800. Link:

If you want the center stone of your engagement ring to be a sapphire – not a diamond or an aquamarine – then the Amherst ring might be the right option for you. The sapphire has an Asscher cut, 1.28 carats, and a deep blue color. A diamond halo surrounds the sapphire, while the ring has a triple-wire platinum shank and two fleurs-de-lis on the sides. This sapphire engagement ring has a vintage style.

This is an incredible choice for sapphire engagement rings under $5000.

Bonhomme Ring

Price: $4,200. Link:

Another option for those with a Boho style and lovers of the Art Deco era, the Bonhomme ring might be what you’ve been looking for. This sapphire engagement ring is an original Art Deco ring made in 1920. The central stone is a natural cabochon sapphire, which has 2.0 carats. On both sides of the ring, rows of stunning diamonds and emeralds also make this style reminiscent of the Egyptian Revival era.

Aspen Ring

Price: $3,800. Link:

If you want a sapphire engagement ring that’s has genuine character and will still capture the attention of everyone in the room, take a look at the Aspen ring. It consists of three parts: the aquamarine central stone, the sapphire halo, and the second halo made from diamonds. While the aquamarine has a vivid teal color, the sapphires have a rich deep blue hue. Paired with the row of diamonds, it creates the perfect, discrete contrast.

The natural caliber French cut blue sapphires have 0.70 carats, while the diamonds approximately weigh 0.40 carats.

Atlantic Ring

Sapphire Engagement Rings for $5400

Price: $5,400. Link:

Also, for those who prefer sapphire engagement rings where sapphire is the central stone, take a look at the Atlantic ring. Not only does this square-cut sapphire weigh 1.50 carats, but it also has a stunning navy-blue color. Two baguette-cut diamonds are set on each side of the ring, which is platinum. This sapphire engagement ring is quite elegant, but you can also wear it in any type of setting.

Central Park Ring

Price: $3,600. Link:

If you don’t want a sapphire for your central stone, but for the halo, this is exactly what the Central Park ring is about. It also has the Art Deco style, except that it’s more discrete and sophisticated. The round halo of natural sapphires weighs approximately 0.43 carats, while the antique old European cut diamond has 0.50 carats. It has two more diamonds set on each shoulder of the platinum ring.

A wonderful option of sapphire engagement rings under $5000 that showcases a diamond in the center and sapphire for the halo.

Fleetwood Ring

Price: $5,000. Link:

Another engagement ring with a sapphire halo, the Fleetwood ring has a square-shaped one. The French-cut sapphires have a vivid blue color, which blends perfectly with the nearly colorless center diamond and the platinum ring. Additional diamonds are set on each side of the ring.

This sapphire engagement ring weighs 0.66, while its measurements are 5.24mm by 5.22mm by 3.36mm. Of course, the ring’s size can be adjusted to fit any finger.

This diamond engagement (with sapphire accents) fits perfectly within your $5,000 budget.

Mississippi Ring

Price: $4,600. Link:

If you really want your ring to shine, the Mississippi ring won’t disappoint you. Made out of three layers, this sapphire engagement ring would look great on any future bride’s hand. The center Asscher-cut 0.50-carat diamond is framed by two octagonal halos, one made from French-cut sapphires and the other of 0.22-carat diamonds.

Also, the ring itself is very thin, making the settings look quite elegant and feminine. The Mississippi ring looks stunning, no matter which angle you look at it.

Pacific Ring

Price: $4,500. Link:

The Pacific ring is meant for those who want a bigger engagement ring but don’t want it to draw too much attention. This engagement ring comes with a bezel-set emerald cut diamond, which weighs approximately 0.50 carats. The emerald-cut diamond also has an H color and VS1 clarity.

A halo of French-cut sapphires frames the central diamond, along with additional smaller diamonds on the ring’s shoulders. Not to mention that this ring is set with a triple wire platinum shank and delicate openwork.

Woodlands Aquamarine Ring

Price: $5,400. Link:

The Woodlands Aquamarine ring is slightly bulkier, therefore it’s sure to make a long-lasting impression. Another sapphire-aquamarine-diamond combination, this engagement ring is for those who want their ring to feature a bold yet elegant color contrast. The central stone is a natural aquamarine, weighing 1.10 carats. The second halo comprises natural French-cut sapphires, and the third is made from old European-cut diamonds. The Woodland Aquamarine ring is definitely worth considering.

Colorado Ring

Price: $3,800. Link:

If you prefer sapphire engagement rings with round cuts, take a look at the Colorado ring. This engagement ring has not one, but two halos. The outer round halo features 0.40-carat old European-cut diamonds, and the middle round halo features natural French-cut sapphires that weigh 0.70 carats. The center stone is a round 1.0-carat aquamarine, which has a lovely light blue hue. What’s more, the aquamarine is 7 millimeters in diameter.

A fanastic option for sapphire engagement rings under $5000, but at the benchmark closer to $4000 than $5000.

Ascot Ring

Price: $5,200. Link:

While sapphires can be found in a variety of colors, blue sapphires are the most valuable. Even more so, dark blue sapphires are especially sought after. The Ascot ring features a sapphire that has rich deep blue intensity. With a 0.69-carat antique cushion cut diamond center stone, and a square halo of French-cut sapphires, this engagement ring will make you feel like royalty. It also features additional diamonds on the ring’s shoulders, a fine under-gallery, and a triple wire shank.

Fort Collins Ring

Price: $4,500. Link:

If you want a sapphire engagement ring that’s completely unique, the Fort Collins ring will blow you away. Hand-crafted, this ring features an Asscher cut aquamarine central stone and a sapphire halo that aligns with its shape perfectly. The aquamarine weighs 0.50 carats. All four edges of this engagement ring are encrusted with small diamonds, which together form a cross. The ring’s shoulders are particularly unique, shaped into fleur-de-lis and set with diamonds.

Tallis Aquamarine Ring

Price: $2,400. Link:

Any sapphire fan would love to have the Tallis Aquamarine ring. Its stunning light blue-dark blue contrast would look fantastic on any hand. The center of the ring is adorned by a natural 1.0-carat aquamarine, which is surrounded by a round diamond halo and an additional sapphire frame. Not only that, but it features an additional three diamonds on each shoulder. The sapphire halo is 11.45 millimeters in diameter.

Boulder Ring

Price: $4,800. Link:

One of the biggest sapphire engagement rings in our collection, the Boulder ring is the ideal solution if the ring’s size is your number one priority. The elongated emerald-cut aquamarine weighs an impressive 2.30 carats. The halo consists of French-cut sapphires and elongated baguette-cut diamonds. If that wasn’t enough, there are diamonds along the ring’s shoulders as well. If you want to capture everyone’s attention with your engagement ring, then consider the Boulder ring.

Essonne Ring

Price: $3,800. Link:

If you don’t want sapphire to be the central stone of your engagement ring, but you still want sapphire details, the Essonne ring is an interesting choice. Featuring a 3.99-carat emerald cut green peridot, this engagement ring’s design was inspired by the Edwardian era. There are two French-cut sapphires on each side of the ring, along with old European-cut diamonds. This ring is also an excellent choice for brides who prefer green gemstones.

Chaseley Ring

Price: $4,500. Link:

Pairing sapphires with silver or platinum is a popular combination for engagement rings. However, combining sapphires and other colored gemstones takes your engagement ring to a whole new level. The Chaseley ring features a 3.54-carat emerald cut peridot framed by an octagonal sapphire frame. To top it off, two diamonds embellish the ring on each side. One might think that a blue-green combination is too bold, but it’s perfectly reminiscent of the Art Deco era.

Koi Ring

Price: $4,500. Link:

The Koi ring is unlike anything else we have in our sapphire engagement ring collection. What makes it so special is that it’s shaped like a flower, with a 1.51-carat rubellite as the central stone. Its petals are made from a cluster of sapphires that together weigh 2.98 carats. What’s more, the ring is 18K white gold. The blue-red combination is much more romantic, making this engagement ring look like it came out of a fairytale.

Boylston Ring

Price: $5,200. Link:

For those who want to be a bit more traditional with a classic diamond engagement ring, the Boylston ring features a 0.50-carat emerald-cut diamond. It’s framed by two extravagant halos. The inner halo is made from natural French-cut sapphires, and the outer halo is made of diamonds, which are also set on each side of the platinum ring. The central diamond also has I color and VS2 clarity.

Cald Ring

Peridot August Birthstone Ring from Estate Diamond Jewelry Collection

Price: $4,500. Link:

The Cald ring has an interesting combination of blue, green, and silver. The central stone is a 3.87-carat peridot that has an emerald cut and a vivid green color. This engagement ring also consists of two halos, the first one made from sapphires and the second one from diamonds. Even though it’s an engagement ring, it can also be worn as a cocktail ring. This color combination is inspired by the Art Deco era.

Laguna Ring

Price: $4,500. Link:

The Laguna ring is also inspired by the Art Deco era, and it has a vintage style. It has a unique and interesting design with a beautiful 2.99-carat sapphire as the central stone. The sapphire has a cabochon cut, and it’s held by four prongs. Its setting is also quite sophisticated, with baguette-cut diamonds. What’s more, the sapphire is set in a way that makes it pop.

Denver Ring

Aquamairne and Sapphire Denver Ring Artistic F2 on Finger

Price: $4,800. Link:

Moving away from the traditional, the Denver ring is a truly unique beauty. In the center of the ring, a stunning 2.50-carat aquamarine is definitely made to steal the show. Framed by a double halo, one made from sapphires and the other from diamonds, this engagement ring is hand-crafted in platinum. Keep in mind that it’s better suited for wider fingers, as it may appear too large for thin fingers.

Ellington Ring

Price: $3,500. Link:

If you want a genuine vintage sapphire engagement ring, the Ellington ring comes from the Mid-Century era and was made in 1950. It’s quite bulky too, so it’s not suited for those who want a thin, discrete engagement ring. The bezel-set oval cut natural sapphire is enclosed by a round frame of brilliant-cut diamonds. The sapphire weighs 1.93 carats, and the diamonds 0.60 carats.

Constantinople Ring

Constantinople Finger Picture

Price: $5,500. Link:

For those who prefer a sapphire engagement ring that’s more delicate and sophisticated, the Constantinople ring is quite charming. Featuring a 0.75-carat old European cut diamond as the central stone, the ring has a beautiful French-cut sapphire halo, along with two smaller diamonds on the side.

In conclusion, the sapphires have a deep blue color that would look good on any skin type. This is an incredible option for someone who wants a little bit of sapphire sparkle in their diamond engagement ring, while keeping close to the $5,000 budget.

Kirkwall Ring

Price: $4,500. Link:

The Kirkwall ring is the ideal option for those who want a large sapphire and lavish details. Unlike most sapphire engagement rings in our collection, which combine sapphires with platinum, this engagement ring includes a slight golden frame. The sapphire itself weighs 1.20 carats, surrounded by a luxurious cluster of old European-cut diamonds. The middle frame is 18k yellow gold. If you’re attracted to all things royalty, that’s exactly how the Kirkwall ring will make you feel.

Hardford Ring

Price: $4,500. Link:

The Hardford ring has the biggest sapphire in our entire sapphire engagement ring collection. With an impressive 3.5 carats, the sapphire is set around half of the width of the platinum ring. What makes this engagement ring even more beautiful is the detailed under-gallery. Not to mention that the Hardford ring is an original antique ring, made in 1925. While this sapphire engagement ring might have an unconventional style, it’s definitely worth considering.

Tomar Ring

sapphire engagement rings under $5000 Tomar Ring with Diamonds on Gallery

Price: $5,800. Link:

Another stunning sapphire engagement ring from our collection, the Tomar ring has elongated front and back sides, set with antique diamonds. The center sapphire has a cushion cut, 1.20 carats, and a deep blue color. Additional diamonds adorn the shoulders of the platinum ring.

This sapphire engagement ring under $5000 will look lovely on a hand with long fingers.

Scarab Ring

Price: $4,200. Link:

The Scarab ring draws inspiration from the Egyptian Revival period. Not only does this engagement ring feature two rows of French-cut natural sapphires but has an emerald as the central stone as well. The emerald has an oval cut, 1.06 carats, and a deep green saturation. Between the sapphires and the emeralds are small diamonds, encrusted on all sides. The ring is platinum, and it features a fine under-gallery. It’s very desriable for those who love bold color combinations.

Thames Ring

12602 Aquamarine and Sapphire Engagement Ring set in Platinum price 2600

Price: $2,600. Link:

For lovers of the color blue, the Thames ring features a gorgeous combination of light blue and dark blue. The center of the ring is a striking round cut aquamarine that weighs approximately 1.0 carat. A round halo of natural French-cut sapphires surround the aquamarine, accentuated by two diamonds on each side. Additional diamonds are line the ring’s shoulders, accompanied by a fine under-gallery full of details. The mounting displays handcrated platinum.

Savona Ring

Price: $5,600. Link:

If you like to combine gold and silver, then take a look at the Savona ring. This engagement ring has everything you could ask for: a central diamond, a sapphire frame, and a golden ring. The 0.60-carat diamond has an emerald cut, J color (which falls into the nearly colorless category), and VS2 clarity. The octagonal frame is made of natural caliber-cut sapphires, while the ring is platinum and 18k yellow gold. The Savona ring is definitely an engagement ring for those who like to step outside their comfort zone.

Find the Perfect Sapphire Engagement Rings Under $5000

In conclusion, sapphire engagement rings under $5000 aren’t for everyone. As a symbol of love and elegance, sapphires are ideal gemstones for those who want a pop of color on their finger. Whether you’re looking for a sapphire central stone or a halo made of sapphires, you can definitely find it here.

If you want to see our entire sapphire engagement ring collection, you can view it here. If you have any questions about sapphire engagement rings, feel free to contact us. It’s also possible to come to our store to see a particular sapphire engagement ring in person, just schedule an appointment.