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One-of-a-kind, top quality, timeless, and exquisite estate earrings are an investment in beauty, culture, and history. Whether from the Victorian (1837-1901), Edwardian (1895-1915), Art Nouveau (1890-1910) or Art Deco (1920-1940) era, vintage jewelry represents the grandeur and finest treasures of the day. Sporting antique earrings serves as a stunning reminder of an elegant and formal past. Victorian earrings bring to mind a grand romantic period where etiquette was mandatory, and dress was reserved and proper.  Edwardian earrings, on the other hand, relaxed those firmly conservative times and reflected an age of luxury and prosperity.

victorian earringsVictorian Era Elegance

Victorian-era jewelry was designed to reflect the staunch and resolute social graces of Queen Victoria during her reign from 1837-1901. Estate earrings such as these Antique Victorian Earrings serve as a stunning reminder of the formal stylings of the times.

The Victorian period is often thought of as having consisted of three separate periods and styles: the Romantic Period (1837-1861), the Grand Period (1861-1880), and the Aesthetic Period (1880-1901). Although all were subsections of this era, each had a different look. The Romantic period, during which this piece was made, reflected the indisputable affection between the rulers. Motifs such as flowers or vines were commonly used, and the intricacy of the work here cannot be denied. Old mine diamonds add a layer of formal elegance to the carefully crafted silver and gold setting. Pieces from this time, such as the one referenced, showcase and highlight the period’s leanings towards formality.

Edwardian Era Extravagance

edwardian earringsThe Edwardian period marked a return to a more relaxed society, albeit still with a focus on fashion and sophistication. Jewelry pieces made during this time were designed to showcase the workmanship of master crafters with intricate and delicate designs. Diamonds were still heavily showcased, and the decorative technique of milgraining was used to border the precious stones.

Edwardian earrings, like these Edwardian Style Rose Cut Earrings, highlight the period’s reliance on the finest metals (such as the platinum used here), and the nobility of the chandelier-style drop further shows the refinement of the jeweler’s skills.

Choosing Estate Diamond Jewelry

The purchase of estate earrings, or any type of antique earrings, is, understandably, a significant investment. It’s important to know that the company you are purchasing from is committed to quality and craftsmanship. As third-generation jewelers, we not only understand and abide by this commitment, we are trained in the same jewelry-making techniques that were used during the Art Deco period. We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest and rarest of estate and antique jewelry for our customers and we are exacting in our standards for selecting pieces for inclusion in our collection. And when it comes to our diamonds, only the best will do. So you can take comfort in knowing that when you buy from Estate Diamond Jewelry, you are buying quality, workmanship, and elegance at its highest levels.