Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Rings

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  • Sapphire Halo and Diamond ring Cambridge RingPlatinum and Diamond Sapphire Halo Ring Cambridge Ring

    Cambridge Ring

  • 11479 Ring11479

    Chambord. Circa 1945

  • 7.17ct Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring - Chesterfield RingYellow Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring - Chesterfield Ring

    Chesterfield Ring

  • Constantinople Ring TVTSV Constantinople Ring

    Constantinople Ring

  • Corby Ring TV 11865 Front ViewCorby Ring Top Side View

    Corby Ring

  • 1.93ct Oval Cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring - Ellington RingPlatinum Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring - Ellington Ring

    Ellington Ring. Circa 1950

  • 1.11ct Diamond and Sapphire Platinum Engagement Ring 13281 TV1.11ct Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring 13281 TSV

    Elvas Ring

  • Cabochon Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring - Laguna Ring2.99ct Sapphire and Diamond White Gold Ring - Laguna Ring

    Laguna Ring

  • Diamond and French Cut Sapphire RingDiamond and Sapphire Halo Ring

    Laval Ring

  • Lisbon Ring Top ViewLisbon Engagement RIng 11611

    Lisbon Ring

  • Floral Diamond & Sapphire RingDiamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

    Malvern Ring

  • Front View of 11778Top Side View of 11778

    Milan Ring

  • Late Edwardian Geometric Diamond and Synthetic Sapphire Ring - Montefiore RingPlatinum on Gold Synthetic Sapphire and Diamond Ring - Montefiore Ring

    Montefiore Ring. Circa 1918

  • TV 11893 RingTSV 11893 Ring

    Montgomery Ring

  • Front view of Narlon diamond brilliance with sapphire haloThe undergallery view of platinum diamond and sapphire ring

    Narlon Ring

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  • Navan Diamond Halo Ring Top ViewDiamond Navan Ring TSV 12684

    Navan Ring

  • 1.25ct Diamond and Sapphire Double Halo Platinum Engagement Ring 131281.25 carat Diamond Sapphire Platinum Filigree Engagement Ring 13128

    Óbidos Ring

  • 1.58ct Old European Cut Diamond ring Royal Blue HaloSapphire Halo and Diamond Ring Royal Blue Halo

    Royal Blue Halo Ring

  • Front View of 11880 Sapphire Ring18880 Ring side angle

    Sapphire Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

  • Large Sapphire Halo ring6ct sapphire halo side view

    Six Carat Diamond and Sapphire Halo Ring

  • Sapphire and Diamond Navette Gold Ring - Somerset Ring

    Somerset Ring. Circa 1860

  • Sapphire Platinum Engagement RingSapphire and Platinum Engagement Ring

    Sorrento Ring

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  • Toranto Ring Top ViewToronto Ring Top Side View

    Toronto Ring

  • Vintage Sapphire RingAntique Sapphire Ring

    Vintage Sapphire Ring

  • Sapphire Cabochon RingSapphire Cabochon Halo Ring

    Diamond and Cabochon Sapphire Cabochon Ring

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  • Warsaw Ring TVTSV Warsaw Ring

    Warsaw Ring

  • Antique Sapphire and Diamond Engagement RingAntique Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring TSV

    Art Deco Engagement Ring. Circa 1925

  • Estate Sapphire RingEstate Sapphire and Platinum Ring

    Estate Sapphire Engagement Ring

  • Filey Ring Top ViewFiley Ring Top Side View

    Filey Ring. Circa 1880

  • Oval Sapphire Engagement RingOval Cut Sapphire Engagement Ring

    Oval Sapphire Engagement Ring