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  • 1.46ct Cushion Cut Burma Ruby Ring - Toulon Ring 14115 TV

    Toulon Ring

  • 5.49ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Ring - Tropea Ring 14027 TVAntique Cushion Diamond Emerald Halo Ring - Tropea Ring 14027 TSV

    Tropea Ring

  • 3.02ct Cushion Cut Three Stone Ring - Turin Ring JR612 TVCushion Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring - Turin Ring JR612 TSV

    Turin Ring

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  • Natural Morganite and Ruby Cocktail Ring Windsor Ring Top View 13659_TVRuby Accented Shoulder 18k Yellow Gold Cocktail Ring Windsor Ring 13659_TSV

    Windsor Ring

  • 12139 Top View12139 Top Side View

    5.02ct Estate Halo Ring

  • Aden ring old mine cut diamond ring 14625-TV-1000PXold mine cut diamond ring Aden ring 14625-TSV-1000PX

    Aden Ring. Circa 1925 (Antique, Art Deco Era)

  • 4.29ct Cushion Cut Rubellite Cocktail Ring - Allegheny Ring 14466 TVRubellite and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring - Allegheny Ring 14466 TSV

    Allegheny Ring

  • Bally Ring emerald halo surrounding daimond ring 14450-TV-1000PXantique cushion cut diamond ring platinum band 14450-TSV-1000PX

    Bally Ring

  • Antique cushion cut diamond and emerald ring Bedford ring 14745-TV-1000PXBedford ring antique cushion cut diamond ring 14745-TSV-1000PX

    Bedford Ring

  • Platinum and Cushion Cut Ring Diamond Belem Ring Top View2.39ct Old Euro Diamond Cut Engagement Ring TSV 13286

    Belem Ring

  • 1.05ct Oval Rose Cut Diamond Ring - Bellingham Ring 14158 TV1.05ct Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - Bellingham Ring 14158 TSV

    Bellingham Ring

  • 5.01ct Antique Cushion Cut Engagement Ring - Bellmore Ring 25358 TVProng Set Antique Cushion Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring 25358 F1

    Bellmore Ring

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  • Antique Edwardian Diamond Ruby Engagement Ring - Belvedere Ring 14646 TVAntique Diamond and Ruby Engagement Ring - Belvedere Ring 14646 TSV

    Belvedere Ring. Circa 1905 (Antique, Edwardian Era)

  • Cumbria Ring Top ViewCumbria Ring Top Side View

    Bergon Ring

  • 1.22ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond and Sapphire Ring - Bromley Ring

    Bromley Ring

  • Antique Cushion Cut Diamond with Emerald Halo Engagement Ring 12832 TVAntique Platinum Engagement Diamond Ring Brookside Ring TSV 12832

    Brookside Ring

  • Bryant Park Ring cushion cut diamond and sapphire ring 14634-TV-1000PXcushion cut diamond and sapphire ring Bryant park ring 14634-TSV-1000PX

    Bryant Park Ring

  • Burlington RingBurlington Ring Top Side View

    Burlington Ring

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  • 1.05 Cushion Cut Sapphire Engagement Ring - Cannes Ring 14480 TVSapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring -Cannes Ring 14480 TSV

    Cannes Ring. Circa 1925 (Antique, Art Deco Era)

  • Art Deco Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Accented Cocktail Ring 13708-TV-1000PX (1)Antique Ring Canterbury Ring. Circa 1925

    Canterbury Ring. Circa 1925

  • Cushion Cut Diamond Ring Yellow Gold Carlyle Ring Top ViewDiamond halo and Antique Diamond Ring Carlyle Ring Top Side View

    Carlyle Ring

  • 5.01ct Antique Cushion Cut Solitaire Ring - Cassel Ring JR761 TV5 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Ring Cassel Ring Top Side View

    Cassel Ring

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  • 1.78ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - Castleford Ring 14412 TV1.78ct Cushion Cut Diamond Sapphire Ring - Castleford Ring 14412 TSV

    Castleford Ring

  • Cushion Cut 1.45ct Kashmir Sapphire Ring - Cedarmere Ring 14620 TVKashmir Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring - Cedarmere Ring 14620 TSV

    Cedarmere Ring (Kashmir)

  • Estate 5.44 Carat RingEstate 5.44 Diamond Ring

    Cheverny Ring

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  • Victorian Era Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Ring - Clement Ring 14351 TVAntique 0.42ct Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring - Clement Ring 14351 TSV

    Clement Ring. Circa 1860 (Antique, Victorian Era)

  • Copley Ring antique cushion cut ruby 3 stone ring 14961 TV 1000PAntique cushion cut diamond and ruby ring Copley ring 14961 TSV 1000P

    Coply Ring. Circa 1900, Antique, Edwardian Era.

  • 10023 TV Cushion Cut Diamond RingPlatinum 2 Carat Engagement Ring

    Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

  • 0.91ct Cushion Cut Floral Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring Top View DYL40-TV-1000PX

    Delray Ring

  • 5.01ct Elongated Antique Cushion Cut Ring - Ellsworth Ring 608SB TV5.01ct Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond Ring - Ellsworth Ring 608SB TSV

    Ellsworth Ring

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