Top 20 Edwardian Cluster Rings

Written by: Benjamin Khordipour, Jewelry and Gemology Expert
July 25, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

There’s only one thing better than a beautiful diamond: a whole cluster of them. The Edwardian era has no shortage of dazzling cluster rings with elegant shapes and bold, colored accent gems. We’ve compiled a list of some of the era’s most stunning pieces, so take a look below for our top 20 Edwardian cluster rings.

What Is an Edwardian Cluster Ring?

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Cluster rings are rings that feature multiple diamonds, typically huddled closely together, creating the impression of one sizeable gem. These rings may have a larger center stone with smaller accent stones surrounding it, or they may consist of similarly sized gems throughout. Halo rings are technically a type of cluster too.

Edwardian cluster rings come from the Edwardian era, named after the English monarch King Edward VII. The era spans from 1901 until 1915, around the beginning of the Art Deco era, making these rings valuable antique pieces over 100 years old. Now that we’ve established some background information, let’s dive into our top 20 Edwardian cluster rings.

1. Lagos Ring

Lagos Edwardian Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Price: $16,000

Our first ring is a classic Edwardian piece that was handcrafted in platinum circa 1910.

The lovely, flower-shaped mount features a 1.52-carat old European-cut center diamond with I color and VS2 clarity. A 0.65-carat array of dazzling old mine-cut diamonds surrounds the slightly raised bezel, filling out the floral shape. What truly makes this ring representative of its era is the detailed shank featuring gorgeous and intricate hand engravings. Finally, the undergallery also showcases a lacey openwork design.

2. Bohemia Ring

Dome Shaped Bohemia Engagement Ring Featuring Diamond Clusters

Price: $12,000

Handcrafted in France circa 1900, the Bohemia Ring is another dome-shaped antique piece that deserves attention. This platinum ring features an impressive 1.48-carat center diamond with K color and VS2 clarity. The old European-cut stone is surrounded by numerous little pavé-set single-cut diamonds. The intricate openwork mounting is decorated with milgrain, while the subtle undergallery and shank balance out the design.

3. Elmfield Ring

Emerald Centered Elmfield Engagement Ring Featuring Diamond Cluster

Price: $4,000

The charming Elmfield Ring displays a delicate balance of daintiness and subtle details. The alluring center stone is a natural green sugarloaf-cut emerald weighing approximately 0.75 carats. The surrounding diamond cluster features old European-cut diamonds set in small circular bezels. What’s more, the cluster and center stone are separated by a gap that emphasized both elements.

4. Lorraine Ring

Lorraine Edwardian Era Diamond Cluster Ring Featuring Rubies

Price: $4,000

Next up is a perfect option for those wanting some color to their Edwardian ring.

The most eye-catching feature of the Lorraine Ring is certainly the floral halo of vibrant natural rubies. At the center of this platinum on 18k yellow gold ring, you’ll find a 0.20-carat antique cushion-cut diamond, encompassed by eight half-bezel-set old European-cut diamonds. Additionally, two small diamonds further decorate the shoulders, bringing the total diamond weight to approximately 1.00 carat.

5. Ashbourne Ring

Edwardian Era Ashbourne Navette Diamond Cluster Ring

Price: $4,500

Although not a typical cluster design, the Ashbourne Ring certainly is worth having on this list. This platinum on 18k yellow gold vertical navette ring features three central diamonds totaling approximately 0.90 carats. The surrounding halo forms the navette shape, while separated from the central stones by a gap. Finally, the total diamond weight is approximately 1.05 carats.

6. Verdant Ring

Verdant Edwardian Era Diamond Cluster Ring Featuring Emerald

Price: $9,800

This antique French ring also has a flower shape but with a colorful twist; it showcases an oval-cut natural Colombian emerald in its center.

The lovely center stone is encircled by eight old European-cut diamonds. Although the ring has a rather standard design when viewed from the top, its shoulders hide some added detail with two single cuts on each side. In addition, lacey openwork patterns decorate the undergallery and provide the ring with added allure. Finally, the Verdant Ring was handcrafted in platinum circa 1915.

7. Teterboro Ring

Teterboro Edwardian Era Diamond Cluster Ring Featuring Openwork

Price: $10,500

It’s all about the details when it comes to Edwardian cluster rings, and the Teterboro Ring is a great example of that.

This intricate platinum ring is certainly a feast for the eyes. A dome-shaped mounting houses a 1.08-carat center diamond with I color and SI1 clarity. The cushion-cut stone is held by prongs but sits in an octagonal bezel decorated with fine milgrain. Old mine-cut diamonds form the surrounding clusters, while the ring’s mounting features some openwork and stretches down into a beautifully engraved shank.

8. Media Ring

Unique Dome Shaped Media Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $3,800

The Media Ring puts a unique twist on clusters; the mounting is broken up by open spaces, producing individual groupings.

With its large, dome-shaped openwork mounting, it looks almost spherical from above. The entire mounting is covered in diamonds bordered by fine milgrain. The five old mine-cut center diamonds set in hexagonal bezels weigh approximately 0.82 carats in total. The rest of the gems are single-cut and reside in various other geometrical shapes. Finally, this platinum ring was handcrafted in France circa 1900.

9. Brentford Ring

Emerald Centered Brentford Engagement Ring Featuring Diamond Cluster

Price: $8,000

When it comes to the Brentford Ring, all emphasis is on the emerald center stone and surrounding diamond cluster. The shank is thin and unadorned, while the 1.90-carat center stone and surrounding 2.75 diamond cluster are quite large. What’s more, these elements are further emphasized by fine milgrain bordering. Finally, the ring was handcrafted in platinum and 18k yellow gold circa 1905.

10. Norfolk Ring

Norfolk Three Stone Sapphire Engagement Ring With Diamonds

Price: $11,500

The next Edwardian cluster ring also sports an elongated shape and three non-diamond center stones.

The Norfolk Ring, made entirely of platinum, dates back to c. 1910. At its center, three natural sapphires, arranged in a north-south orientation, create an eye-catching focal point. The sapphires are pavé-set and weigh 1.00 carat in total. Haloing these beautiful gems is a collection of rose-cut, old mine-cut, and antique cushion-cut half-bezel-set diamonds. Underneath, an openwork under-gallery adds a dose of elegance.

11. Bergen Ring

Edwardian Era Bergen Ruby And Diamond Cluster Ring

Price: $6,800

Although it does a slight detour from what a typical cluster ring looks like, the Bergen Ring is certainly worth having on the list.

The three main stones are rubies with a total weight of 1.48 carats, while small two-diamond clusters surround the center ruby. The diamonds themselves are approximately 0.24 carats and I color and VS2 clarity overall. Finally, this platinum on 18k yellow gold ring features signatures by Deacon & Francis jewelers in England.

12. Newfield Ring

Edwardian Era Newfield Elongated Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $11,000

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1910, the elongated Newfield Ring is our next Edwardian-era cluster ring. The lovely old European-cut center diamond is approximately 1.00 carat and has I color and SI1 clarity. What’s more, the elongated design outlines the finger and displays a stunning array of additional diamonds. Finally, the overall diamond weight, color, and clarity are 2.56 carats, I-J, and VS1-SI1.

13. Wolcott Ring

Wolcott Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Rubies

Price: $4,800

Rubies were popular certainly popular as accent stones in the Edwardian era, and The Wolcott Ring demonstrates why.

The Wolcott Ring features these colorful gems as the inner halo of a double-halo design, allowing the beautiful color to pop rather well. At the center of its elongated frame, you’ll find three old European-cut diamonds set in a north-south orientation. The natural calibre-cut rubies border their bezels, while another halo surrounds these rubies with additional old European-cut diamonds set in half bezels.

Finally, the I color and SI2 clarity center diamond weighs approximately 0.15 carats.

14. Middletown Ring

Edwardian Era Middletown Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $15,800

The dazzling Middletown Ring features a cohesive assortment of design elements. Firstly, intricate and varied hand engravings decorate the entire shank. Then, square and circular bezels holding diamonds and bordered with fine milgrain create a split shoulder with a subtle openwork segment between the fork. Finally, the center diamond weighs 1.87 carats and has VS2 clarity.

15. Norway Ring

Norway Charming Edwardian Era Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Price: $5,700

Up next, if you’re looking for an Edwardian cluster ring that has a subtle charm, then consider the Norway Ring. The center stone of this beauty is a 0.93-carat prong-set diamond with K color and VS2 clarity. The surrounding six-stone cluster of diamonds is delightful, granting a charming boldness due to its flowery shape and chunky segments.

16. Versailles Ring

Edwardian Era Versailles Ring Featuring Diamonds And Sapphires

Price: $3,250

The Versailles Ring represents how the design of a ring can be elevated by utilizing unique shapes, colors, and elements.

As for the shapes this ring leverages, the main shape resembles a disconnected four-leaf clover with diamond-shaped bezels between each leaf. The center stone is a 0.17-carat diamond with J color and SI2 clarity, while 0.12 carats of blue sapphires adorn the diamond-shaped bezels. Finally, openwork and fine milgrain are used throughout the design to great effect.

17. Woodbury Ring

Edwardian Era Woodbury Emerald Engagement Ring Featuring Diamonds

Price: $19,000

The Woodbury Ring is perfect for those who want a bold and intricate Edwardian-era piece with a colorful center stone.

This three-stone ring features a 1.00-carat emerald-cut center emerald and a diamond on either side totaling with H-I color and VS2 clarity overall. Diamond-adorned ribbons with fine milgrain details compose the face of the ring, encircling the central stones.

Indeed, this treasure is sure to stand out.

18. Russellville Ring

Russellville Diamond Cluster Ring Featuring A Floral Design

Price: $13,500

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1915, the Russellville Ring is an excellent example of flower-shaped Edwardian clusters. The central diamond is an exquisite old European-cut diamond with VS1 clarity and I color. The diamond weighs 1.32 carats and is surrounded by a 2.52-carat cluster of old mine-cut prong-set diamonds. This platinum ring keeps its shoulders and shank unadorned and delicate.

19. Grenada Ring

Three Stone Ruby Ring With Diamond Cluster

Price: $4,500

Yet another three-stone ring, the stunning Grenada Ring is here to show how well the contrast of red rubies and white diamonds can work. The three deep red center stones each are set in four prongs in a horizontal formation and weigh approximately 0.40 carats. The surrounding cluster of diamonds weighs approximately 1.40 carats. Finally, the ring is platinum on 14k gold.

20. Wentworth Ring

Wentworth Floral Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Unique Shank

Price: $2,400

Last but certainly not least, the Wentworth Ring is a unique example of Edwardian clusters with its wide, triple-wire shank.

The old European-cut center diamond is surrounded by a seven-stone cluster of additional old European-cut diamonds. The diamonds are bead-set, providing some texture that helps emphasize the stones, while a beautiful gold rim gives the shank extra flair. Finally, the total diamond weight of this French ring is approximately 1.10 carats and the stones range are H-I color and VS2 clarity overall.

Different Types of Edwardian Clusters

Edwardian Era Cluster Engagement Ring Featuring Diamonds

The Edwardian era saw the appearance of many new techniques and is generally characterized by exquisite craftsmanship. Some of the popular cluster ring trends at the time included the following.

  • Flower-shaped diamond clusters with lacey under-galleries
  • Dome-shaped mountings with openwork patterns and milgrain
  • Clusters featuring colored gems as either center or accent stones
  • Elongated or navette frames
  • Asymmetrical designs

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Antique pieces possess an air of royalty that contemporary jewelry can hardly compete with. These Edwardian clusters are fantastic examples of a bygone era’s opulence. If you’d like to learn more about any of the beautiful cluster rings from the list above or have any general jewelry questions, then please feel free to contact our diamond experts using the form below.