Top 15 Double Halo Engagement Rings

September 29, 2022 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Besides additional sparkle and glam, double halo engagement rings complement a feature stone by creating an illusion of a larger stone. This style is versatile, easy to customize, and can offer a more flattering look on the finger. If you want to treat your special lady to a stunning double halo engagement ring, look through these 30 exquisite pieces for ideas.

The Best Double Halo Engagement Rings

1. Montmartre Ring

Montmartre Ring

Price: $3,500

This beautiful 18-karat white gold ring features a cushion cut 0.48carat yellow-brown diamond. The design includes a center diamond framed with a micro-pave double halo of yellow and white brilliant cut diamonds. The “Montmartre” ring measures approximately 9.15mm x 11.19mm and would make an ideal engagement ring if she likes yellow diamonds.

2. Broadway Ring

Broadway Double Halo Ring 14124

Price: $6,000

The “Broadway” ring is such an elegant and fetching elongated piece. It features a bezel-set emerald-cut aquamarine surrounded by a double halo of baguette-cut natural sapphires and single-cut diamonds. The emerald weighs approximately 5.00 carats, and the ring — including the halo, measures approximately 21.34mm x 16.18mm

3. Newbury Ring

Newbury Ring 13784 Double Halo Emerald and Diamond Ring

Price: $6,000

A double halo engagement ring featuring a green emerald is the perfect way to show your abundance of love, as the emerald signifies abundance. This stunning platinum halo ring has a vivid 0.50-carat emerald cut diamond. A double halo of natural green emeralds and diamonds surrounds the center stone.

4. Castleford Ring

Price: $15,000

The “Castleford” ring is a timeless piece that she could fall in love with, especially if she likes vintage jewelry and blue diamonds. The center stone is a 1.92-carat vintage diamond framed by a row of sapphires and old cut diamonds. Its shoulders feature a fleur-de-lis motif on either side. It measures approximately 15.26mm x 14.77mm.

5. Roosevelt Ring

Roosevelt Ring 14016 Double Halo Diamond and Aquamarine Ring

Price: $2,600

This beautiful aquamarine birthstone ring may provide tranquility, serenity, clarity, and harmony to the wearer. A double halo of round diamonds surrounds the striking 0.53-carat oval cut aquamarine bezel-set stone. The “Roosevelt” ring measures approximately 12.57mm x 11.91mm.

6. Holland Ring Circa 1905

Holland Ring 13856 Double Halo Diamond Cluster Ring

Price: $4,500

If your wife-to-be appreciates vintage pieces, she could fall in love with this exquisite “Holland” ring from around 1905. It offers a floral diamond cluster design featuring a double halo of single cut and old mind diamonds surrounding the old mine cut center diamond. This piece features a yellow gold setting and, in total, measures approximately 16.98mm x 17.12mm.

7. Leyden Ring

Leyden Ring 13976 Double Halo Octagon Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Price: $22,000

Your fiancé may find the “Leyden” ring breathtaking. It has a mesmerizing geometric design featuring a bezel-set old European cut diamond. The main stone is framed by French cut sapphires, and the second halo with European cut diamonds. Each shoulder is embellished with a French cut sapphire.

8. Addison Ring Circa 1880

Addison Ring 13644 Double Halo Diamond Cluster Ring

Price: $15,000

The head-turning “Addison” ring offers an original Victorian diamond cluster design. The 1.52-carat center stone is surrounded by a double halo of European cut diamonds. This engagement ring is handcrafted with silver and yellow gold, and its approximate measurements are 19.25mm x 18.44mm.

9. Easton Ring

Easton Ring 14083 Double Halo Diamond and Sapphire Aquamarine Ring

Price: $3,000

This elegant piece could be ideal if she appreciates colorful vintage-style jewelry. The “Easton” ring is an adorable gemstone ring featuring an oval cut, 1.15-carat aquamarine stone. Its beautiful halo of French cut sapphires and brilliant cut diamond embellishments looks classic and sophisticated.

10. Bromley Ring

Bromley Ring 12993

Price: $12,8000

The “Bromley” ring is stunning platinum Art Deco style diamond and sapphire engagement ring. It showcases a 1.22-carat vintage cushion cut diamond framed by a halo of French cut sapphires. A set of old European cut diamonds surrounds the sapphires. This masterpiece measures approximately 13.60mm x 11.95mm.

11. Claremont Ring

Claremont Aquamarine Ring with Double Sapphire and Diamond Halo  13007

Price: $4,800

This head-turning platinum engagement ring boasts a 1.97-carat aquamarine stone approximately 8.00mm x 8.00mm. The feature stone is surrounded by a halo of French sapphires and round brilliant cut diamonds. The “Claremont” ring measures approximately 15.90mm x 15.98mm, including both halos.

12. Scanida Ring

Scandia Ring 12070M Pink Diamond with Double Halo Round Brilliant Diamonds

Price: $88,000

If your bride-to-be loves pink, she may find this piece irresistible. This engagement ring features a marquise cut 1.02-carat light pink diamond, and it has been handcrafted using 18-karat white and 18-karat yellow gold. It boasts a halo of fancy pink diamonds framed by a double halo of brilliant round diamonds.

13. Bragança Ring

Bragança Ring 13046

Price: $5,200

This piece demonstrates how creative and elegant double halo engagement rings can be. The “Bragança” ring is a true knockout with its 0.52-carat emerald cut diamond, enhanced by a double halo of rubies and diamonds. This ring measures approximately 12.80mm x 11.90mm.

14. Boston Ring

Boston Ring 13084

Price: $8,000

The “Boston” ring is an elegantly handcrafted and timeless piece that she may adore. It has a vivid 0.87-carat emerald surrounded by a row of blue French cut sapphires and old European cut diamonds. This ravishing engagement ring measures approximately 12.64mm x 13.72 mm.

15. Tufton Ring

Tufton Double Halo Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring 13696

Price: $5,000

This is another head-turning, floral-style ring, where fuchsia-pink natural emeralds accentuate the feature diamond. The center diamond is a bezel-set 0.40-carat old European cut diamond, enhanced by a halo of old mine cut diamonds, then bordered with natural emeralds. The total diamond weight for this platinum ring is approximately 0.97 carats.

How to Care for Double Halo Engagement Rings

Double halo engagement rings may save money on purchasing a ring with a larger stone. However, special care should be taken with this style. Here are some tips to consider when preserving a halo-setting engagement ring.

Keep It Clean

Customer Cleaning Aquamarine Engagement Ring on Finger

If you don’t clean a double halo ring regularly, it will look dull. You can clean it at home using a simple solution of warm water and dishwashing soap to help remove and prevent particles, dust, or cosmetics from accumulating. 

You can allow it to air-dry or dry it using a soft cotton cloth. While it’s fine to clean it at least once a week, for a more thorough clean, consider taking it to the jeweler at least once or twice a year.

Keep It Safely Stored

11091 Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring for 10000 in box

If you don’t plan on wearing your ring every day or you prefer to leave it behind when going on holiday, be sure to keep it in a safe spot. A fabric-lined jewelry box is ideal.

Remove It for Hands-On Activities

Caring for Double Halo Engagement Ring

Before doing any manual labor or work vigorous work with your hands, make sure to remove your double halo engagement ring. This increases its longevity and reduces the chances of losing or damaging it.

Don’t Remove It in Public

Wearing Double Halo Engagement Ring

It may be tempting to quickly take it off for hand washing in a public restroom. However, it could accidentally slide down the drain, or she may forget to put it back on. If it’s likely that you’ll need to remove your ring at some point, such incidents can be avoided by leaving the ring at home.

Get It Checked Out Professionally

Customer using a Loupe on a Emerald Floral Halo Ring in Showroom

Everyday wear and tear can cause intricate details and prongs to loosen or bend. To prevent stones from falling out, arrange for a jeweler to check them over and ensure the stones are securely in place.

Talk to an Expert

Ben in Estate Diamond Jewelry Showroom with Customers

Choosing a special engagement ring for the woman you love can be challenging with so many fetching options. If you’re interested in one of our double halo engagement rings or would like some advice, one of our expert jewelers will be happy to help. Complete the booking form below, and someone will reach out to you shortly.