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Top 30 Double Halo Engagement Rings

A platinum double halo onyx and diamond ring with a square head.

Besides the additional sparkle and glam they provide, double halos also complement the main stone or stones by enhancing their apparent size. Double halo engagement rings are versatile, easy to customize, and can offer a more spectacular look. If you want to treat your special lady to a stunning double halo engagement ring, then read on for a look through our top 30 choices.

Our Favorite Double Halo Engagement Rings

1. Lisbon Ring

Large ring featuring a round diamond within sapphire and diamond octagonal halos.

Price: $15,000. Learn more about the Lisbon Ring.

Starting off strong, the stunning Lisbon Ring is perfect for those wanting a bold look with a pop of color. The 1.58-carat round center diamond was cut in the 1920s and has J color and VS1 clarity. The surrounding double halo features an octagonal shape and consists of a blue sapphire inner layer, while the outer layer features additional diamonds.

What’s more, the diamond-sapphire combination continues on the triangular shoulders. Finally, fine milgrain borders each of these elements granting additional shine.

2. Broadway Ring

Large elongated ring with emerald-cut aquamarine surrounded by sapphire and diamond halos.

Price: $6,000. Learn more about the Broadway Ring.

The Broadway Ring is certainly a unique and spectacular elongated piece. It features a bezel-set emerald-cut aquamarine surrounded by an inner halo of baguette-cut natural sapphires and a floral outer halo of single-cut diamonds. The emerald weighs approximately 5.00 carats, and the ring — including the halo, measures approximately 21.34mm x 16.18mm.

3. Newbury Ring

Platinum diamond ring featuring an emerald halo surrounded by a diamond halo.

Price: $5,500. Learn more about the Newbury Ring.

This next double halo engagement ring is perfect for expressing your abundance of love, as the emerald signifies abundance. This magnificent platinum ring features a vivid 0.50-carat emerald-cut center diamond certified by the GIA as J color and VS1 clarity. The double halo is comprised of a natural green emerald inner layer and a diamond outer layer.

4. Castleford Ring

Diamond ring with a triple-wire shank featuring sapphire and diamond halos.

Price: $15,000. Learn more about the Castleford Ring.

The timeless design of this piece is one she’s sure to fall in love with, especially if she likes blue sapphires. The center stone is a 1.78-carat antique cushion-cut diamond framed by a halo of blue sapphires, followed by a halo of old European-cut diamonds. The final touches include fleur-de-lis shoulders, a triple-wire shank, and bold openwork patterns in the gallery.

5. Roosevelt Ring

Platinum ring featuring an oval-cut aquamarine with a double halo of diamonds.

Price: $2,600. Learn more about the Roosevelt Ring.

This beautiful ring features a center aquamarine, which is a stunning birthstone considered to represent tranquility, serenity, clarity, and harmony. A double halo of round diamonds surrounds the striking 0.53-carat oval-cut aquamarine. Finally, the total diamond weight is approximately 0.47 carats.

6. Harlingen Ring

Diamond ring featuring a blue sapphire halo and a diamond halo.

Price: $9,500. Learn more about the Harlingen Ring.

As you’ll see on this list, we love sapphire and diamond rings, and the Harlingen is certainly no exception.

This gorgeous piece features a 1.07-carat elongated cushion-cut center diamond with J color and VS2 clarity. Additionally, a double halo consisting of blue French-cut sapphires and even more diamonds surrounds the antique center stone. Finally, the ring features a triple-wire shank and fleur-de-lis shoulders.

7. Leyden Ring

Diamond ring featuring an octagonal double halo of sapphires and diamonds.

Price: $22,000. Learn more about the Leyden Ring.

If you’re just as enamored with the sapphire-diamond combination as we are but want something a touch different, then consider the spectacular Leyden Ring. It has a mesmerizing geometric design featuring a bezel-set old European-cut center diamond of 1.80 carats. The main stone is framed by French-cut sapphires, while the second halo features old European-cut diamonds.

8. Barkley Ring

Diamond ring with a thin floral double halo with rubies and diamonds.

Price: $17,000. Learn more about the Barkley Ring.

If she loves floral motifs, then the Barkley is a perfect choice. This charming double halo ring features a 1.75-carat center diamond surrounded by an initial halo of natural-cut rubies followed by a halo of diamonds. The halos present a floral design that pairs well with the color of the rubies to form a delightful overall aesthetic. What’s more, fine milgrain details emphasize these elements further.

9. Easton Ring

Ring featuring an oval aquamarine with uniquely shaped sapphire and diamond halos.

Price: $3,200. Learn more about the Easton Ring.

If she appreciates colorful vintage-style jewelry, then this elegant piece is an excellent choice.

The Easton Ring features an oval cut, 1.13-carat aquamarine stone in the center. Its beautiful double halo of French-cut sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds looks classic and sophisticated. Most importantly, the center stone and each of the halos all exhibit a different color and shape, making this ring charming and exciting. Finally, the total diamond and sapphire weights are 0.16 and 0.90 carats respectively.

10. Woodlands Aquamarine Ring

Round aquamarine surrounded by octagonal sapphire and diamond halos with triangular shoulders.

Price: $3,900. Learn more about the Woodlands Ring.

The Woodlands Ring is yet another representative of the magnificent diamond, sapphire, and aquamarine combination.

The round 1.00-carat center aquamarine is surrounded by an octagonal halo of French-cut blue sapphires, which is in turn framed by an octagonal halo of round brilliant-cut diamonds. What’s more, additional diamonds with nested sapphires adorn the shoulders in a triangular pattern.

11. Claremont Ring

Asscher-cut aquamarine with sapphire and diamond halos on a platinum triple-wire shank.

Price: $4,800. Learn more about the Claremont Ring.

This head-turning platinum engagement ring boasts a 1.97-carat aquamarine stone with approximate dimensions of 8.00mm x 8.00mm. The light blue center stone is surrounded by a halo of deep blue French-cut sapphires followed by a halo of round brilliant-cut diamonds. The ring measures approximately 15.90mm x 15.98mm, including both halos.

12. Scanida Ring

Pink marquise-cut diamond with three unique diamond halos and a tri-split shank.

Price: $88,000. Learn more about the Scandia Ring.

If your bride-to-be loves pink, then she may find this piece irresistible. This engagement ring features a GIA-certified marquise-cut 1.02-carat light pink center diamond, and it has been handcrafted in 18k white and yellow gold. It boasts a halo of fancy pink diamonds framed by a double halo of brilliant round white diamonds. There is no doubt that this fantastic piece will make a strong impression.

13. Bragança Ring

An emerald-cut diamond within a double halo of rubies and diamonds.

Price: $5,200. Learn more about the Bragança Ring.

This piece demonstrates how creative and elegant double halo engagement rings can be. The Bragança is a true knockout with its 0.52-carat emerald-cut center diamond, enhanced by a double halo of vibrant pink rubies and round diamonds. This ring measures approximately 12.80mm x 11.90mm.

14. Boston Ring

An emerald-cut diamond ring with a double halo of sapphires and diamonds.

Price: $8,000. Learn more about the Boston Ring.

The Boston Ring is an elegantly handcrafted and timeless piece that features a spellbinding color contrast. The vivid 0.87-carat emerald-cut center diamond is surrounded by a halo of intense blue French-cut sapphires, while old European-cut diamonds form the outer halo. This gorgeous engagement ring measures approximately 12.64mm x 13.72 mm.

15. Wilshire Ring

Double halo diamond engagement ring featuring sapphire and diamond layers on platinum.

Price: $4,500. Learn more about the Wilshire Ring.

If the design of the Boston Ring above appealed to you but its price did not, then consider this cheaper alternative.

The 0.51-carat GIA-certified center diamond has G color and VS2 clarity and features an emerald cut. Then, the surrounding French-cut blue sapphires provide a striking contrast to the diamonds on either side. Finally, fine milgrain is used to expertly emphasize each element of the ring.

The dazzling Wilshire Ring is yet another excellent double halo ring we’d recommend, especially if she’s fond of sapphires.

16. Elland Ring

Diamond cluster ring with sapphire halo and subtle floral diamond halo.

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the Elland Ring

The stunning Art Deco-inspired Elland Ring features a dazzling seven-stone cluster of round brilliant-cut diamonds in the center, while a rich blue sapphire halo surrounds it. What’s more, an outer halo of diamonds encompasses the sapphires, further emphasizing their vivid color. Additionally, a bullet-cut sapphire adorns each shoulder.

Finally, the total approximate diamond and sapphire weights are 0.74 and 0.80 carats respectively.

17. Atlanta Ring

An Asscher-cut diamond within an emerald halo surrounded by a diamond halo.

Price: $4,800. Learn more about the Atlanta Ring.

If green is her color, then consider a ring featuring emeralds such as the Atlanta Ring.

This stunning piece expertly puts the precious green gemstones on display by surrounding either side of the emerald halo with diamonds, thus creating a strong emphasis. The Asscher-cut center diamond is GIA-certified as 0.50 carats with J color and VS1 clarity, while the total diamond and emerald weights are 0.80 and 0.50 carats respectively.

18. Kennedy Ring

Round diamond within an oval double halo of sapphires and diamonds.

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the Kennedy Ring.

The modest and magnificent Kennedy Ring features an oval head, subtle diamond-set shoulders, a plain platinum band, and an elegant openwork gallery. The round bezel-set center stone is a 0.66-carat old European-cut diamond with K color and VS clarity. Natural French-cut sapphires surround the stone, while a halo of diamonds envelopes them both.

19. Ironton Ring

A ring featuring a cushion-cut diamond within ruby and diamond halos.

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the Ironton Ring.

If you’re looking for a pop of pink, then the Ironton Ring is one you’ll want to keep an eye on. This stunning double halo ring features a 0.65-carat antique cushion-cut center diamond of J color and VS1 clarity. Then, an energetic halo of French-cut natural red rubies sits nestled between the center diamond and an outer halo of additional diamonds. The Ironton is certainly perfect for ruby lovers.

20. Aspen Ring

A ring featuring an Asscher-cut aquamarine within sapphire and diamond layers.

Price: $4,300. Learn more about the Aspen Ring.

Returning to the iconic aquamarine, sapphire, and diamond combination, we present the stunning Aspen Ring. Featuring a 1.00-carat Asscher-cut natural aquamarine surrounded by sapphires followed by diamonds, this ring is certainly a showstopper. There’s no doubt that this platinum beauty is a modern classic with a timeless design.

21. Ruby Floral Ring

A flower-shaped diamond ring with ruby petals within a diamond halo.

Price: $14,000. Learn more about the Ruby Floral Ring.

If she’s a fan of charming jewelry, especially those with floral motifs, then she’ll love this next pick.

The 1.47-carat bezel-set center diamond is surrounded by eight half-moon-cut natural rubies that total approximately 0.48 carats. These red stones form the petals of the flower, while the surrounding halo of additional diamonds emphasizes this striking design detail. Finally, the piece is platinum on 18k yellow gold and has a total diamond weight of approximately 1.97 carats.

22. Bally Ring

Platinum ring with oval-shaped emerald and diamond halos

Price: $4,000. Learn more about the Bally Ring.

The beautiful Bally Ring features a bezel-set antique cushion-cut center diamond with J color and VS2 clarity. The 0.67-carat center stone is surrounded by an oval double halo of inner emeralds and outer diamonds. This platinum piece also features a stylish openwork gallery, making the ring a stunning sight from any angle.

23. Mississippi Ring

Asscher-cut diamond ring with diamond and sapphire halos.

Price: $4,800. Learn more about the Mississippi Ring.

This next double halo ring is a delicate alternative for those who love sapphires. The center diamond features an Asscher cut and is GIA-certified as 0.50 carats, J color, and VS2 clarity. The initial layer of the double halo is comprised of French-cut calibrated sapphires, while the outer layer is comprised of round diamonds. Finally, the total approximate diamond weight is 0.77 carats.

24. Olympia Ring

Price: $3,900. Learn more about the Olympia Ring.

If you’ve been waiting to see some onyx options, then the Olympia is here to wow you.

The combination of black onyx and white diamonds certainly creates a striking contrast that pulls you in. The boldness of the buffed onyx emphasizes the dazzling white diamonds, and vice-versa. The 0.40-carat round brilliant-cut center diamond is surrounded by an onyx ring, while a halo of additional diamonds creates an octagonal frame.

25. Colorado Aqua Ring

Round Aquamarine Ring With Sapphire And Diamond Halos

Price: $3,800. Learn more about the Colorado Aqua Ring.

The ever-reliable aquamarine, sapphire, and diamond double halo ring design makes a return with the exquisite Colorado Aqua Ring. This time all three components of the design are circular, resulting in a more cohesive end product. The center aquamarine weighs approximately 1.00 carat, while the total approximate weights of the diamonds and sapphires are 0.40 and 0.70 carats respectively.

26. Walton Ring

0.50 carats J color and VS2 clarity Walton Ring

Price: $5,200. Learn more about the Walton Ring.

The charming double-halo Walton Ring is another excellent choice for ruby lovers.

The Asscher-cut center diamond is GIA-certified as 0.50 carats, J color, and VS2 clarity. Then, the surrounding ruby and diamond halos follow the center stone’s shape. What’s more, the fine milgrain borders, triple-wire shank, diamond-adorned shoulders, and openwork gallery are all important details that bring the piece together.

27. Wolcott Ring

Elongated diamond ring with a ruby halo surrounded by floral diamond halo.

Price: $4,800. Learn more about the Wolcott Ring.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, then look no further- the Wolcott has got you covered. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1910, this Edwardian-era ring features a vertical three-stone design embellished by a delicate ruby halo and dazzling floral diamond frame. Finally, the center stones total 1.31 carats.

28. T.B. Starr Antique Ring

A sapphire and diamond double halo ring with a vertical marquise-shaped head.

Price: $8,500. Learn more about the T.B. Starr Antique Ring.

For another spectacular and unique option, we recommend this next ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, this Art Deco-era treasure features an extraordinary design as well as a T.B. Starr signature. The center cabochon sapphire weighs approximately 1.50 carats and is held in four prominent double prongs. The surrounding embellishments follow an alternating pattern of diamonds and sapphires which continues along the shoulders and the bridge.

Finally, the total diamond and sapphire weights are approximately 0.91 and 2.00 carats respectively

29. Dublin Gold Ring

Platinum and yellow gold diamond ring with circular diamonds and ruby halos.

Price: $8,000. Learn more about the Dublin Gold Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum on 18k yellow gold circa 1900, the magnificent Dublin Gold Ring makes excellent use of the yellow gold mounting to emphasize the spectacular stones. This Edwardian-era piece features a 1.00-carat center diamond with I color and SI2 clarity, while the surrounding calibré rubies are set in prominent gold. Finally, following a subtle gap, a halo of additional diamonds frames the ring.

30. Elton Ring

A ring with a sapphire halo and shoulders forming a diamond halo.

Price: $2,400. Learn more about the Elton Ring.

To wrap up our double halo engagement rings list we’ve decided to recommend an antique piece with a creative take on the typical double-halo design. The 0.22-carat center diamond has I color and VS2 clarity and is surrounded by a halo of calibré sapphires. The unique diamond-set second halo is integrated into the design as an extension of the shoulders.

How to Care for Double Halo Engagement Rings

Double halo engagement rings may help you save money if you want the “large stone” look without the “large stone” price. However, special care should be taken with these types of rings. If you want to make the most of your ring and ensure it retains the same quality, then please consider the following tips

Keep It Clean

Someone cleaning a double halo aquamarine ring on their finger.

If you don’t clean a double halo ring regularly, then it will look dull. You can clean it at home using a simple solution of warm water and dishwashing soap to help remove and prevent particles, dust, or cosmetics from accumulating. 

You can allow it to air-dry or dry it using a soft cotton cloth. While it’s fine to clean it at least once a week, for a more thorough clean, consider taking it to the jeweler at least once or twice a year.

Keep It Safely Stored

A diamond halo ring in an Estate Diamond Jewelry ring box.

If you don’t plan on wearing your ring every day or you prefer to leave it behind when going on holiday, then be sure to keep it in a safe spot. A fabric-lined jewelry box is ideal.

Remove It for Hands-On Activities

A diamond and sapphire double halo ring on someone's finger.

Before doing any manual labor or vigorous work with your hands, make sure to remove your double halo engagement ring. This increases its longevity and reduces the chances of losing or damaging it.

Don’t Remove It in Public

A round double halo diamond and sapphire ring on someone's finger.

It may be tempting to quickly take it off for hand washing in a public restroom. However, it could accidentally slide down the drain, or get forgotten and left behind. If you anticipate needing to remove your ring at some point, then such incidents are easily avoided by leaving the ring at home.

Get It Checked Out Professionally

Someone using a jeweler's loupe to examine a triple-halo ring.

Everyday wear and tear can cause intricate details and prongs to loosen or bend. To prevent stones from falling out, arrange for a jeweler to check them over and ensure the stones are securely in place.

Talk to an Expert

An expert jeweler helping customers in the Estate Diamond Jewelry showroom.

Choosing a special engagement ring for the person you love can be challenging with so many excellent options. If you’re interested in one of our double halo engagement rings or would like any advice, then don’t hesitate to contact Estate Diamond Jewelry and one of our expert jewelers will happily assist you within one business hour. Simply complete the contact form below to get started.


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