Top 20 Diamond Flower Earrings of 2023

Written by: Benjamin Khordipour, Jewelry and Gemology Expert
November 10, 2022 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Many say flower bouquets are a good idea for surprising your loved one. Unfortunately, they all eventually wither. So, why not surprise that special someone with flower shaped diamond earrings that will look great forever? Here’s our list of the top 20 diamond flower earrings of 2023.

1. The Irvine Earrings

GS599 Irvine Flower Diamond Earrings

Price: $3,900

Everyone who likes subtle yet effective style will love the Irvine earrings. They feature one round diamond of exceptional brilliance in the center. A cluster of eight slightly smaller round-cut diamonds surrounds the diamond in the center, forming petals. All diamonds are bezel-set in platinum and decorated with fine milgrain that adds to the earrings’ delicacy. The earrings also feature 18k yellow gold backs for a better hold.

The total weight of the diamonds is approximately 1.60 carats.

2. The Trenton Earrings

14007 Trenton Floral Vintage Victorian Earrings

Price: $5,500

Although many consider them basic, stud earrings can be both elegant and stylish, especially when they feature diamonds, like the Trenton earrings. These antique diamond flower stud earrings were handcrafted during the Victorian era, around 1840.

They feature prong-set old mine-cut diamonds with a total weight of around 3 carats. Two halos representing petals wrap around the center diamond, creating an eye-catching effect. All diamonds featured in these earrings are nearly colorless.

The earring backs are friction-backs, also called push-backs.

3. The Cardiff Earrings

14022 Cardiff Flower Cluster Diamond Earrings

Price: $10,800

These elegant diamond flower earrings are bound to attract attention. The Cardiff earrings were handcrafted around 1880, during the Victorian era, and made of 18k yellow gold. They feature diamonds of high color grades that weigh around 4.85 in total. The earrings have two halos consisting of 10 diamonds each, with the inner halo featuring small and the outer larger diamonds.

The Cardiff earrings feature European backs, aka lever backs. Since the backs are attached to the earrings, there’s no need to worry about losing them. This style adds to the earrings’ elegance.

4. The Holloway Earrings

MD107 Holloway Earrings

Price Upon Request

The Holloway earrings center brilliant-cut diamonds that weigh 0.10 carats each. Intricate openwork surrounds the center stone and connects to a diamond-adorned halo. Fine milgrain decorates the earrings, enhancing their elegance and delicacy.

The total weight of each earring is around 0.70 carats. These earrings are made of platinum with 18k yellow gold backs.

5. The Lorne Earrings

12666 Lorne Flower Diamond Earrings

Price: $4,200. Learn more about the Lorne Earrings.

These beautiful earrings feature a round diamond as the center stone. A cluster of eight small diamonds surrounds the center stone and forms petals. You’ll notice diamond accents creating an additional layer between every petal. Fine milgrain adorns every diamond and creates subtle borders that enhance the earrings’ style.

The earrings are handcrafted in platinum and feature 18k yellow gold clips.

6. The Patton Earrings

OT1939 Patton Flower Halo Diamond Earrings

Price: $3,500

The Art Deco era was the main inspiration for these flower shaped diamond earrings. The earrings feature round brilliant-cut diamonds with a total weight of around 0.40 carats as the center stones. Sixteen smaller diamonds of the same cut representing petals form a halo around the center stones. The total diamond weight is approximately 1.30 carats.

The backs are made of high-quality 18k yellow gold, while the rest of the earring metal is platinum.

7. The Veneto Earrings

EE317 Veneto Emerald and Diamond Flower Stud Earrings

Price: $68,000

These stunning earrings are ideal for anyone with a unique, bold style. Unlike the previous earrings we mentioned, these don’t feature diamonds as the center stones. Here, emeralds take the spotlight.

Since emeralds symbolize romance, rebirth, and hope, they can be a perfect present for your loved one. The Veneto earrings center impressive natural emerald-cut emeralds with a total weight of 5.54 carats (one is 2.98, and the other is 2.56 carats). Eight old European-cut diamonds surround the center stones and create a wonderful contrast, highlighting the emeralds’ impressive saturation.

The clip-back earrings are handcrafted in 18k yellow gold.

8. The Meda Earrings

GS524 Meda Earrings

Price Upon Request

The Meda earrings are handcrafted in silver and 18k rose gold, in the style of the Victorian era. The center stone of each earring is a gorgeous natural sapphire with impressive saturation. Its color is further emphasized by a halo of ten antique old mine-cut diamonds weighing around 1.60 carats in total.

Due to their sophisticated style, these earrings look great with more formal outfits. Let our diamond experts find or create a pair similar to these just for you.

9. The Canvey Earrings

GS585 Canvey Flower Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Price: $4,500

Nothing says sophistication and elegance like the combination of diamonds and pearls. The Canvey earrings feature precisely this combination and are an ideal present for those who love a classic yet eye-catching style.

The center stones are diamonds weighing around 0.08 carats. A double halo of eight pearls and fourteen smaller diamonds wraps around the center stone, creating a subtle contrast and a unique effect. The diamonds and pearls are set in platinum, while the lever backs are 18k yellow gold.

10. VCA Ruby Floral Earrings

12851 VCA Ruby Floral Earrings

Price Upon Request

Rubies symbolize love, commitment, and passion. Due to this, rubies can be the perfect gift for a special someone in your life. These earrings feature a fascinating combination of rubies, diamonds, and 18k yellow gold. They are signed Van Cleef and Arpels, and feature French marks that prove their origin.

In the center of each earring you can see a gorgeous cabochon ruby. Cabochon is a style that involves polishing gemstones into a rounded shape as opposed to faceted. Four 18k yellow gold petals surround the unusual ruby. Each petal features four round brilliant-cut diamonds that create a lovely contrast and give the earrings a luxurious style. Although these earrings are no longer available, our diamond experts can find or create a pair similar to them just for you.

11. The Corringham Earrings

Price: $4,500

If you’re looking for more formal earrings for special occasions, look no further than the Corringham earrings. These Edwardian-style earrings feature transitional-cut diamonds that weigh approximately 0.12 carats each as the center stones. Eight petals made of single-cut diamonds are surrounded by a unique shape that gives the earrings elegance and grace.

The earrings are made of platinum with a few 18k yellow gold details and are around 5.10 cm long.

12. The Yellow Diamond Floral Earrings

6834 Yellow Diamond Floral Earrings

Price Upon Request

Fancy colored diamonds are an excellent choice for anyone who wants a less traditional option. They look even better when combined with regular white diamonds because of the beautiful contrast.

These Yellow Diamond Floral Earrings feature this irresistible combination. The center stone is a nearly colorless diamond weighing around 2.16 carats. Eight fancy vivid-yellow diamonds wrap around the center diamond, forming petals and highlighting the center stone’s brilliance.

These earrings are handcrafted in platinum, and the jewelers found inspiration in the Art Deco Era. This pair has been sold, but our diamond experts can find or craft a pair for you along the same lines.

13. The Stanton Earrings

14051 Stanton Diamond Flower Earrings

Price: $8,000

The Stanton earrings feature diamonds of exceptional sparkle and are bound to attract attention. They are neither too small nor too large, and can look great with almost any outfit. They feature nearly colorless old European-cut diamonds that form a flower shape. A single diamond of the same cut is found above the diamond cluster on the finding.

The length of each earring, including the diamond on the finding, is around 1.60 cm.

14. The Westhampton Earrings

13891 Westhampton Earrings

Price: $3,800

Sapphires symbolize good fortune, wisdom, and sincerity. Many people believe these gorgeous gemstones attract wealth and protect the wearer from misfortune. The Westhampton Earrings feature a stunning combination of sapphires and diamonds.

The center stones of these flower diamond earrings are bezel-set oval-cut natural sapphires with a total weight of 1.60 carats. An interesting halo of round brilliant-cut diamonds and intricate filigree wraps around the sapphire.

The sapphire and halo hang from small French-cut sapphires and leaf-shaped diamonds.

15. The Excelsior Earrings

14178 Excelsior Earrings

Price: $4,500

These stunning push-back diamond flower earrings feature a combination of platinum, 18k yellow gold, and diamonds. In the center, you can see a bezel-set round brilliant-cut diamond that weighs around 0.40 carats. Eight smaller round brilliant-cut diamonds wrap around the halo, forming petals. Pave-set rose-cut diamonds adorn the outer border of the halo, contributing to the earrings’ delicate style.

16. The Aberfoyle Earrings

7542 Aberfoyle Earrings

Price: $3,500

The Aberfoyle earrings are yet another example of how diamonds and pearls can look great together. Each earring centers two diamonds differing in size surrounded by nine pearls. Round pave-set brilliant-cut diamonds wrap around the pearls, forming a unique teardrop design. The total weight of diamonds on both earrings is around 0.50 carats.

These Euro-back earrings are approximately 2.50 cm long. They are made of platinum except for 18k yellow gold backs.

17. The Greenlawn Earrings

11900 Greenlawn Green pear shaped diamond Earrings

Price Upon Request

It’s hard to decide what part of these earrings is more impressive. Let’s start with the center stones. Each earring features a gorgeous pear-shaped fancy yellow-green diamond with very slight inclusions. The diamonds possess a GIA certification and weigh 1.34 and 1.49 carats respectively.

A halo of round brilliant-cut fancy pink diamonds wraps around the center diamond, following its shape. Another halo of marquise-cut diamonds forms petals and creates a unique contrast. The leaf-shaped diamonds and small round pink diamonds enhance the earrings’ appearance.

These push-back earrings are made of 18k white and rose gold.

18. The Ingram Earrings

Top Halo Diamond Earrings

Price: $34,000

These diamond flower cluster earrings can be an excellent addition to both casual and elegant outfits. The center stones are old European-cut diamonds weighing around 2.90 carats in total. Ten smaller diamonds of the same cut surround the center stone, forming a floral design. These additional diamonds have a total weight of around 3.40 carats.

Thanks to the Euro backs, the earrings will stay in their place so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

19. The Langdon Earrings

MD105 Langdon Earrings

Price Upon Request

If you need any more proof that sapphires and diamonds look perfect together, look at the Langdon earrings. These diamond flower cluster earrings center a round diamond surrounded by a halo of natural French-cut diamonds. Another halo of smaller diamonds wraps around the sapphires and forms petals. Fine milgrain decorates these platinum earrings, adding to their delicacy.

While this particular pair is no longer available, our jewelry experts can find or craft a similar pair just for you.

20. The Meadowbrook Earrings

13114 Meadowbrook Flower Stud Diamond Earrings

Price: $9,000

The Meadowbrook earrings sit snuggly on top of the ear lobe and are very comfortable to wear. Each earring centers an old European-cut diamond set in prongs. These diamonds have a total weight of 1.28 carats. Smaller old European-cut diamonds surround the center stones and form flower petals, giving these Edwardian-style platinum earrings a delicate appearance.

Shopping Advice for Buying Diamond Flower Earrings

Vintage Harry Winston Emerald Drop 

Finding the perfect diamond flower earrings isn’t easy. Here are a few tips that can help.

  • Find earrings that match the recipient’s style, not yours.
  • Buy earrings from a reputable jeweler.
  • If the earrings’ price is too good to be true, you may be getting scammed.
  • Ask for a certificate that confirms the diamonds’ characteristics and origin.
  • The four Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat) are important, but shouldn’t be a priority. Sometimes, diamonds with lower grades can look just as good as those with higher grades at a fraction of the price.
  • Don’t rush the purchase. Take your time and browse a few jewelry stores before making a decision.

Talk to a Jewelry Expert

Afshin and Adira with Vintage Earring in Estate Diamond Jewelry Box

Since there are so many choices on the market, purchasing the perfect diamond flower earrings for your loved one or yourself can be challenging. This especially goes for those who don’t know much about diamonds and their characteristics.

If you’re not sure what you’re doing or just want to delegate the task of choosing, let Estate Diamond Jewelry help. Our team has been in the diamond business for decades, and we have the knowledge and skills to help you make the right choice. Plus, we offer an incredible collection of flower diamond earrings. Contact us to schedule a showroom appointment. If you’re not in New York, a video appointment is always an option.