Top 30 Diamond Engagement Rings for $4000

July 13, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

If you have an engagement ring budget of $4000, then you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of spectacular rings within that price range. However, there are various aspects to consider before making a decision. The ring’s shape, carat weight, band, design, and style are all essential factors. To help you make the right choice, we’ve compiled a list of the top 30 diamond engagement rings for $4000.

1. Allentown Ring

Retro Era Allentown Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $4,000.

Starting off our list strong is the vintage Allentown Ring, handcrafted in white gold circa 1950.

This Retro Era engagement ring features a high profile 0.50-carat center diamond with step-down accent diamonds on either side, leading to a subtle shank. What’s more the stunning center I color center stone is emphasized by its box prong setting. If you’re looking for a vintage ring with a geometric design, then keep this one in mind.

2. Berge Ring

Retro Era Berge Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $4,000.

Continuing our list, the Berge Ring is here to offer an alternative for those interested in what the previous selection had to offer.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1940, this Retro Era ring features a geometric design that perfectly highlights the diamonds. The center stone is a 0.60-carat old European-cut diamond, while the two-layer ribbons on either side are comprised of rose-cut diamonds. The addition of these flanking stones has an incredible effect and truly makes this top choice one to remember.

3. Brantford Ring

French Art Deco Brantford Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $4,000.

If you’re looking for a delicate halo ring, then consider the Art Deco Era Brantford Ring. Handcrafted in France circa 1925, this charming platinum ring is magnificent in how it is able to do so much with so little; the subtle design only helps elevate and emphasize the spectacular diamond elements.

Firstly, the center diamond is a 0.60-carat stone with impressive H color and VS2 clarity grades. Then, the surrounding 0.13-carat diamond halo calls attention to a neat design trick; a gap separating the halo from the center stone does wonders to ensure each element is properly appreciated.

4. Vintage Virginia Ring

Vintage Virginia Diamond Engagement Ring For $4000

Price: $4,000.

If you prefer diamond engagement rings with thinner bands, then the Vintage Virginia Ring might be a good option for you.

Handcrafted in white gold circa 1950, this ring’s engravings excellently represent how jewelry was designed and worn during this period. The ring’s center stone is an old European-cut diamond, weighing 0.71 carats. Due to the intricate engravings, the engagement ring doesn’t need any more accents. It’s a unique piece, so it’s best intended for those who like wearing unusual, vintage jewelry.

5. Ring

French Art Deco Edison Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $3,800.

Another Art Deco Era choice, the stunning Edison Ring is here to offer another great option at a slightly lower price. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, this French engagement ring features a 0.70-carat center diamond with H color and SI1 clarity. Additionally, single-cut diamonds adorn the tapered shoulders which are decorated with fine milgrain borders.

6. Lindenhurst Ring

Marquise Shaped Lindenhurst Diamond Engagement Ring For $4000

Price: $4,000.

Another spectacular and unique diamond engagement ring, the Lindenhurst Ring is sure to make an impression.

What makes it so unique is its intricate openwork design and overall marquise shape. At the center of the open-work filigree is a 0.30-carat diamond with I color. There are additional old European-cut diamonds set in each cardinal direction. The Lindenhurst is another antique engagement ring, handcrafted circa 1900.

7. Groton Ring

Platinum Groton Diamond Engagement Ring With Accent Diamonds

Price: $4,200.

If you’re looking for something truly exquisite, then check out the Groton Ring.

This spectacular ring features a seamless transition from shoulder to shoulder with slightly elevating steps. The exceptionally high-quality center stone is a 0.83-carat diamond with J color and VS2 clarity. What’s more, this platinum beauty is decorated with hand engravings along the shank, openwork along the gallery, and fine milgrain bordering the shoulders.

8. Central Park Ring

Central Park Engagement Ring Featuring A Sapphire Halo

Price: $4,000.

Our first pick containing non-diamond stones, the charming Central Park Ring is here for those who love blue sapphires and halo rings. The 0.55-carat old European-cut center diamond boasts J color and VS2 clarity. The surrounding 0.42-carat halo of French-cut calibre natural sapphires does an excellent job of contrasting the diamond.

9. Fairbank Ring

Wide Fairbank Engagement Ring Featuring Sapphires Ribbons

Price: $3,500.

The striking Fairbank Ring can certainly speak for itself; you don’t need to be an expert to know this is a special ring.

The center diamond weighs approximately 0.25 carats and boasts J color and VS1 clarity. The subtle platinum band compliments the active face of this ring rather well- there’s no mistaking where everyone’s attention will gravitate towards. The wide face features various embellishments including additional diamonds, long baguette-cut sapphires, openwork, and fine milgrain.

10. Matera Ring

Matera Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring A Diamond Halo

Price: $4,500.

The Matera Ring is a traditional diamond engagement ring with modern details.

The center stone is a 0.61-carat antique cushion-cut diamond, framed by a diamond halo. The ring is also beautiful when viewed from the bottom. Its fine openwork under-gallery adds to the delicacy of the ring. The ring is set in platinum and features a triple-wire shank. Finally, two more diamonds adorn the ring’s shoulders.

11. Hamilton Ring

Hamilton Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring A Diamond Halo

Price: $4,500.

While solitaire diamond engagement rings remain the classic and timeless choice, halo-style diamond engagement rings are becoming more popular than ever.

The Hamilton Ring’s design is so intricate and extravagant that it would make any bride-to-be happy. The ring’s 0.51-carat emerald-cut center diamond is framed by a halo of baguette-cut diamonds. It’s further accentuated by a lovely openwork under-gallery and a triple-wire platinum shank. If you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring that will steal the show, then perhaps the Hamilton ring is for you.

12. Wheaton Ring

Wheaton Diamond Engagement Ring Subtle And Dainty Design

Price: $3,800.

If you’re looking for a delicate and classic design, then the platinum Wheaton Ring is a perfect choice.

The center stone is a stunning 0.59-carat old European-cut diamond with G color and SI1 clarity. Not only are the ring’s shoulders adorned with old European-cut diamonds, but the mounting is as well. Finally, even though round cuts are one of the best options for long, thin fingers, slender bands look flattering on short fingers.

13. Olympia Ring

Olympia Engagement Ring Featuring Buffed Natural Onyx Halo

Price: $3,900.

Influenced by the styles of the Art Deco Era, the Olympia Ring is perfect for those who seek the striking contrast of black onyx and white diamonds.

This beautiful ring features a 0.40-carat round brilliant-cut center diamond with J color and VS2 clarity, while the surrounding halo of buffed onyx provides an alluring juxtaposition. What’s more, the surrounding octagonal face is adorned with additional diamonds and fine milgrain.

14. Oxford Ring

Oxford Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Diamond Halo

Price: $4,700.

If you’re willing to go slightly above your budget, then you could take home the bold Oxford Ring.

This diamond engagement ring features an emerald-cut center diamond, one of the most popular cuts for engagement rings. Furthermore, the diamond weighs 0.50 carats and is enclosed by a halo of round-cut diamonds. The ring itself is platinum, while the triple-wire shank makes the diamond stand out even more.

15. Starrett Ring

Asscher Cut Diamond & Baguette Cut Geometric Halo Engagement Ring - Starrett Ring - Hand Video

Price: $4,500.

Yet another octagonal halo option, the Starrett Ring is sure to appeal to those fond of more delicate pieces. This stunning ring features a 0.50-carat GIA-certified center diamond with I color, VS2 clarity, and an Asscher cut. The surrounding halo consists of several baguette-cut diamonds, while additional diamonds adorn the shoulders. Finally, mesmerizing openwork patterns decorate the gallery.

16. Carnegie Ring

Art Deco Era Carnegie Diamond Ring With Subtle Shank

Price: $4,000.

The Art Deco Era Carnegie Ring is another one of our top choices and it’s easy to see why.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1925, this French ring features a 0.50-carat center diamond with impressive H color and SI1 clarity. What’s more, single-cut diamonds surround the center stone bringing the total diamond weight of the ring to approximately 0.80. The diamonds range in color and clarity from H to I and VS2 to SI1 respectively.

17. Lorraine Ring

Edwardian Era Lorraine Floral Engagement Ring Featuring Rubies

Price: $4,000.

For another interesting combination, take a look at the Lorraine Ring.

This engagement ring has a floral design, centering a prong-set antique cushion-cut diamond. The surrounding diamond cluster is half-bezel-set and brings the total diamond weight to approximately 1.00 carat. The diamonds are surrounded by a thin halo of natural rubies, which are set in 18k yellow gold. Finally, this ring comes from the Edwardian era, handcrafted circa 1905.

18. Roseland Ring

3.16ct Center Emerald Cut Peridot and Diamond Halo Ring - Roseland Ring - Hand Video

Price: $4,000.

If you or your significant other have an August birthday, or if you plan to have an August wedding, consider purchasing the Roseland Ring.

The center stone is a stunning green peridot- the August birthstone. Additionally, peridots symbolize harmony and balance. The peridot on the Roseland ring weighs an impressive 3.16 carats, and has an emerald cut. Finally, old European-cut diamonds are set on the ring’s halo, as well as its shoulders.

19. Aspen Ring

Aspen Aquamarine Ring Featuring Diamond Sapphire Double Halo

Price: $4,300.

For those who love the color blue, the Aspen Ring is an excellent option.

This engagement ring has not one, but two halos. The center stone is a 1.00-carat natural aquamarine with a stunning teal hue. The inner halo is composed of natural caliber French-cut sapphires, while the outer halo is set with round-cut diamonds. If you’re interested in a ring with a double halo-style and a non-diamond center stone, then this is a perfect match.

20. Walton Ring

Walton Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Double Halo

Price: $4,800.

Fans of halo-style diamond engagement rings might want to take a look at the double halo Walton Ring.

At the very center of the ring is an Asscher-cut diamond that weighs approximately 0.50 carats. The initial surrounding halo consists of natural French-cut rubies, while the outer halo is set with old European-cut diamonds. When rubies are combined with diamonds or silver, their exquisite red saturation is emphasized very well.

21. Colorado Ring

Colorado Aquamarine Engagement Ring With Sapphires And Diamonds

Price: $3,800.

The Colorado Ring is another fantastic combination of diamonds, sapphires, and aquamarine.

A teal 1.00-carat aquamarine is the center stone, while the surrounding double-halo consisted of a French-cut natural sapphire inner layer and an old European-cut diamond outer halo. The sapphire and diamond weights are 0.70 and 0.40 carats respectively. Aside from the color combination, the detailed openwork on the under-gallery is a unique aspect that makes this ring stunning and memorable.

22. Littleton Ring

White Gold Littleton Emerald Engagement Ring With Diamonds

Price: $3,500.

If you want an engagement ring with a non-diamond center stone, then the Littleton Ring might be a great option for you.

The natural emerald will surely be the center of attention; it weighs approximately 0.79 carats and features a deep green hue. Additionally, baguette-cut and round-cut diamonds are set on the ring’s emerald-cut halo, as well as its shoulders, and total approximately 0.54 carats. Finally, this ring is handcrafted in 14k white gold.

23. Terre Ring

Gold Terre Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring Featuring Diamonds

Price: $3,800.

If you truly want a unique and glamorous engagement ring, then look no further than the Terre Ring.

This 18k yellow gold ring features 0.10 carats of small, round, brilliant-cut diamonds set along its shoulders and shank. However, the center stone is certainly the star of the show; it’s a natural pink sapphire that’s prong-set and weighs approximately 2.73 carats. The pink-gold combination might not suit everyone’s taste, so it’s the ideal engagement ring for those who want to stand out.

24. Atlanta Ring

Atlanta Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring A Double Halo

Price: $4,800.

Another double-halo engagement ring, the Atlanta Ring combines white diamonds with green emeralds.

This platinum ring features a 0.50-carat Asscher-cut diamond as the center stone, while the surrounding 0.50-carat inner halo is composed of natural calibre-cut emeralds, and the outer one is comprised of 0.30 carats of full-cut diamonds. Diamonds and emeralds certainly look exquisite when they’re combined in jewelry, and the Atlanta Ring is proof.

25. Bally Ring

0.76ct Center Antique Cushion Cut Diamond and Emerald Halo Engagement Ring - Bally Ring - Hand Video

Price: $4,000.

If the double halo of diamonds and emeralds from our previous choice appealed to you, then you may find the Bally Ring even more beautiful.

The dazzling Bally Ring features a 0.67-carat cushion-cut center diamond with impressive J color and VS2 clarity. The absolutely gorgeous surrounding double halo consists of an emerald inner halo and an outer halo of diamonds. Finally, this oval ring features a subtle shank and intricate openwork displayed in the undergallery.

26. Staunton Ring

Staunton Kenzite Engagement Ring With A Diamond Halo

Price: $4,000.

The Staunton Ring is another engagement ring with a non-diamond center stone that will blow you away.

This time the center stone is a pink kunzite with an emerald cut. It weighs approximately 7.01 carats, so you can certainly expect it to be the center of attention. The color of the kunzite blends perfectly with the diamond halo, which is made from smaller old European-cut diamonds. The ring is platinum, and it has a low profile. The perfect blend of delicate colors and a bold style.

27. Tide Ring

Tide Aquamarine Engagement Ring Featuring A Diamond Halo

Price: $3,500.

For those who love blue gemstones, the Tide Ring is certainly one to consider.

The ring’s center stone is a 0.80-carat aquamarine with a square cut. What’s more, the aquamarine is deeply saturated and is surrounded by a halo of square-cut diamonds. Additionally, a couple of diamonds are set on each shoulder, bringing the total diamond weight to approximately 0.45 carats. Finally, the under-gallery displays fine openwork and intricate filigree.

28. Palmetto Ring

Retro Era Palmetto Ring With Large Unique Shape

Price: $3,800.

The vintage Palmetto Ring is perfect for those who want to stand out with something big and bold.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1940, this singular Retro Era ring features a geometric design reminiscent of dome-style rings. The 0.35-carat transitional-cut center diamond has I color and VS2 clarity. It’s emphasized by small 6-piece clusters of pavé-set diamonds above and below, while the shoulders feature stepped metalwork.

29. Foundry Ring

Art Deco Era Foundry Ring With Inner Bow Tie Shape

Price: $3,800.

The Foundry Ring is yet another excellent Art Deco Era option. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1930, this French beauty features a 0.15-carat center diamond surrounded by additional diamonds. The unique design features a central shape resembling a bow tie within an octagon. The total diamond weight is approximately 0.41 while the color and clarity are I and VS2-SI2 overall.

30. Media Ring

Antique Edwardian Era Geometric Diamond Dome Motif Ring - Media Ring. Circa 1900 - Hand Video

Price: $3,800.

Finishing off our list just as strong as it started, the Media Ring is an excellent dome-style option for those with bold taste.

With various shapes suspended in tandem to form an overall dome shape, this is one of our most beautifully designed picks. The total diamond weight is approximately 1.72 carats, while the five central stones are approximately 0.82 carats. Finally, this mesmerizing platinum treasure was handcrafted in France circa 1900 during the Edwardian Era.

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