Top 50 Diamond Cluster Engagement Rings

Written by: Benjamin Khordipour, Jewelry and Gemology Expert
November 8, 2022 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Natural diamond engagement rings are dazzling pieces of jewelry. A one-of-a-kind diamond ring, embedded with a whole cluster of tiny diamonds, will make a unique impression on your future spouse. Cluster rings are elegant and radiate sophistication, as the small-cut and closely spaced diamonds reflect the light distinctively.

We have selected some unique diamond cluster rings to help you pick “the one” for your special someone.

1. Charlotte Ring

14025 Charlotte Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Price: $11,500

A flower-shaped, handcrafted mount that features a 1.35-carat old European cut diamond, the Charlotte Ring radiates J color and VS1 clarity, making it an exemplary piece. The central diamond is surrounded by an array of old European cut diamonds, with fine milgrain decor on the mount and delicate openwork under the gallery.

2. Maramichi Ring

DYL42 Miramichi Yellow Brown Diamond Floral Cluster Engagement Ring

Price: $11,500

The Maramichi Ring is feminine and stunning. Handcrafted in 18k white gold, it features a yellow-brown diamond weighing approximately 1.39 carats and an oval cut. Set in a floral motif, the radiating center stone is encircled by a halo of marquise-cut diamonds, weighing about 0.92 carats. The thin band emphasizes the elegance of the piece.

3. Hawthorne Ring

14188 Hawthorne Floral Cluster Engagement Ring

Price: $11,500

The floral design of the platinum Hawthorne Ring is a perfect example of less is more. The old European cut 1.54-carat solid diamond is J color and VS2 clarity, reflecting the light vibrantly. A cluster of old European cut stones accentuates the central gem along the shank.

4. Tusten Ring

13995 Tusten Cluster Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $14,000

The Tusten Ring is a bold choice. The center diamond is an old mine cut diamond that is GIA-certified and weighs 1.22 carats, with the F color and SI1 clarity giving the stone a soft-blue hue. The ring features a cluster of additional old mine-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.75 carats altogether. The floral-shaped mount is handcrafted in platinum, giving this ring a distinctive look.

5. Stonehaven Ring

13947 Stonehaven Floral cluster Halo Diamond Ring

Price: $18,000

The Stonehaven Ring is platinum on 18k yellow gold and is all about the glow. The floral cluster features a bezel-set center old European cut diamond weighing 1.72 carats, J color, and VS1 clarity, showcasing a vibrant light. Although elegant, the ring is substantial, so would look better on larger hands. It features an openwork under-gallery.

6. Fairfield Ring

14098 Fairfield Art Deco Yellow Gold Floral Cluster Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $15,000

The Fairfield Ring is an Art Deco-inspired cluster ring in platinum on 18k yellow gold. The ring centers a 1.36-carat solid old European cut diamond, set in a delightful flowerhead design. An eye-catching halo of old European cut diamonds surrounds the central stone, while an elegant solitary diamond inside a bullet-shaped bezel decorates each shoulder.

7. Stamford Ring

13758 Stamford antique cluster rose cut engagement Ring

Price: $11,000

Another gorgeous option is this diamond cluster engagement ring handcrafted in the style of the Victorian Era. The center GIA-certified rose cut diamond weighs 1.26 carats and is surrounded by a halo of old European cut diamonds. This beautiful cluster ring is handcrafted in silver and 18k yellow gold.

8. Norfork Ring

14047 Norfork Antique Cushion Cut Floral Cluster Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $7,200

Antique rings are a symbol of longevity. This platinum Norfork engagement ring features a 0.80-carat antique cushion-cut diamond that radiates power and elegance. The central diamond is haloed by a cluster of old European cut diamonds weighing close to 1 carat. A diamond-shaped bezel houses a single diamond to enhance each shoulder.

9. Yorkshire Ring

13753 Old European Diamond Floral Cluster Halo Yellow Gold and Platinum Ring

Price: $7,000

 The Yorkshire Ring takes the shape of a flower crown, radiating royalty in platinum and yellow gold. Centering a 0.70-carat old European cut diamond, a cluster of old diamonds forms a crown-like halo. Each shoulder has two old European cut diamonds embedded, accenting the top.

10. Tufton Ring

13696 Tufton Diamond and Floral French Cut Ruby Halo Ring

Price: $5,000

Engagement rings with colored gems are a unique choice. The Tufton Ring centers a bezel-set 0.40-carat old European cut diamond, surrounded with a halo of 0.56 carats of old mine cut diamonds. The most distinctive feature of this ring is the calibrated natural rubies bordering the clustered diamonds, giving additional accent to the floral shape of this exquisite piece.

11. Ocean View Ring

12976 Ocean View Ring

Price: $8,000

The platinum on 18k yellow gold Ocean View Ring centers an old European cut diamond certified by the GIA as 0.94 carats. The central piece radiates a soft-blue hue. The main diamond is circled by a floral halo of old European cut diamonds, with a pair of diamond-shaped bezels on the shoulders.

12. Koi Ring

DYL21 Koi Ruby and Sapphire Cluster Floral Halo Ring

Price: $4,500

The 18k white gold Koi Ring is of the more unconventional choices for an engagement piece. The ring features a 1.51-carat rubellite set in prongs, taking on a floral shape with elegant, elongated petals—a cluster of sapphires weighing 2.98 carats circles the central stone.

13. Rhone Ring

13056 Rhone Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Floral Halo Platinum Engagement Ring

Price: $6,300

The low-profile platinum Rhone Ring reflects glamour and femininity. The central gem is an elongated, antique, 0.65-carat cushion-cut diamond. Delicate and classy, a cluster of old European cut diamonds surrounds the main gemstone, weighing 1.20 carats in total.

14. Madrid Ring

14249 Madrid Ring

Price: $5,700

The Art Deco design of the handcrafted platinum Madrid Ring is a stylish choice. The ring centers a powerful old European cut 0.92-carat diamond set in claw-like prongs. The cluster features old European cut diamonds that enhance the central gem’s glow. More old European cut diamonds are added along the shoulders to accentuate the top.

15. Delray Ring

DYL40 Delray Platinum Cushion Cut Diamond Cluster Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $11,000

If you’re looking for a dazzling show stopper, have a look at the Delray ring. This beautiful cluster engagement ring features a cushion-cut center stone, surrounded by a floral cluster halo of marquis cut diamonds. The Delray ring also features unique openwork in the under gallery in a handcrafted in 18k white gold setting.

16. Fairfield Ring

14098 Fairfield Flower Crown cluster halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: 15,000

The platinum on 18k yellow gold Fairfield Ring is designed in a flower-crown style, featuring a 1.36-carat old European cut diamond. A halo of additional old European cut diamonds beautifully frames the central gem, adding to this engagement ring’s overall soft elegance and old-money look.

17. Plano Ring

13762 Plano French Cut Ruby Halo Diamond Ring

Price: $17,000

The Plano Ring’s striking design is due to the French-cut rubies clustering the extraordinary old European cut diamond. The gems reflect an intense ruby color and make this ring noticeable. Diamonds along the shoulders elegantly accentuate the head, and milgrain over the bezels enhances the subtlety of the whole piece. The arch-like features of openwork filigree add to the beauty of this ring’s under-gallery.

18. Almena Ring

13759 Almena Rose Cut Diamond Floral Cluster Halo Ring

Price: $13,500

The enchanting Almena Ring is all about gems. Inspired by floral motifs, the head features a 1.22 carat, G color, VS2 clarity, GIA-certified, rose-cut center diamond. A cluster halo of old European cut diamonds surrounds the central gem, showcasing the glorious shimmer reflected all over this gorgeous piece.

19. London Ring

13977 London Ring

Price: $13,000

The extravagant London Ring is platinum in 18k yellow gold. Featuring a center stone of a bezel-set 1.33-carat old European cut diamond, the engagement ring’s geometric shape points to the halo’s dominant design. The cluster showcases single and old European cut diamonds that extend along the shoulders, adding to the elegance of this piece.

20. Celina Ring

13715 Celina Sapphire Cluster Diamond Halo Ring

Price: $8,200

The Celina Ring is a ladylike cluster engagement ring featuring a vibrant, natural oval-cut blue sapphire. At the center, it has a 1.66-carat stone framed by a crown-shaped halo of ten old European cut diamonds in a floral style. The diamonds on this stunning ring weigh close to 1 carat in total.

21. Holland Ring

13856 Holland Ring

Price: $4,500

For a unique vintage cluster ring, check out this spectacular Holland ring. This beautiful antique floral diamond cluster ring features a double halo of old mine and single cut diamonds framing a old mine cut diamond in the center. This ring hails from the Edwardian Era and was handcrafted in 15k yellow gold, circa 1905.

22. Connecticut Ring

13603 Connecticut Ring

Price: $15,000

The Connecticut Ring remains faithful to the old-money upper crust vibe with the prominent Art Deco design. The ring centers a 1.62-carat old European cut diamond. A geometrically styled halo of intricate French-cut sapphires radiate an elegant royal blue. The central gem is graded J color and VS1 clarity, giving a ring a sense of true elegance.

23. Ariss Ring

DYL18 Ariss Ruby and Pear Shaped Diamond Cluster Halo Ring

Price: $18,000

Feminine and vibrant, the 18k white gold Ariss Ring features a GRS-certified cushion-cut 2.56-carat natural ruby as the central gem. The mount takes on a lotus shape, and the petals create a halo of prong-set pear-shaped diamonds with a total weight of 1.90 carats.

24. Cannock Ring

13395 Cannock Ring

Price: $18,500

The geometrical design of the platinum Cannock Ring features a GIA-certified 1.51-carat vintage Asscher-cut diamond. The halo consists of two baguette-cut diamonds and follows the shape of the central diamond. Graded I color and VVS1 clarity, the ring emits a radiant, white glow. A distinctive feature making this ring unique is its intricate, triple-wire design.

25. Capulet Ring

DYL16 Capulet Pink Sapphire Diamond Cluster Halo Ring

Price: $17,500

The romantic, flower-shaped platinum Capulet Ring centers a GIA-certified 4.47-carat oval-cut natural pink sapphire, subtly set in prongs. A halo of single-cut diamonds surrounds the gem. The ring is distinctive for its additional second halo, consisting of bezel-set, pear-shaped diamonds.

26. Castleford Ring

12785 Castleford Ring

Price: $17,500

The platinum Castleford Ring is another piece that features a double halo. It elegantly centers a 1.92-carat antique cushion-cut diamond. A row of natural calibre-cut sapphires haloes the central gem. Old cut diamonds cover the outer edge of the ring’s impressive mount. On the sides, two old cut diamonds create a fleur-de-lis motif, beautifying the shoulders.

27. Springdale Ring

12587 Springdale Antique Cushion Cut Cluster Halo Diamond and Yellow Gold Ring

Price: $9,500

The Springdale Ring almost resembles a golden sunflower, handcrafted in 18k yellow gold. This cluster engagement ring centers a vibrant 1.30-carat antique cushion-cut diamond with a surrounding halo of old mine cut diamonds. The cut diamonds weigh approximately 0.45 carats. The K color and VS1 clarity of the central diamond make this ring shine with impeccable grace.

28. Genova Ring

11903 Genova Art Deco Style Cluster Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $14,500

Inspired by early Art Deco style, the handcrafted, platinum Genova Ring features a 1.94 carat, L color, VS2 clarity, old mine cut diamond in the center. The petal-shaped halo clusters old mine cut diamonds and the arch motif enhances the classic elegance of this ring. The ring’s total diamond weight is close to 2.82 carats.

29. New York Ring

12317 New York Ring

Price: $9,800

This is a ring that lives up to its name. The handcrafted, platinum, square-shaped New York Ring features a GIA-certified 1.01-carat Asscher-cut diamond. The gem stands out with its color graded at J color and VVS2 clarity, with a beautiful 0.23-carat diamond halo framing the ring’s head. Additionally, fleur-de-lis motifs and the openwork under-gallery add impressive decor to the shoulders.

30. Lagos Ring

14089 Lagos Floral Cluster Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $16,000

If you’re a fan of antique pieces, consider the Lagos Ring. This vintage diamond ring hails from the Edwardian Era and features a 1.52 carat old European cut diamond in the center. A beautiful floral halo of cluster set old mine cut diamonds surrounds it, perfectly complimenting the center diamond. An openwork under-gallery, intricate hand-engravings, and fine milgrain further decorate the platinum mounting.

31. Westfield Ring

12917 Westfield ring

Price: $11,000

Adding a mystical emerald to the Art Deco design, the handcrafted Westfield Ring features a vibrant 1.17-carat old European cut and flanks calibre-cut bullet-shaped natural emeralds. The cluster consists of old European cut diamonds. It takes on the shape of the central gem, creating an elegant halo.

32. Ruby Floral Ring

14134 Ruby Floral Halo Ring

Price: $14,000

Hand-crafted in platinum and 18k yellow gold, this Ruby Floral Ring is another extravagant piece. The ring features an old European cut, bezel-set diamond that weighs 1.47 carats. The halo clusters intensify half-moon-cut natural rubies, followed by another row of diamonds around the edge, taking on a floral crown shape.

33. Tulip Ring

13560 Tulip Ring

Price: $9,000

This stunning ring features a floral motif with a GIA-certified oval-cut 1.26 carat natural Burma ruby in the center. The center ruby is set in an 18k yellow gold bezel, with a floral halo of old European cut diamonds framing it. A geometric open-work pattern set with diamonds further decorates the shoulders.

34. Brisbane Ring

12116 Brisbane Ring

Price: $11,500

The handcrafted Brisbane Ring takes on a geometrical shape that includes diamonds and blue sapphire, and all are put together in a handsome Art Deco style. At the center of the ring is a 1.42-carat old European cut diamond, circa 1920, surrounded by a calibrated French-cut Ceylon sapphire halo.

35. Lafayette Ring

13945 Lafayette Ring

Price: $5,500

This Lafayette ring showcases a beautiful floral motif diamond cluster, with a double halo of old mine cut diamonds and black enamel accents. The center stone features a prong-set 0.60 carat antique cushion cut diamond with dditional hand engraved fleur-de-lis motifs and rose cut diamonds set on the shoulders. This French Victorian era engagement ring was handcrafted in 18k yellow gold, circa 1880.

36. Eastchester Ring

13502 Eastchester Ring

Price: $9,000

The vintage Eastchester Ring features an extravagant 1.25-carat antique cushion-cut diamond framed by a petal-shaped halo of prong-set old mine cut diamonds. Diamonds set in the corona are graded as J-K color and VS1-VS2, adding to the effect of reflecting the light with a soft hue. A distinctive feature of this ring is that the prongs rise from the lower gallery, making the ring seem expansive.

37. Troyes Ring

11727 Troyes Ring

Price: $14,000

The antique design of the Troyes Ring features a round halo circling the central antique old European cut diamond. The halo clusters diamonds and has additional baguette-cut diamonds on the sides. The scroll motif on the lower gallery is an exceptional detail, making this ring delicate and unique.

38. Winslow Ring

DYL43 Winslow Zambian Emerald Ring

Price: $12,500

The Winslow Ring centers a 2.51-carat natural Zambian emerald, emerald-cut in 18k white gold for those who love prominent gemstones. The elegant and powerful halo features round brilliant-cut diamonds in a floral setting. An intricate braided design gracefully accents the shoulders.

39. Tuena Ring

12916 Tuena Ring

Price: $9,000

The Tuena Ring features a 1.07-carat rare antique cushion-cut diamond with a diamond halo. The central gem is graded with J color and VS2 clarity, radiating an elegant, white glow. The ring showcases an impressive triple-wired shank, and delicate milgrain decorates the shoulders.

40. Russellville Ring

13683 Russellville Vintage Old European Cluster Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $13,500

This beautiful antique diamond cluster engagement ring features a 1.32 carat old European cut center stone. surrounding the center diamond sits a floral motif halo of old mine cut diamonds. This antique ring was handcrafted in platinum from the Edwardian Era circa 1915

41. Bromley Ring

12993 Double Halo 1.2ct Cushion Cut Platinum Engagement Ring

Price: $12,800

The handsome Bromley Ring is another engagement ring that takes on the Art Deco design. It features a GIA-certified 1.22-carat antique cushion-cut diamond haloed by a row of enchanting French-cut calibrated natural sapphires. The main stone is graded with G color and SI1 clarity, adding to a soft, dimmed light reflection.

42. Eura Ring

12997 Eura Ring

Price: $9,200

The Eura Ring is a subtle and sophisticated engagement cluster ring featuring a dazzling 1.21-carat antique old mine cut diamond. A halo of old cut diamonds surrounds the central gemstone, elegantly bordered with delicate milgrain. The sides showcase refined, arch-like openwork.

43. Bologna Ring

13160 Bologna Ring

Price: $19,500

Gold rings signify grace and power, and the vibrant Bologna Ring does precisely that. The 18k gold plated engagement ring features a massive 2.07-carat old European cut diamond. The golden-plated halo surrounding a cluster of old-cut diamonds looks like the sun on your finger. The openwork on the under-gallery showcases a crown-like filigree with a single diamond on each of the shoulders.

44. Brookside Ring

12832 Brookside Antique Cushion Diamond and calibre cut emerald halo engagement Ring

Price: $18,000

The Brookside Ring showcases an exceptional glow due to the 2-carat antique cushion-cut diamond. The gem is graded at M color with VS2 clarity, giving the diamond a subtle shine. A beautiful emerald halo surrounds the diamond with a row of natural calibre-cut emeralds. A decorated under-gallery and three sets of diamonds on the shoulders give this ring a captivating presence.

45. Addison Ring

13644 Addison Antique Cluster Diamond Ring

Price: $15,000

Another antique piece on our list, this magnificent original Victorian diamond cluster ring features an antique cushion cut center diamond with an approximate weight of 1.52 carats. Surrounding the center stone sits a double halo of old European cut diamonds creating a unique floral head design. On each shoulder sits an additional single diamond. Handcrafted in silver on 18k yellow gold, this ring was made circa 1880.

46. Birmingham Ring

13240 Birmingham hexagon sapphire halo diamond Ring

Price: $15,000

The hexagon-shaped Birmingham Ring is an elegant choice. A halo of calibrated 0.90 carats of solid French-cut sapphires frames the 1.33-carat bezel-set hexagon-shaped diamond certified by the GIA. This ring reflects a blueish hue due to its central diamond’s vivid color grading. The ring has an impressive openwork under-gallery, and the shoulders are decorated with old European cut diamonds.

47. Towson Ring

12928 Towson Ring

Price: $8,000

The Towson Ring is an elegant platinum cluster ring that centers a 0.65-carat old European cut diamond. The central gem is framed by a floral halo of enchanting natural calibre-cut emeralds weighing 0.42 carats in total. Single-cut diamonds accent the elegant shoulders of the ring. The under-gallery is further decorated with open work, giving a feel of lightweight quality.

48. Wharton Ring

DYL4-Sapphire-Ring in hand

Price: $31,500

This stunning cluster ring offers a gorgeous option if you prefer a colored center stone. It features a natural oval sapphire weighing 5.99 carats surrounded by a row cluster of brilliant-cut diamonds. This ring is hand-crafted in platinum and is sure to turn heads.

49. Stockton Ring

13452 stockton floral cluster engagement ring

Price: $55,000

An beautiful vintage piece is this impressive antique diamond cluster ring. It features an old European cut diamond that weighs approximately 3.80 carats surrounded by a cluster of old-mine cut diamonds. This ring hails from the Victorian Era and was hand-crafted in the 1880s in silver and 18k yellow gold

50. Livingston Ring

13352 Livingston Emerald and Diamond cluster halo Ring

Price: $35,000

Rounding out this list we have an impressive cluster ring that features a lively 4.55 Carats natural Colombian emerald-cut Emerald. Surrounding the center stone sits a cluster of old European cut diamonds that beautifully frame the center stone. The Livingston Ring is crafted in platinum and 18k yellow gold.

Top Reasons to Buy a Cluster Engagement Ring

Diamond Cluster Ring

When looking for a perfect engagement ring, there is always a dilemma over whether you should choose a solitaire or a cluster ring. Both have their benefits, and selecting the perfect one for your life partner may be challenging.

Here are the top reasons why cluster diamond rings are a better choice for a fairy tale engagement.

  • They are cost-effective, as the smaller stones are less expensive than one large one.
  • They give the impression of a larger gemstone, as the small rocks accentuate the larger one.
  • Cluster rings come in different shapes and sizes.
  • They are interesting to look at, as they include multiple stones.
  • They have multi-focal points, reflecting the light in different ways.
  • They are non-traditional and often unique.
  • They can often embody different design styles.

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