Oval Cut

Shop our selection of oval cut diamonds set in engagement rings. These diamonds are also available loose. Contact us for more info.

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  • Rose Cut Oval Diamond Ring Calabria Ring Top ViewOval Rose Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring - Calabria Ring 13624 TVS

    Calabria Ring

  • Kunzite and Ruby Halo Ring Wesley Court Ring Top ViewOval Kunzite and Ruby Ring Wesley Court Ring Top Side View

    Wesley Court Ring

  • Ruby Three Stone Diamond Halo Ring - Adelaide RingPlatinum Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring - Adelaide Ring

    Adelaide Ring

  • Edwardian Oval Cut Sapphire Diamond Earrings - Codroy Earrings 14006 TVAntique Sapphire and Diamond Geometric Earrings - Codroy Earrings 14006 TSV

    Codroy Earrings. Circa 1910, Antique, Edwardian Era

  • 2.74ct Oval Cut Natural Amethyst Gemstone Ring 13406-TV-1000PXDiamond And Natural Amethyst Accenting 18k Yellow Gold Ring 13406-TSV-1000PX

    Edmonton Ring

  • Oval Emerald and Sapphire Elongated Ring Scarab RingPlatinum and Gemstone Egyptian Revival Ring - Scarab Ring

    Scarab Ring

  • Oval Cut Ruby Bezel Set in Gold Ring - Tulip RingRuby and Platinum Diamond Halo Ring - Tulip Ring

    Tulip Ring

  • Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring West View Ring Top ViewPlatinum and oval Sapphire Ring West View Ring Top Side View

    West View Ring

  • Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring Wharton Ring

    Wharton Ring

  • Diamond Ruby Cluster Platinum Ring Arbor Ring 14335Ruby Diamond Cluster Platinum Arbor Ring 14335

    Arbor Ring

  • 5.46ct Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring - Nyons Ring

    Nyons Ring

  • Oval Cut Sapphire Diamond Hanging Earrings - Westhampton Earrings 13891 TVOval Cut Sapphire Diamond Floral Motif Earrings - Westhampton Earrings 13891 TSV

    Westhampton Earrings

  • Elongated Aquamarine and Diamond Platinum Necklace - Alden Necklace

    Alden Necklace

  • Antique Victorian Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring - Amiens Ring 14213 TV0.40ct Oval Cut Pink Sapphire Ring - Amiens Ring 14213 TSV

    Amiens Ring. Circa 1870 (Antique, Victorian Era)

  • Top Side View 0.40 carats Sapphire Engagement Ring Antalya Ring 15121

    Antalya Ring. Circa 1980 (Vintage)

  • Aster ring oval cut ruby and diamond ring 14742-TV-1000PXoval cut diamond and ruby ring Aster ring 14742-TSV-1000PX

    Aster Ring

  • Peridot Birthstone and Diamond RingPeridot Birthstone and Diamond Ring Back

    August Birthstone Ring

  • Prong Set Natural 5.29 Carat Amethyst Gemstone Ring 14186-TV-1000PX

    Augustine Ring. Circa 1900 (Antique, Edwardian Era)

  • 3.38ct Natural Amethyst Gemstone Ring Aurora Ring 13721_TV18k Yellow Gold Ten Prong Crown Setting Ring Aurora Ring 13721_TSV

    Aurora Ring

  • Amethyst Three Stone Ring Bronx Ring Top ViewAmethyst Birth Stone Ring Bronx Ring Top Side View

    Bronx Ring

  • 1.39ct Oval Cut Natural Emerald And Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 14182-TV-1000PXDiamond Accented Mounting And Oval Halo Engagement 14182-TSV-1000PX

    Brunoy Ring

  • Vintage Signed Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring - Buccellati Emerald Ring 13327 TVEmerald and Diamond FIligree Cocktail Ring - Buccellati Emerald Ring 13327 TSV

    Buccellati Emerald Ring

  • 11229 Ruby Buccellati Ring TVTSV Ruby Buccellati Ring

    Buccellati Ruby Ring

  • Oval Cut Emerald and Diamond Cluster Ring ProductDiamond Cluster Antique Ring Calverley Ring Top Side View

    Calverley Ring. Circa 1880 (Antique, Victorian Era)

  • Floral Halo Pink Sapphire Cocktail Ring - Capulet RingPink Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring - Capulet Ring

    Capulet Ring

  • Oval Cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring - Celano Ring 14737 TVSapphire and Diamond Gold Band Ring - Celano Ring 14737 TSV

    Celano Ring. Circa 1950 (Vintage)

  • Natural Sapphire Center Stone Cluster Engagement Ring Celine Ring Top View 13715_TVProng Set Natural Sapphire Old European Cut Cluster Ring Celine Ring Top Side View 13715_TSV

    Celina Ring

  • 7.17-carat Yellow Sapphire Ring Chesterfield Ring Top ViewYellow Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring - Chesterfield Ring

    Chesterfield Ring

  • 2.97 Citrine Engagement Ring Corliss Ring 13592 TVCitrine and Diamond Engagement Ring Corliss Ring 13592 TSV

    Corliss Ring

  • Top View Amethyst 18k Yellow Gold Ring Derora Ring 15083Top Side View 5.03 Carat Amethyst Engagement Ring Derora Ring 15083

    Derora Ring. Circa 1880 (Antique, Victorian)