Top 30 Cushion Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

Written by: Afshin Shaddaie, Jewelry and Gemology Expert
November 9, 2022 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

The cushion cut halo engagement rings make a perfect choice if you prefer a design with more of an old-time charm. Perfectly blending traditional and contemporary styles, they’re highly durable due to their softened edges and are popular among diamond lovers.

This list will provide you with the top choices of the most beautiful cushion-cut diamond engagement rings to choose from for your special someone.

Top 30 Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings

Here’s our top picks for the best cushion cut halo engagement rings. Reach out to one of our jewelry experts if any of these spectacular pieces catches your eye.

1. The Matera Ring

13053 Matera Cushion Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $5,000

We start with pure elegance by presenting you with the Matera ring that radiates old-money vibes. For those who seek a halo setting resembling a vintage design, this ring sets the diamond within a handcrafted platinum mounting. The ring features an antique old mine cushion-cut diamond cut circa 1935, with a weight of 0.61 carats. It is surrounded by a halo of antique diamonds. There is also an impressive under-gallery with beautiful openwork filigree and triple-wire shank.

2. The Eura Ring

12997 Eura Ring

Price: $9,200

The Eura ring is an exemplary engagement ring that leans to more of a rounded shape. It features a bright 1.21-carat antique old mine cut diamond with a halo cluster of old cut diamonds. A delicate milgrain border adorns the whole diamond setting, adding more intensity to the shine. What makes this ring unique is its delicate design which slightly resembles a floral pattern. Additionally, this ring features arch-like openwork.

3. The Marino Ring

12632 Marino Ring

Price: $9,800

The Marino ring is an impeccable choice for those who love the classic cushion cut design. Its GIA-certified antique cushion cut diamond is 1.10 carats, with a beautiful halo emphasizing the glimmer. The central gem has a lovely brightness, and two triangles flank the shoulders of this ring, giving it a classy look. A decorated under-gallery is another outstanding feature of this low-profile cushion cut halo engagement ring.

4. The Camden Ring

GS401 Camden Ring

Price Upon Request

The Camden ring features a beautiful sapphire weighing 2.10 carats as the centerpiece. The sapphire is eye-catching and genuinely a perennial gemstone. Its shine is enhanced by a halo of old mine diamonds with additional diamonds adorning the shoulders. The triple-wire shank accompanies the ornate gallery, making this ring timeless. Contact us to recreate this ring if you think your special someone would love an elegant and unique piece.

5. The Tuena Ring

12916 Tuena Ring

Price: $9,000

Another piece that channels antique design, the Tuena ring, is an impressive jewel. This ring features a bezel-set rare antique cushion cut diamond weighing closely 1.07 carats. More diamonds decorate the central gem’s halo, making an impressively bright visual impact. The triple wire shank and refined milgrain power up the ageless elegance of this platinum-mounted piece. This ring checks all boxes of a desirable cushion cut halo engagement ring.

6. The Manchester Ring

14048 Manchester Antique Cushion Cut Floral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $7,200

Suppose you’re shopping for a unique cushion cut engagement ring. That being so, you’ll want to consider this one with a floral design. The Manchester ring is a beautiful piece centering a 0.80-carat antique cushion cut diamond. The floral pattern of the old European cut diamond halo is a distinctive feature of this ring, making it especially alluring. It’s handcrafted in platinum and features an elegant openwork under-gallery that speaks to those who love vintage design.

7. The Sorrento Ring

GS158 Sorrento Sapphire Cushion Cut Ring

Price Upon Request

Blue sapphire is enchanting. The Sorrento ring’s deep blue cushion cut sapphire is bezel-set and makes a beautiful centerpiece of this engagement ring. More sapphires create a stunning halo, clustering the central gem. Diamond-studded fleur-de-lis accent the shoulders, adding to the ethereal beauty of this jewel. The ring features platinum mounting, and the gems weigh 1.80 carats. Contact us if you’re interested in recreating this exemplary cushion cut engagement ring.

8. The Montmartre Ring

14104 Montmartre Yellow Brown Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Ring

Price: $3,500

For those who love colorful gems, the 18k white gold Montmartre ring is an exciting choice. The radiant cushion cut yellow-brown diamond stands out in this design, adding a gleaming note to the ring. The center stone is surrounded by a micro-pave double halo of round brilliant cut yellow and white diamonds. Baguette-cut diamonds decorate the shoulders elegantly with round brilliants surrounding the design. The under-gallery is openwork and subtly emphasizes the dominant upper setting of this exquisite halo engagement ring.

9. The Norfork Ring

14047 Norfork Ring

Price: $7,200

The Norfork ring is another stunning cushion cut engagement ring, taking inspiration from floral design. Featuring a bezel-set 0.80-carat antique cushion cut diamond in the center, this ring shines with exceptional radiance and brightness. A halo of old European cut diamonds frames the main diamond, weighing approximately 1.00 carat. Diamond-shaped bezels with a single diamond decorate the shoulders and make this engagement ring even more sophisticated.

10. The Bennett Ring

13226 Bennett Vintage Antique Cushion Cut Citrine and Pearl Halo Ring

Price: $3,200

Suppose you want an authentic antique piece for an engagement ring. In that case, the Bennett ring is bound to make a stunning impression on your special someone. This ring is rare and unique, centering a 2-carat cushion cut citrine gemstone. What sets this ring apart from others on the list is that the halo features pearls instead of diamonds. Additional pearls decorate the shoulders and add up to the timelessness of this ring. The Bennett ring is crafted circa 1820-1840, making it a genuine antique piece.

11. The Malta Ring

13052 Malta Antique Cushion Cut and yellow gold diamond halo engagement Ring

Price: $5,200

The 18k yellow gold Malta ring is a choice that features a perfect cushion cut shape. The bezel-set 0.63-carat antique cushion cut diamond is a radiant gem of H color and VS1 clarity. A halo of pave-set old European cut diamonds emphasizes the shine of the main stone, giving it a lovely glimmer. The tapered shoulders feature an additional old European cut diamond. Delicate milgrain and a triple wire shank accompany the diamond setting, adding to the overall beauty of this cushion cut engagement ring.

12. The Genova Ring

11903 Genova Ring

Price: $14,500

The Genova ring is one of our favorite cushion cut halo engagement rings due to its stunning beauty. This elegant ring centers a 1.94-carat old mine cut diamond with L color and VS2 clarity. A halo of additional old mine-cut diamonds cluster the main stone and create a compact shine. This ring pays homage to early Art Deco designs and is an artwork of our third-generation artisans. The under gallery is open work and features an arch motif setting.

13. The Enola Ring

YK110 Enola Cushion cut Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring

Price: $14,500

Those who like vintage will admire this beautiful ruby and diamond engagement ring. The platinum base centers an intense cushion cut ruby weighing close to 1.30 carats, with baguette-cut diamonds flanking the central gem. The Edwardian floral design of the halo is another standout feature of this ring, accentuating its vintage design. It is set with round brilliant-cut diamonds on the north and south of the center stone. The ring dates circa 1950.

14. The Castleford Ring

12785 Castleford Antique Cushion cut and French Cut sapphire double halo engagement Ring

Price: $15,000

If you prefer double-haloed cushion cut engagement rings, this large platinum diamond ring is one of the top choices. This diamond ring features a 1.92-carat antique cushion cut diamond which dominates the setting. However, the prominent central gem is surrounded by a halo of natural calibre-cut sapphires, followed by a row of old cut diamonds. Another distinct attribute of this impressive engagement ring is the shoulder accent diamonds set in a fleur-de-lis motif.

15. The Utah Ring

13012 Utah Ring

Price: $9,000

The platinum Utah ring is a stunning geometric piece that centers a vivid 0.95 carats elongated cushion cut diamond. A rectangular diamond halo frames the central stone, with the cut corners adding to the sophisticated, high-class look. The shoulders have single diamond set in fleur-de-lis details. A triple-wire design along the shank adds a final touch of elegance to this graceful cushion cut engagement ring.

16. The Toronto Ring

12566 Toronto Ring

Price: $9,000

Sapphire cushion cut halo engagement rings have an ethereal beauty, and the Toronto ring fits this mold perfectly. Its mesmerizing antique elongated cushion cut 1.01carat diamond is a unique beauty. In addition, the distinct halo features natural French cut blue sapphires weighing approximately 0.28 carats in total. The ring sits low on the hand and has a meticulous under-gallery design, adding to the subtle radiance of this engagement ring.

17. The Spruce Ring

12771 Spruce antique Cushion Cut and French cut sapphire halo diamond engagement Ring

Price: $9,700

Another sapphire-accented ring, yet with 18k yellow gold housing, this one is bound to catch the eye. This stunning halo engagement ring has a bezel-set 1.36 carat, GIA-certified, antique cushion cut diamond. A halo of natural French cut sapphires frame this magnificent center stone, adding to the glamorous blueprint of this ring. It’s handcrafted with more diamonds accenting the ring’s shoulders. A triple-wire shank emphasizes this cushion cut halo engagement ring’s design.

18. The Sharptown Ring

12991 Sharptown Ring

Price: $9,800

A classic example of cushion cut halo engagement rings, the handcrafted platinum Sharpton ring is a stunning piece. It features a GIA-certified, 1.03-carat, antique elongated cushion cut diamond . A beautiful old European cut diamond halo surrounds the center stone. Design-wise, the ring achieves timeless elegance with its low profile and a set of small diamonds decorating the shoulders.

19. The Springdale Ring

12587 Springdale Ring

Price: $9,500

Surprise your partner with this dazzling floral-inspired cushion cut halo engagement ring. The Springdale ring is handcrafted in 18k yellow gold. It features an attractive 1.30-carat antique cushion cut diamond as the central stone. The floral halo comprises a cluster of old mine cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.45 carats. A stunning under-gallery draws inspiration from crown design, making this unique engagement ring look royal.

20. The Ottawa Ring

14045 Ottawa antique cushion cut diamond and french cut sapphire halo engagement Ring

Price: $9,500

If you’re looking for a unique cushion cut diamond halo engagement ring, the Ottawa Ring is a way to go. Another beautiful piece featuring a sapphire halo, this ring centers a 1.24-carat antique cushion cut center stone. This impressive gem has a radiant J color and VS2 clarity, which adds to its glow. A halo of French cut natural sapphires surrounds the centerpiece and completes the elegant setting of this cushion cut engagement ring.

21. The Sulham Ring

12954 Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Emerald Halo

Price: $9,500

Emerald rings are a beautiful way to show love to your partner. This stunning platinum engagement ring features a 1.30 antique cushion cut diamond. A square bezel encircles the main stone with a cluster of natural faceted calibre emeralds, adding to the ethereal beauty of this ring. The under-gallery features fine details and emphasizes the overall elegance. A set of smaller diamonds extends to the shoulders, finishing this cushion cut halo engagement ring on a sophisticated note.

22. The Harlingen Ring

12567 Harlington antique cushion cut and french cut sapphire double halo engagement Ring

Price: $9,500

There are not many jewelry pieces that radiate power and elegance simultaneously like double-haloed cushion cut rings. The Harlingen ring is an outstanding example of this. This engagement ring is large in size and features an elongated 1.07 carats antique cushion cut diamond. A halo of natural blue French cut sapphires surrounds the center stone, followed by a row of old European cut diamonds. This impressive platinum cushion cut engagement ring features a fine openwork gallery.

23. The Rundell Ring

12252 Rundell cushion cut and diamond halo Ring

Price: $10,200

Make your proposal unique by giving your significant other this delicate cushion cut halo diamond engagement ring. The diamond at the center is an antique cushion cut diamond and weighs nearly1.37 carats. Old cut diamonds surround the primary stone, adorning the dominant diamond beautifully. The platinum ring pays homage to the Art Deco design and channels its sophistication in subtle details. Smaller diamonds decorate the ring’s shoulders, adding to this cushion cut engagement ring’s glamour.

24. The Arcadia Ring

13909 Arcadia Cushion cut emerald and baguette diamond halo engagement Ring

Price: $5,000

Emerald engagement rings represent luck, love, and peace. This is why the Arcadia ring makes an elegant choice for such an occasion. This cushion cut halo ring features a 1.01-carat natural emerald in an emerald cut, which is bezel-set. A halo of baguette cut diamonds accents the central stone beautifully, enhancing its intense and clear color. The diamonds in the halo weigh 0.58 carats in total, with additional round brilliant cut diamonds weighing 0.07 carats total set along the shoulders.

25. The Le Marais Ring

14106 Le Marais Brown Pink diamond cushion cut halo Ring

Price: $3,000

This 18k rose gold on white gold cushion cut halo engagement ring catches the attention immediately. The central diamond is a cushion cut 0.37-carat brownish-pink diamond set in prongs. It is beautifully accented by the double halo. This ring is distinct with two rows of round brilliant cut white and fancy pink diamonds extending to the shoulders. Tapered baguette-cut diamonds continue this design with details of round brilliants.

26. The Brunoy Ring

14045 Ottawa antique cushion cut diamond and french cut sapphire halo engagement Ring

Price: $5,000

Proposals become magical if an emerald ring’s involved. The handcrafted platinum Brunoy ring displays a mesmerizing 1.39-carat, oval cut, natural emerald. Bezel-set, the central stone is encircled with a subtle round cut diamond halo. Another attribute of this elegant cushion cut halo engagement ring is the shoulders featuring smaller diamonds, adding a note of luxury to this jewelry piece.

27. The Lorraine Ring

13357 Lorraine Ring

Price: $4,000

The Lorraine Ring presents a genuinely striking piece if your loved one yearns for antique jewelry. This beautiful antique platinum on 18k yellow gold was handcrafted circa 1905. The stunning cushion cut halo engagement ring centers a 0.20-carat antique cushion cut diamond set in prongs. Its semi-rectangular shape draws inspiration from the Edwardian era and takes on the floral design. The beauty of this ring is in the intense color of the calibrated natural rubies making the halo, as they’re half-bezel set in gold.

28. The Faro Ring

13054 Faro Ring

Price: $5,000

This cushion-cut halo diamond engagement ring is a perfect pick for those who want to stand out with their ring choice. The ring is set in an 18k yellow gold mounting, which displays a 0.60-carat antique cushion cut diamond from circa 1920. A halo of diamonds surrounds the middle stone, with shoulder details made of smaller diamonds to emphasize the delicacy of this cushion cut engagement ring. The triple wire shank and the openwork gallery are other attractive attributes of this cushion cut halo engagement ring.

29. The Tyne Ring

14066 Tyne Ring

Price Upon Request

A breathtaking ruby cushion cut halo engagement ring is a classy and timeless piece. This ring centers the 1.62-carat natural Burma ruby, bezel-set in 18k yellow gold. Old European cut diamonds create a stunning halo around the primary gem, with an additional old European cut diamond on each side, decorating the shoulders. The openwork gallery leads to the triple-wire shank, and delicate milgrain adorns the mount. If you’d love to recreate this stunning cushion cut engagement ring, contact us.

30. The Glenwood Ring

14103 Glenwood Cushion Cut Emerald Ring

Price: $9,000

This impressive 18k white gold cushion cut halo engagement ring boasts a beautiful natural emerald as the centerpiece. The stunning gemstone weighs 1.81 carats, drawing all attention to its intense color. It has a micro-pave halo consisting of round brilliant cut diamonds, with a pair of half-moon shape diamonds flanking the central stone. Fine brilliant cut diamond details are set along the shoulders and add to the sophistication of this ring.

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