K Color

Our collection of K-Color Diamond Engagement Rings. Curated by Estate Diamond Jewelry. These diamonds have a center diamond that features K Color.

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  • Mid-Century 1.06-carat vintage diamond engagement ring Evanston TV 12700Mid-Century 1.06-carat old European diamond vintage engagement ring Evanston TSV 12700

    Evanston Ring. Circa 1950

  • Old European Cut Ring Bayside Ring

    Bayside Ring

  • Lienz Ring Top ViewLienz Ring Top Side View

    Lienz Ring. Circa 1920

  • 12659 Antique Ring TVNorwalk Ring Top Side View

    Norwalk Ring. Circa 1910

  • Platinum and Diamond Art Deco Ring Annecy RingArt Deco GIA Certified Platinum Ring Annecy Ring

    Annecy Ring. Circa 1920

  • 12019 Cairns Engagement Ring TVCairns Ring Top Side View

    Cairns Ring

  • 1.55ct Cushion Cut Diamond Platinum Ring Hedley RingPlatinum and Cushion Cut Diamond Ring Hedley Ring

    Hedley Ring

  • Front View Jersey RingTSV Jersey Ring Vintage

    Jersey Ring. Circa 1920

  • Ludlow Ring Top ViewLudlow Ring Top Side View

    Ludlow Ring

  • Brisbane Ring Top ViewBrisbane Ring Top Side View

    Brisbane Ring

  • Chester Ring Top ViewChester Ring Top Side View

    Chester Ring

  • Sapphire Halo and old European Cut Diamond Ring Top ViewConnecticut Ring

    Connecticut Ring

  • 4.69ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Ring Glen Ridge RingElongated Cushion Diamond Ring Glen Ridge Ring

    Glen Ridge Ring

  • McKinney Ring Top ViewMcKinney Ring Top Side View

    McKinney Ring

  • Vintage Millsboro Ring Top ViewMillsboro Ring Top Side View

    Millsboro Ring. Circa 1910

  • Platinum and Old European Cut Diamond Bow Motif Nebraska RingArt Deco Style Platinum and 2ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring 12996 TSV

    Nebraska Ring

  • 2ct Old European Cut Diamond and Sapphire Halo Ring Top ViewRegal Ring Top Side View

    Regal Engagement Ring

  • TS V of Alperton Ring 4 Carat Diamond

    Alperton Ring

  • 4 Carat Astoria Ring

    Astoria Ring

  • Emerald Halo and Diamond Ring

    Auburndale Ring

  • Brent Ring Top ViewBrent Ring Top Side View

    Brent Ring

  • Cookham Ring Top View12247 platinum Engagement ring

    Cookham Ring

  • Cullum Ring Top ViewCullum Ring Top Side View

    Cullum Ring

  • Diamond Gallery Engagement RingDiamond Gallery Engagement Ring

    Diamond Gallery Engagement Ring

  • Durham Ring Top View12242 TSV Platinum Ring

    Durham Ring

  • Dutchess 5.01ct Cushion Cut Diamond RingDuchess Cushion Cut Ring with Side Diamonds TSV

    Dutchess Ring

  • Old European Cut Diamond and Filigree Platinum Ring Elrig Ring 126511.74ct old European Cut Diamond Platinum Ring Elrig Ring 12651

    Elrig Ring

  • 1.11ct Diamond and Sapphire Platinum Engagement Ring 13281 TV1.11ct Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring 13281 TSV

    Elvas Ring

  • Genesee SB9808 Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement RingGenesee antique 6ct Asscher Cut Ring TSV

    Genesee Ring

  • Geneva Ring Top ViewTSV Geneva Ring

    Geneva Ring