I color

Our collection of I-Color Diamond Engagement Rings. Curated by Estate Diamond Jewelry. These diamonds have a center diamond that features I Color.

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  • Art Deco Diamond and Sapphire Halo Ring - Orleans RingOld European Diamond and Calibre Sapphire Ring - Orleans Ring

    Orleans Ring. Circa 1930

  • Diamond and Platinum Art Deco Ring Blairstown Ring0.55ct Diamond Art Deco Ring Blairstown Ring

    Blairstown Ring. Circa 1930

  • Art Deco Diamond Ring Kirkwood RingArt Deco Infinity Ring Kirkwood Ring

    Kirkwood Ring. Circa 1920

  • vintage Victorian 0.82 diamond cluster floral engagement ring 13220 TVVictorian antique diamond cluster floral engagement ring 13220 TSV

    Leiria Ring. Circa 1880

  • Victorian Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring Circa 1880 Medway TV 12925Victorian Old Mine Diamond Cluster Ring Yellow Gold TSV 12925

    Medway Ring. Circa 1890

  • Art Deco 1-carat GIA Diamond Engagement Ring Rankwell 1930s TV 12327Art Deco 1-carat GIA Diamond Engagement Ring Rankwell TSV 1930s 12327

    Rankwell Ring. Circa 1930

  • Tenby Ring Top View11023 Top Side View

    Tenby Ring

  • Fayetteville Ring Top ViewFayetteville Ring Top Side View

    Fayetteville Ring

  • Mississipi Sapphire Ring PlatinumMississippi Ring Top Side View

    Mississippi Ring

  • 0.50ct Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Newbury Ring Top ViewPlatinum and Double Halo Ring Newbury Ring Top Side View

    Newbury Ring

  • Front View Rennes RingRennes Ring TSV

    Rennes Ring

  • Walton Ring Top ViewWalton Ring Top Side View

    Walton Ring

  • Windham Ring Top ViewWindham Ring Top Side View

    Windham Ring

  • Antique Barcelona RingSide View Antique Barcelona Ring

    Barcelona Ring. Circa 1920

  • Saxon Ring Top ViewSaxon Ring Top Side View

    Saxon Ring

  • 11586 Wells Ring TVPlatinum Wells Engagement Ring TSV

    The Wells Ring

  • Woodside Ring Top View

    Woodside Ring. Circa 1950

  • 4.37 Carat Ring Top Ciew4.37 Carat Ring Top Side View

    4.37 Carat Diamond And Platinum Ring

  • 0.63 Carat Marquise Diamond and Sapphire Halo Ring Alpine RingSapphire Halo Platinum and Diamond Ring Alpine Ring

    Alpine Ring

  • Bel-Air Ring TVHER462 Bel Air Rose Cut Diamond Ring TSV

    Bel Air Ring

  • Old European Cut 0.90ct Diamond Ring - Covina RingPlatinum and Old European Cut Diamond Ring - Covina Ring

    Covina Ring

  • Creston Ring Top ViewCreston antique Asscher Cut diamond prong set Ring TSV

    Creston Ring

  • Emerald Halo Engagement RingsEmerald Halo and Diamond Engagement Rings

    Emerald Halo Asscher Engagement Ring

  • Estate 5.44 Carat RingEstate 5.44 Diamond Ring

    Estate 5 Carat Cushion Diamond Ring

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  • Heathrow Ring Top ViewHeathrow Ring Top Side View

    Heathrow Ring

  • Cluster 0.63ct Old European Diamond Ring - Highland RingPlatinum 0.63ct Diamond Ring Flowerhead Design - Highland Ring

    Highland Ring

  • Cluster Diamond Ring Joplin Ring

    Joplin Ring

  • Navette French Diamond Ring Lakewood RingPlatinum and Gold Navette Ring Lakewood Ring

    Lakewood Ring. Circa 1950

  • Longridge Ring Top View12471 Diamond and Onyx Engagement Ring in platinum

    Longridge Ring

  • Floral Diamond Cluster Earrings Old European Cut - Meadowbrook EarringsPlatinum and Diamond Cluster Earrings Edwardian Style - Meadowbrook Earrings

    Meadowbrook Earrings