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  • 0.96 carat greenwood engagement ring featuring colombian emerald made of platinumemerald gemstone on a beautiful engagement ring with emerald trapezoid diamonds on each side

    0.96ct Emerald Colombian No Oil Ring

  • antique European cut diamonds halo on 0.97 carat Colombian emeraldgemstone engagement ring emerald-cut 0.97 carat no oil Colombian

    0.97ct Emerald and Diamond Cluster, Colombian, No Oil

  • colombian no oil engagement ring emerald and diamondsgreendale engagement ring with diamonds next to emerald stone

    1.02ct Colombian, No Oil Emerald Platinum Ring

  • mayfield ring from Colombia no oil emerald with diamond on each side1.58 carat emerald engagement ring with diamonds on each side

    1.58ct Natural Colombian No-Oil Emerald Platinum Ring. Mayfield Ring.

  • Oval Kashmir Sapphire Double Halo Ring Gem QualityTwo Diamond Halo Natural Sapphire Ring RS3238 F3

    1.81ct Oval Kashmir Sapphire Halo Ring. Lane Ring

  • Emerald Cut Emerald Three Stone Ring - Moravia Ring 14703 TVColombian No Oil Emerald Engagement Ring - Moravia Ring 14703 TSV

    Moravia Ring, Colombian, No Oil

  • 1.95ct Colombian No Oil Emerald Ring - Pennsylvania Ring 14702 TV

    Pennsylvania Ring, Colombian, No Oil

  • 0.97ct Emerald Cut Colombian Emerald Ring - Smyrna Ring 14696 TVColombian Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring -

    Smyrna Ring, Colombian, No Oil

  • Emerald and Diamond Ring Villeta Ring Top ViewAsscher Cut and Emerald Cut Ring Villeta Ring Top Side View

    Villeta Ring, Colombian, No Oil