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GIA 1.01ct Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. New York Ring

SKU: 14919

Platinum GIA 2.69ct Rose Cut Diamond Calabria Engagement Ring

SKU: 14567

Vintage Engagement Ring 0.76ct Elm Park Old Euro Ring. Circa 1955

SKU: 13652

0.54ct Diamond Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring.Eastgate Ring

SKU: 13738

0.80ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. Midhust Ring

SKU: 14831

1.10ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Ring, G color. Marino Ring

SKU: 12632

1.19ct GIA Certified Old European Cut Diamond Ring. Riverview Ring

SKU: 14240

2.29ct Octagon Halo Old Euro Engagement Ring

SKU: 14399

4.55ct Colombian Emerald and Diamond Ring. Livingston Ring

SKU: 13352

5.05ct GIA Certified Emerald Cut Diamond Platinum Ring. Sanremo Ring

SKU: D5406

McKinney Ring. Circa 1900, Antique, Edwardian Era

SKU: 14338

Rovigo Ring. Circa 1920, Antique, Art Deco Era

SKU: 14339

Southwell Ring. Circa 1935, Vintage, Art Deco Era

SKU: 13782

1.01ct GIA Certified Asscher Cut Diamond Ring in Platinum. Baysville Ring

SKU: 14867

1.26ct Burma Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring. Tulip Ring

SKU: 13560

1.58ct Kashmir Sapphire Ring. AGL and GIA. Vercelli Ring

SKU: 155GG

1.80ct Emerald Cut Diamond and Baguette Halo Platinum Ring. Cremona Ring

SKU: 15155

1ct, D Color GIA Certified Platinum Diamond Ring. Huntington Ring

SKU: 12998

2.05ct Old European Cut Diamond, D color, GIA Certified Ring. Aveyron Ring

SKU: 10660

2.50ct Emerald Cut Diamond, Art Deco Stlye Platinum Ring. Piccadilly Ring

SKU: 14206

3.01ct, F color Radiant Cut Diamond Ring. Ellerbe Ring

SKU: 14314

3.14ct GIA Certified Emerald Cut Diamond Ring. Deansgate Ring

SKU: 13601

4.09ct Asscher-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. Haddon Ring

SKU: 13025

5.03ct Antique Asscher Cut Diamond Ring. Crawford Ring

SKU: 13798

5.31ct Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. Sea Cliff Ring

SKU: SB2503
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Asscher Cut Diamond, Baguette Halo Ring. Henlow Ring

SKU: 13845

Emerald Cut Diamond and Emeralds Platinum Ring. Newbury Ring

SKU: 14177

GIA 3.06ct Cushion Cut Sapphire Ring. Queensland Ring

SKU: 13552

GIA 5.99ct Oval Sapphire Cluster Platinum Ring


GIA Certified Asscher cut diamond and Emerald Ring. Atlanta Ring

SKU: 14580VB