Buying a 5 Carat Engagement Ring March 27, 2018 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

There are a few tidbits that we believe it critical to learn before a 5-carat diamond ring. Read below to discover everything that you need to know before making this big purchase.

If you buy a small loaf of bread, and it comes ready sliced, it will have a set number of slices. Buy one twice as long, and it will probably have twice the slices.

If you buy a 1 carat brilliant round cut diamond, it will have 58 facets. However, if you buy a 5-carat diamond, it will still have 58 facets, it won’t have 290 facets (5 times what a 1ct has). This is because each type of cut has a set number of facets and other expected properties. As diamonds get bigger, so the light reflective properties and general appearance can change.

Here. we offer some tips on how to go about buying a 5-carat diamond engagement ring.

Antique or Modern

5 Carat Art Deco Ring with Filigree

Diamonds over 2 carats are very rare. Or at least good ones are. As the diamond sizes increase so does its level of rarity. Once you get anywhere near the 5ct mark, the availability and price reflect just how unusual good diamonds of such a size are. But there are things you can do to pick out an engagement rings which is right for you.

Antique engagement rings, as you’d expect, contain antique diamonds. The difference between antique and modern cut diamonds is the level of precision the cutting entails. Today, diamonds are cut using laser guidance, which brings a high level of consistency. Although not exactly a downside – there is no downside to diamonds, after all – it does mean that a diamond cut yesterday will be all identical to one cut tomorrow. Antique diamonds, because of the hand-produced nature all unique. It may not always be immediately noticeable, but close inspection will show minor deviances by today’s standards.

Not only does this uniqueness carry a certain charm and appeal, but the cut will maximize the light reflecting properties. Because the electric light was still very much in its infancy, it is the purpose of most antique diamonds to use every available ray of light effectively to improve the fire of the stone. At the time, this would have been gaslight or even candles. This cut-for-color approach is very different to the demand for brilliance we see today.

If you can find an antique diamond ring at 5ct or more, enjoy the show, as they are wonderful things, truly.

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The Ring Style

5 carat diamond engagement ring on wooden table

The larger the diamond, the greater the impact of the metal on the overall look. Yellow gold works very well with smaller diamonds, especially those which have a tint of yellow. Bigger stones, though, even with a high level of fire than you find in antique diamonds, are better suited to platinum or white gold. Diamonds of such size just sit more comfortably on a complementary metal color.

The temptation for ring makers who use large diamonds is to let it sit proudly atop the band. The problem with this is that it can start to look top heavy, and even “clunky”.  Look for a design which is sympathetic to the size of the diamond. This might mean a halo or a cushion cut instead of round. Round cuts do seem to fare better when a halo is included. This is all the more evident if the halo is of a contrasting color. Sapphires are a particular favorite when used as a halo around larger diamonds, and the rich blue doesn’t overwhelm the center diamond.

Clusters don’t lend themselves so well to large diamond settings. Some modern designers have embraced the practice in recent years, but it’s something of an acquired taste. If you already have a huge diamond to show off, why have a design which hides a lot of it? Let it shine is what we say!

Size Is Important

5 Carat Emerald-Cut Diamond

Once diamond sizes get past a certain point, they are priced in half and full carats. What this means is that a diamond weighing 4.9 carats will often have the same price as one at 4.5ct. At this size, the price can jump considerably, and that half carat “discount” can make all the difference. This tip applies to all size increments but is much more pronounced with larger diamonds.

Although today the cut sizes of diamonds are much closer to a whole or half carats, this is another time when antique rings have the advantage. It was the look of antique diamonds which was important. If they ended up at a precise full or half carat size, that was just a bonus. When in a setting, it is worth knowing the exact weight of the diamond to see what kind of value it represents. Again, applying a little bit of savvy can pay off handsomely.

The End Result

5ct diamond engagement ring

Large diamonds are very different in a ring setting to smaller stones. Because of this, you should make sure not to be seduced just by the size, but by the look. Check it on your finger. If possible, check it in all lights. The bright, balanced light of the store will be maximized to get the best out of any diamond. The problem is that you probably don’t live in a daylight balanced home. Certainly, restaurants and other venues will use overly warm lighting to enhance the ambiance.

What you want is a diamond which performs well in all lighting conditions. There’s no ideal cut for that, unfortunately, as each will suit one set of lighting conditions more than the other. You may not realize it, but you will have a preference for a particular cut which works for you. Don’t be afraid to ask the jeweler his advice, and to see a range of rings with different cuts.

Engagement rings are very subjective, at the end of the day. Get what you want, and want what you get. It’s a lifetime on your finger, you owe it to yourself to make the right choice.