Top 25 Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

December 28, 2022 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

After diamonds, blue sapphires have become the second most popular stone of choice for engagement rings. Blue sapphires give your engagement ring a unique look while also bringing an element of elegance and beauty. We offer a stunning collection of vintage blue sapphire engagement rings at Estate Diamond Jewelry. Take a look at our selection of the best 25 blue sapphire engagement rings.

1. Portland Ring

13311 Portland Ring

Price: $5,600

We’re starting with the Portland Ring, a gorgeous blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring. The center stone is a 1.52-carat bezel-set sapphire with royal blue saturation. An emerald-cut diamond frame makes the sapphire pop. Together, the diamonds weigh 0.30 carats. Moving onto its undergallery, the openwork filigree and fine milgrain make this engagement ring even more stunning. The sapphire sits on a handmade platinum triple-wire shank.

2. Ellington Ring

13301 Ellington Ring. Circa 1950

Price: $3,500

For those looking for bolder blue sapphire engagement rings, the Ellington Ring might be a perfect choice. This ring is for someone with an acquired taste, and lovers of vintage jewelry will especially appreciate its bulky design. It was made in the 1950s. A 0.60-carat diamond halo frames the 1.93-carat oval-cut natural sapphire. This engagement ring would look best on someone with large, thick fingers.

3. Amherst Ring

13532 Amherst Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Price: $4,800

For those who prefer step cuts, the Amherst Ring is an Asscher-cut ring with a bold blue sapphire. The sapphire is 1.16 carats and has a deep blue saturation. This ring has intricate details, such as the fleur-de-lis on the shoulders and smaller diamonds on the halo. The fleur-de-lis connects to the ring’s triple-wire shank, which is hand-set in platinum.

4. Mississippi Ring

13786 Mississippi Ring

Price: $4,600

If you would like a blue sapphire ring with a diamond as the center stone, take a look at the Mississippi Ring. The 0.50-carat diamond sits in a double halo. French-cut calibrated sapphires make up the inner halo, while old European-cut diamonds form the outer halo. This Asscher-cut ring sits wide on the finger, and it looks mesmerizing from every angle.

5. Wharton Ring

DYL4 Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring in hand

Price: $31,500

For brides-to-be who like large, eye-catching jewelry, the Wharton Ring is definitely a statement piece. What makes it so special is the large 5.99-carat blue sapphire, which will immediately draw the attention of everyone in the room. Inspired by Princess Diana’s engagement ring, this cluster ring has 12 old European-cut diamonds that weigh 2.06 carats in total. The GIA-certified sapphire comes from Madagascar.

6. Queensland Ring

13552 Queensland Blue Sapphire and Old European Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $12,000

If you like unique jewelry you don’t see every day, take a look at the Queensland Ring. It’s a three-stone engagement ring that centers a 3.06-carat cushion-cut sapphire. Two old European-cut diamonds flank the center stone, which together weigh 1.20 carats. There are additional diamonds on the ring’s shoulders, while fine filigree adorn the gallery. This platinum ring is inspired by the Art Deco era.

7. Laguna Ring

DYL20 Laguna Ring

Price: $4,500

The Laguna Ring is for those who prefer dark-blue sapphires. This gemstone has a cabochon cut and 2.99 carats. It’s held by four prongs, while detailed white gold filigree makes this ring charming and unique. Pave-set diamonds go along the ring’s shoulders and frame. Together, they weigh 0.60 carats. Its delicate design resembles the style of Art Deco jewelry.

8. Norfolk Ring

13486 Norfolk Ring. Circa 1910 (Antique, Edwardian Era)

Price: $11,500

For those who want multiple blue sapphires on their engagement ring, the Norfolk Ring is an antique three-stone ring. It’s an Edwardian navette ring with a north-south orientation, so it would look most flattering on long fingers. With a total weight of 1 carat, the three sapphires are pave-set between rose-cut diamonds. The center sapphire has an old European cut, while the other two have a cushion cut.

9. Lane Ring

Kashmir Sapphire Engagement Ring

Price: $65,000

The Lane Ring is another good example of how elegant blue sapphire engagement rings can be. What makes this ring so special is the fact that the center stone is a Kashmir sapphire. These types of sapphires are extremely rare and valuable. It weighs 1.81 carats, and it has strong blue saturation. The ring is handcrafted in 18k white gold, while smaller diamonds line the ring’s structure.

10. Aspen Ring

13105 Aspen Bezel Set Aquamarine and French cut sapphire and diamond double halo vintage style engagement ring

Price: $3,800

The Aspen Ring combines sapphires, diamonds, and aquamarine. It’s an Asscher-cut double-halo ring that centers a 1-carat aquamarine. The first halo comprises natural sapphires, and the second is made from round-cut diamonds. There are diamonds on the shoulders as well. The total approximate weight of the diamonds is 0.40 carats, while the sapphires weigh 0.70 carats.

11. Boonton Ring

10772 Boonton Pear Cut Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Price: $68,000

One of the largest sapphires in our collection belongs to the Boonton Ring. With an amazing 9.59 carats, this natural sapphire originates from Ceylon (modern-day Sri Lanka), which makes it even more valuable. Four prongs hold the sapphire, along with two D-color diamonds on each shoulder. The sapphire has a pear shape, and it sits on a platinum ring.

12. Falkland Ring

14011 Falkland Ring

Price: $14,000

If you’re looking for unique blue sapphire engagement rings, the Falkland Ring will take your breath away. This extravagant engagement ring has a Ceylon sapphire as the center stone and smaller sapphires on the shoulders and extended gallery. The 3.22-carat sapphire comes with a GIA certificate. Smaller diamonds are set on the entire ring, which is platinum on 18k yellow gold.

13. Celina Ring

13715 Celina Cluster Diamond Halo Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Price: $8,200

If you like cluster blue sapphire engagement rings, the Celina Ring is worth considering. It’s impossible to decide which part of the ring is more beautiful – the 1.66-carat oval-cut sapphire or the floral diamond halo. To be more precise, the halo is made up of 10 old European-cut diamonds. Their sparkle adds to the ring’s amazing looks. The ring is handcrafted in platinum.

14. Central Park Ring

14101 Central Park Ring

Price: $3,600

The Central Park Ring is for those who love minimalistic and dainty jewelry. It has a perfect round shape, centering a 0.54-carat antique diamond. A row of French-cut natural sapphires makes up the halo, while smaller diamonds decorate the shoulders. This engagement ring would look best on small fingers. The openwork undergallery adds a charming effect. This ring is handcrafted in platinum.

15. Arezza Ring

14256 Arezza Ring. Circa 1965

Price: $12,000

The Arezza Ring belongs in a class of its own. Of all the blue sapphire engagement rings on this list, the Arezza Ring is the most unique. You won’t know where to look first – at the 4-carat sapphire, the yellow gold mounting, or the pave-set diamonds that go along the shoulders. This engagement ring is for those who like big, bold jewelry that makes a statement.

16. Tiffany Three Stone Ring

14195 Tiffany Three Stone Blue Sapphire And Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $8,000

Lovers of Tiffany jewelry will want to check out the Tiffany Three Stone Ring. The 1-carat sapphire has an incredible blue tone that makes it pleasing to look at. Brilliant-cut diamonds sit on each shoulder of the ring, weighing 0.25 carats each. Its dainty design makes it perfect for smaller fingers. Of course, the ring comes with a Tiffany & Co. signature on the inside.

17. Portimão Ring

13276 Portimão Ring

Price: $6,000

The Portimão Ring could be what you have been looking for if you like uniquely shaped jewelry. It centers a 1.15-carat sapphire with an elongated cushion cut and a lively blue color. What makes it so unique is its setting, which makes the ring resemble a detailed fleur-de-lis. The entire head is set with smaller diamonds, which together weigh 0.77 carats.

18. Woodlands Aquamarine Ring

13465 Woodlands Aquamarine Ring

Price: $5,400

If you like the geometric designs of Art Deco-style jewelry, the Woodlands Aquamarine Ring is for you. There are many elements of this engagement ring that make it stunning, including the natural aquamarine center stone, the sapphire halo, and the diamond halo. The center stone weighs 1 carat, and it has a round brilliant cut. You can find additional diamonds and sapphires on this platinum ring’s shoulders.

19. Tomar Ring

sapphire engagement rings under $5000 Tomar Ring with Diamonds on Gallery

Price: $5,800

Another blue sapphire engagement ring with an elaborate design, the Tomar Ring is one-of-a-kind. The center stone is a 1.20-carat cushion-cut natural sapphire. There are three rows of diamonds above and below the center stone and additional diamonds on the shoulders. Since this ring has an elongated design, it would look best on long, slender fingers.

20. Cald Ring

Peridot August Birthstone Ring from Estate Diamond Jewelry Collection

Price: $4,500

Fans of bold color combinations should take a look at the Cald Ring. At the center, there is a 3.87-carat peridot with an intense green hue. Two halos frame the center stone. The first one comprises a row of natural French-cut sapphires, and the second is made up of old European-cut diamonds. It’s set in a handcrafted platinum mounting.

21. Neston Ring

13936 Neston Ring

Price: $9,800

The Neston Ring is a marquise-shaped navette ring that comes from the Edwardian era. This antique ring was mined in Thailand circa 1900. A 0.68-carat cushion-cut sapphire sits perfectly in the marquise-shaped bezel. Old-cut diamonds line the bezel, sitting on top of an 18k yellow gold setting. The elongated shape makes it ideal for longer fingers.

22. Pacific Ring

13834 Pacific Ring

Price: $4,500

Clean and simple, the Pacific Ring could be what you’ve been looking for. At the center is a 0.52-carat bezel-set diamond that has an emerald cut, J color, and VS1 clarity. A halo of French-cut blue sapphires frames the center stone. The triple-wire shank is made of platinum. You’ll find more elegant details on the ring’s undergallery and shoulders.

23. Fort Collins Ring

12858 Fort Collins Ring

Price: $4,500

Lovers of geometric designs and blue sapphire engagement rings should check out the Fort Collins Ring. It has an Asscher cut, but the sides are slightly curved. At the center is a lively 0.50-carat aquamarine, while sapphires and diamonds form the halo. Two fleur-de-lis ornaments decorate both sides of the head. The ring pictured is sold but can be recreated by our expert artisans.

24. Koi Ring

DYL21 Koi Ruby and Sapphire Cluster Floral Halo Ring

Price: $4,500

If you want a blue sapphire engagement ring no one else has, the Koi Ring is as unique as it gets. It’s a cluster ring that resembles a flower when you look at it from above. The petals are prong-set sapphires, while the center is a 1.51-carat rubellite. Together, the sapphires weigh 2.98 carats. The ring is handcrafted in 18k white gold.

25. Denver Ring

13917 Denver Aquamarine and Sapphire Diamond Halo Ring

Price: $4,800

If you’re looking for large blue sapphire engagement rings, you might like the Denver Ring. It’s a double-halo ring with aquamarine as the center stone. A double row of sapphires forms the inner halo, while the outer halo is lined with old European-cut diamonds. The ring is set in platinum, and it has a triple-wire shank.

7 Tips and Tricks for Buying a Blue Sapphire Ring

Couple researching engagement ring prices online

If you’re looking for blue sapphire engagement rings and don’t know where to start, here are seven tips and tricks for finding the perfect one for your perfect one.

  1. Look for an eye-clean stone with no visible inclusions, especially if you want a larger sapphire.
  2. If you want the sapphire to be the center stone, you can frame it in a diamond halo.
  3. Consider combining your sapphire with other gemstones.
  4. Always ask for a gemology report such as a GIA certificate.
  5. Vintage rings have a type of beauty and spirit that can’t be replicated.
  6. Blue sapphires usually come in silver settings, but gold can also be a good option.
  7. 85% of the sapphires sold have been chemically treated. Check the gem’s documentation.

Talk to a Sapphire Expert

Afshin Negotiating prices on vintage ring at estate diamond jewelry showroom

With so many beautiful blue sapphire engagement rings, finding the perfect one is unquestionably a challenge. But we’re here to help. If you’re interested in any of the blue sapphire engagement rings from this article, feel free to contact us. We’ll help you find an engagement ring so beautiful, your significant other will have to say yes when you pop the question.