Top 15 Bezel Set Sapphire Rings

Written by: Afshin Shaddaie, Jewelry and Gemology Expert
September 13, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Interested in bezel set sapphire rings? Whether you are searching for the perfect piece or just have questions, we are here to help. Continue reading as we go over the details of what makes these types of rings special, the vibrant history behind them, and a list of our top bezel set sapphire rings.

Bezel Set Sapphire Rings 

11429 Rare Kashmir Sapphire Ring Artistic

The alluring bezel setting is not only visually appealing but also ideal for those with active lifestyles. The edges of a bezel set stone slope down into a metal collar, resulting in a smooth and cohesive look. Traditionally, gems in wedding bands and engagement rings have prong settings. So, bezel settings are not the first choice for those searching for a piece of tradition. 

However, the two are similar in some ways. Both bezel and prong settings hold stones in place, and each of these settings is used to bring fantastic ring designs to life. 

While the primary purpose of the settings remains the same, some differences are worth noting. 

Prong settings grip the edge or table of the stone to hold it in place. In contrast, a bezel holds the gem in a metal collar that surrounds the stone. Thus, a bezel holds a gem in place more securely than other settings. 

There are other advantages to bezel settings. For instance, this setting works with almost any stone shape. This setting also hides flaws along the edge of the stone, like inclusions or chips. 

Moreover, the fashionable look of the bezel setting appeals to modern brides. Celebrity Mary-Kate Olsen made headlines with her bezel set engagement ring. While film director Charlie McDowell saw the appeal of this unique setting and proposed to the actress Lily Collins with a bezel-set ring.

History of Bezel Set Sapphire Rings

The bezel setting might appear cutting-edge, but it is actually deeply rooted in history. 

The bezel set sapphire ring is a tribute to historic stone-setting, the style dating back thousands of years. In fact, the bezel is supposedly the oldest stone setting type. With this lengthy history, it’s no wonder that this style is usually found in antique and vintage jewelry. 

Yet, not everyone can afford an original antique. Therefore, new design versions make the style more flexible and accessible. Handcrafted rings inspired by original pieces are widely available.

Without further delay, we hope the following list of original and vintage-inspired rings will be helpful. 

1. Gracefield Ring

Two Tone Ring With Purple Sapphire And Floral Diamond Halo

Price: $7,500. Learn more about the Gracefield Ring.

Starting off our list, the spectacular Garfield Ring displays a lovely bezel-set sapphire within a floral diamond halo.

The GIA-certified purple sapphire weighs approximately 3.25 carats and has not undergone heat treatment. The surrounding floral halo consists of old European-cut diamonds, while an additional diamond is set on each shoulder in a bullet setting. Finally, the ring is platinum on 18k yellow gold and has a total diamond weight of approximately 0.86 carats

2. Norfolk Ring

Elongated Three Sapphire Ring With Floral Diamond Halo

Price: $11,500. Learn more about the Norfolk Ring.

The impressive Norfolk Ring is an excellent representative of what antique rings have to offer. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1910, this elongated three-stone ring features a plain, dainty shank, subtle fleur-de-lis shoulders, and a floral diamond halo.

The outer sapphires are cushion cuts, while the center is round. The surrounding cluster consists of old mine-cut and antique cushion-cut diamonds set in half-bezels. Finally, the sapphires total approximately 1.00 carat.

3. Vandenberg Ring

Octagonal Ring Featuring Sapphire With Diamond Halo

Price: $4,500. Learn more about the Vandenberg Ring.

If floral diamond halos aren’t your style, then perhaps the Vandenberg will be more appealing. The bezel-set 1.25-carat emerald-cut center sapphire is surrounded by a halo of trapezoidal diamonds. Then, the stunning tapered shoulders feature tapered baguette-cut diamonds surrounded by round brilliant-cut diamonds. Finally, the gallery is decorated with bold openwork patterns.

4. Tomar Ring

Dainty Sapphire Ring With Unique Elongated Diamond Elements

Price: $5,800. Learn more about the Tomar Ring

To appreciate the exquisite luxury of this ring, you must take in the features one at a time. This impressive ring features a gorgeous bezel-set sapphire gem front and center. At first, the eye is drawn to the deep blue color of the 1.20-carat cushion-cut sapphire. As you take in the ring, you’ll notice more details like the old European cut diamonds balancing the platinum setting.

What’s more, the various diamond elements of the ring take on a unique variety of shapes. The ring is certainly one of those pieces you will never get tired of admiring. 

5. Waldorf Ring

Cabochon and French Cut Sapphire Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring - Waldorf Ring - Hand Video

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the Waldorf Ring.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, then consider the spectacular Waldorf Ring. One look is all you need to understand what makes this ring exceptionally unique; indeed the cylindrical shape and end stones certainly come together to produce a distinct and wonderful design.

The middle section features a ring of French-cut sapphires while two rings composed of multiple diamond sections follow towards each end of the cylinder. Finally, a Cabochon sapphire sits at each end of the barrel. The total sapphire and diamond weights are 0.47 and 0.63 carats respectively.

6. The Denmark Ring

Square Ring Featuring Diamond Surrounded By Diamonds And Sapphires

Price: $9,500. Learn more about the Denmark Ring

The bezel-set diamond in this ring is enveloped by a sapphire and diamond mounting. The 1.07-carat center stone has J color, and VS2 clarity grades. French-cut sapphires surround the antique center diamond. Eight prong-set diamonds accent the center stone while the shoulders feature an enchanting fleur-de-lis design combined with delicate milgrain to add more beauty. 

7. Camden Ring

Bezel Set Sapphire Ring With Diamond Halo

Contact us for pricing. Learn more about the Camden Ring

The elegant Camden Ring features a 2.10-carat center sapphire displaying a royal blue color with intense saturation. A halo of old mine-cut diamonds surrounds the sapphire, while additional diamonds adorn the shoulders. What’s more, the subtle triple-wire shank enhances the elegant design.

Generally, one potential downside of bezel settings as compared to prongs is that they don’t leave as much of the stone exposed. However, the design of this ring mitigates that con to an extent by offering a simple, yet effective, gap between the center bezel and the halo.

8. Ellington Ring

Large Ring With Center Sapphire And Diamond Halo

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the Ellington Ring

If you appreciate classic designs, then you’ll adore this large vintage ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1950, this ring features a mesmerizing overall design centering around a stunning 1.93-carat oval-cut natural sapphire. A true spectacle on its own, a halo of twelve round brilliant-cut diamonds surrounds and enhances the sapphire. Finally, the last piece of this mesmerizing design; the mounting sits on numerous vertical bars, the center three of which form the shank.

9. Portimão Ring

Uniquely Shaped Ring Featuring Center Sapphire And Diamonds

Price: $6,000. Learn more about the Portimão Ring.

The word “charming” comes to mind when you first lay eyes on this treasure. First, a deep blue 1.15-carat sapphire demands all eyes. The unique gem shape is a stretched-out oval, while old European-cut diamonds flank each side and run along the shoulders. Most importantly, the ring above and below are additional diamonds set in interesting shapes. 

10. Ring

Price: $. Learn more about the Ring.

11. Óbidos Ring

Large Diamond Ring With Sapphire And Diamond Halos

Price: $12,200. Learn more about the Óbidos Ring

A bezel-set antique diamond takes center stage on this stunning double halo ring. The main diamond weighs 1.30 carats, has VS1 clarity, and is UGL-certified. In addition, smaller diamonds sit gracefully on the ring’s shoulders. The initial layer in the double halo is comprised of sapphires, while the outer layer features diamonds. Finally, each element going inward is elevated with the center stone above all. 

12. Montrose Ring

Ring With Large Diamond Cluster And Sapphire Halo

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the Montrose Ring

Multiple round diamonds in a brilliant cut make up the centerpiece of this ring. The stones are set in prongs and grouped in a round bezel. The beauty continues with more accent diamonds set into the shoulders. In addition, a gorgeous halo of French cut sapphires circles around the accents. 

The 18k white gold ring features leaf motif openwork adorning the under gallery as well as fine milgrain bordering the sapphire halo. The total diamond and sapphire weights are 0.70 and 0.69 carats respectively.

13. Central Park Ring

Small Sapphire Halo Ring With Center Diamond

Price: $4,000. Learn more about the Central Park Ring

This charming Art Deco-style engagement ring features a 0.50-carat antique diamond with J color and VS2 clarity. A halo of French-cut calibre natural sapphires surrounds the center diamond, while two old European-cut diamonds adorn each shoulder to provide additional accents. Finally, the total sapphire weight is approximately 0.42 carats.

14. Odell Ring

GIA Certified 2.56ct Emerald Cut Pink Sapphire & Baguette Diamond Halo Ring -Odell Ring - Hand Video

Price: $9,800. Learn more about the Odell Ring

If you’d prefer pink or purple over the more common blue sapphire, then consider the Odell Ring. The alluring 2.56-carat center stone is a GIA-certified natural pink sapphire. Accompanying the breathtaking sapphire, the surrounding halo is composed of baguette-cut diamonds and conforms to the center stone’s octagonal shape.

15. Ring

Price: $. Learn more about the Ring.

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