Buying Guide for 5.5 Carat Diamond Ring

Written by: Afshin Shaddaie, Jewelry and Gemology Expert
June 27, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Buying Guide for 5.5 Carat Diamond Ring Blog Article

If you’re shopping for a truly unique diamond engagement ring, 5.5. carat diamond rings can be an excellent choice. Not only do these gems look delightful, but they’re extremely rare. Since they’re harder to find, they also fall into the category of the most expensive rings. Buying a 5.50 carat engagement ring is a considerable investment. Here’s a detailed how-to to help you choose the perfect one.

How Big Is a 5.50 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?

How Big Is a 5.50 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

Average 5.5 carat diamond rings have a diameter of about 11mm. For comparison, it’s close to 0.4 inches of the average pencil’s width. When talking about diamond rings, the term “carat” has nothing to do with size but weight. Since 5 carats translates to 1 gram, 5.50 carat engagement rings can slightly differ in size yet weigh the same.

The 5.50 carat engagement ring features a central diamond weighing at least 5 carats. Its surrounding features vary by ring design. Still, the hallmark accents of these rings are the valuable stones, and their size is measured by examining their qualities.

5.5 Carat Diamond Size by Shape

When shopping for a perfect 5.50 carat engagement ring, you should measure its worth by its weight category instead of its size. Here’s a chart explaining the ratio between various diamond shapes and cuts and their dimensions.

Diamond cutDimensionsFace-up size (in square mm)
Oval cut 13.99mm x 9.25mm x 5.64mm 10,530 
Round brilliant cut 11.11 mm x 11.11mm x 6.7mm 9,695 
Emerald cut 11.42mm x 8.46mm x 5.5mm 9,180 
Cushion cut 9.96mm x 9.96mm x 6.37mm 8,930 
Pear cut 15.45mm x 9.32mm x 5.69mm 10,525 
Marquise cut 17.76mm x 8.88mm x 5.52mm 11,195 
Asscher cut 9.6mm x 9.6mm x 6.24mm 8,480 

While different cuts provide minor variations in size, this chart shows you that they’re all approximately 100mm/1cm in size. These measures make them above average in proportion, meaning they take up a large area of your finger. Since 5.5 carat diamond rings highlight a single stone, buying an engagement ring featuring additional details could make the cut seem chunky.

However, if you choose a smaller diamond, you can make it appear to be larger by following a few tips.

  • Choose an appropriate cut: The cut of the diamond determines its brilliance and glimmer. A diamond with better light capacity will visually enhance the stone.
  • Another factor influencing the light performance of the rock is clarity: Choose an eye-clean diamond. Stones with higher clearness will reflect the light from the inside, making the diamond appear larger.
  • Select a narrow ring band: It’s a simple change in perspective that puts focus on the diamond.
  • A three-stone setting: Contrasting a single larger stone with two smaller ones will visually enhance the size of the main stone.

How Much Does a 5.50 Carat Diamond Ring Cost?

How Much Does a 5.50 Carat Diamond Ring Cost Graphic

If you’re aiming to purchase a perfect engagement ring for your special someone, choosing one from the 5.5 carat category may require a considerable investment. Due to their rarity, 5.5 carat diamond rings are among the most expensive rings in the world. All diamonds are priced per carat, and 5.5 carat diamond engagement rings range from $40,000 to above $300,000.

Since finding a well-cut 5.50ct diamond is incredibly rare, there’s always a search for the “almost” 5.5 carat diamond rings. The rarer they are, the more their popularity rises, and prices elevate. That is why it’s essential to take into consideration different aspects of diamonds when purchasing such a unique ring. However, the main factor determining the 5.5 carat engagement ring’s price is the value of the central diamond. Ring vendors also consider the size of the individual side stones if they’re all of the same quality.

The price of a 5.50ct diamond starts around $9,000 per carat when referring to K+ ad SI2 diamonds. Diamonds with superior color and clarity grades have a higher price per carat, which rises with their rarity. Weight categories also influence the price range, and their cost increases exponentially with the higher weight value.

What To Look For In a 5.5 Carat Diamond Ring

What to Look for in a 5.5 Carat Diamond Ring

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) determines the value of diamonds by the established criteria of The 4C’s: clarity, cut, color, and carat. While we’ve explained the meaning of carat above, here’s a further explanation of the other three diamond grading elements, which will help you understand the chart below:

  • Clarity: The clarity of a 5.50ct diamond affects its rarity and expense. The fewer tiny markings a diamond has, the more apparent it is. Flawless diamonds are the most expensive, and VS2 is the perfect scale score for 5.5 carat diamond rings. It gives it the appeal of an eye-clean diamond with no visible imperfections.
  • Color: 5.50 carat diamond rings’ color ranges from H to G. H is considered the best color for these rare diamonds. G grade is the second-best pick if you prefer yellow-to-brown hues.
  • Cut: A diamond’s cut is the most critical aspect of diamond shopping. A well-cut 5.5 carat diamond ring directs more light through the stone, providing more brilliance. When buying 5.5 carat diamond rings, a cut determines the perceived size and design of the jewel. Read more about the 5.5ct diamond rings’ cuts further in the article.

5.5 Carat Diamond Pricing Comparisons

5.5 Carat Diamond Pricing Comparisons Educational Article Blog

Now that you have understood the foundations of grading 5.5 carat diamond rings, here’s a chart to assist you in purchasing. Note that the chart is based on a 5-carat diamond rings’ clarity levels and color. Prices may vary by different cuts.

5-Carat Diamond Price per Clarity


If your budget’s not limited, avoid buying diamonds with lower clarity. Generally, your best pick is an SI1 diamond, but you should examine it for apparent imperfections.

A clear cut is a vital feature of 5.5 carat diamond rings and influences many other aspects of a diamond ring. Choosing a well-cut diamond for a minimum rating of AGS 000 will spare you from buying a dull gem. Here’s a chart of 5.5 carat diamond rings regarding their cut shapes.

5-Carat Diamond Features and Prices

Type of cutFace-up sizeDimensionsPrice range
Round96.95 mm211.11 × 11.11 × 6.7 mm$38,250 to $613,850
Oval105.3 mm213.88 × 9.25 × 5.64 mm$35,330 to $400,560
Princess88.75 mm29.42 × 9.42 × 6.78 mm$34,060 to $141,600
Emerald91.8 mm211.42 × 8.46 × 5.5 mm$44,000 to $311,376
Cushion89.3 mm29.96 × 9.96 × 6.37 mm$40,400 to $325,087
Asscher84.8 mm29.6 × 9.6 × 6.24 mm$42,350 to $243,600
Pear105.25 mm215.47 × 9.32 × 5.69 mm$51,200 to $417,690
Marquise111.95 mm217.76 × 8.88 × 5.42 mm$54,180 to $463,890
Radiant92.75 mm29.88 × 9.88 × 6.32 mm$30,390 to $319,940
Heart90.65 mm211.22 × 11.22 × 6.73 mm$48,310 to $279,700
Trillion108.52mm²13.23 × 13.23 × 5.29 mmRare as a central stone

Very little 5.5 carat diamond rings have an ideal cut, and they cost a luxury price when they do. Consider all of these quality grades when buying such a large diamond. Wearing a 5.50 carat engagement ring will let your loved one feel the weight of the ring on their hand.

Tips For Finding The Perfect 5.50 Carat Diamond Ring

Tips for Finding the Perfect 5.50 Carat Diamond Ring

Perfection doesn’t exist, but it’s possible to find a 5.5 carat diamond ring close to it. Even the most experienced diamond experts have come across only a few. However, surprising your significant other with an exceptional and rare diamond ring can be an achievable goal. Here are a few helpful tips when shopping for a 5.50 carat engagement ring.

  • Set a reasonable budget to cover the finer details of choosing a 5.5 carat diamond.
  • Don’t overlook the diamond’s cut, as it determines its price and appearance.
  • A single-diamond setting highlights the diamond best
  • A larger size means more sparkle.
  • Go for a lab-created diamond or a halo setting if you are on a budget.
  • Assess the diamond’s clarity level to ensure a close-to-flawless appearance.
  • Pick a diamond whose color is H and above, with a G grade at the top for an icy glimmer.

A 5.5 carat diamond is bound to catch the eye. Finding a perfect 5.50ct diamond engagement ring is hard, but it isn’t science fiction. An ideal diamond ring purchase is the perfect balance between your budget and the features a 5.50ct carat engagement ring provides. What is certain is that such a ring makes a beautiful and valuable possession and will can your loved one feel extraordinary.

5.50 Carat Weight (CW) vs. 5.50 Total Carat Weight (TCW)

5.50 Carat Weight (CW) vs. 5.50 Total Carat Weight (TCW)

Many confuse the concepts of a carat weight (CW) and total carat weight (TCW) when buying 5.5 carat diamond rings. Carat weight (CW) is a weight of a single stone. In the case of most 5.5 carat diamond rings, the 5.5 refers to the value of the only stone the ring features. At Estate Diamond Jewelry, we value our 5.50ct diamond rings’ weight based only on the central diamond.

TCW combines the weight of all diamonds in a multi-stone ring. These include the central stone, the smaller diamonds in the halo, and the ones on the ring’s shoulders. Additionally, some 5.5 carat diamond rings feature colored gems like rubies, sapphires, or emeralds, in addition, to the central 5.5 carat diamond. The overall weight of these rings is called “total gem weight.” All of these measurements impact the price of the engagement ring, depending on its specific features.

5.50 Carat Diamond Shape and Cuts

It’s not easy to choose the perfect 5.50ct diamond engagement ring. There are plenty of different designs for these unique jewelry pieces, and each one is special.

A 5.50 carat diamond ring can vary dramatically in size and shape. If you’re on a quest to buy a unique one, you should understand the basics of 5.5 carat diamond ring design. Choosing a setting style and the diamond’s cut is vital to getting the perfect ring.

Here is a quick roundup of 5.5 carat diamond rings’ shapes and cuts.

5.5 Carat Oval Cut Diamond

5.50 Carat Diamond Shape and Cuts  Oval Cut Diamond

Suppose you want a budget-smart option that looks as luxurious as rings with more considerable carat weight. In that case, an oval cut is your top choice. It’s attention-capturing and elegant. Consider them if your partner prefers a romantic, feminine design with a beautiful sparking capacity.

The oval shape visually enhances the ring’s size. They’re one of the most popular cuts for 5.5 carat diamond rings. This cut gives the engagement ring a sophisticated, elongated look that flatters any finger. Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Kourtney Kardashian, Serena Williams, and Blake Lively have sported oval-cut engagement rings and contributed to this style’s growing popularity.

5.5 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond

5.50 Carat Diamond Shape and Cuts  Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion cut diamonds bring classic appeal to this ring, which sports an elongated rectangle base with soft, rounded edges. A detailed cut like this is perfect if you’re searching for a ring that’s all about shine and soft light from the inside. It’s also known as the “pillow cut.”

Cushion cut diamonds’ history is one of the longest. This exquisite design was popular in the 18th century and was called “the mine cut” back then. However, it came back to popularity in the past few years as a top choice for those who like to channel the “old money” vibes with their jewelry. A cushion cut 5.5ct diamond engagement ring looks just as beautiful in modern settings as it does in vintage settings.

5.5 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond

5.50 Carat Diamond Shape and Cuts  Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald cut rings channel the Art Deco design, which is why vintage style lovers adore this shape. It sports a rectangular step-cut with an open table and cropped corners. However, the power of this diamond cut style lies more in its “hall-of-mirrors” effect than the inner shine. Due to its long silhouette and angular shape, this cut of a 5.5. carat diamond highlights its clarity. The angularity also dramatically catches the light and breaks it in interesting ways. Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Lopez, and Angelina Jolie are only a few celebrities that were seen wearing this specific cut.

The emerald cut 5.5ct diamond engagement ring looks beautiful on anyone’s fingers, especially if you choose a vertical one. It elegantly elongates the fingers and makes them appear slender. Remember when buying an emerald cut 5.5 carat diamond engagement ring that this shape is all about clarity. It doesn’t sparkle as much as other shapes, so consider what you’re aiming for before choosing this shape.

5.5 Carat Round Cut Diamond

5.50 Carat Diamond Shape and Cuts Round Cut Diamond

Suppose you are searching for a brilliantly bright engagement piece that always glitters. In that case, you won’t miss a round-cut 5.5-carat diamond ring. These rings also fall under the most expensive category of 5.5 carat engagement rings, so be prepared to invest.

The round cut has everything. It’s the only diamond shape that gets the perfect Triple Excellent Cut Grade rating. It’s exactly what the name says: a round 5.5 carat round cut diamond shining with timeless elegance. This cut is also trendy, so chances are you already know someone with an engagement ring featuring this shape.

Its simple design highlights the diamond’s sparkle and makes it outshine the ring’s other features. The shine is its hallmark feature, and a 5.5 carat diamond ring looks stunning in this style.

5.5 Carat Asscher Cut Diamond

5.50 Carat Diamond Shape and Cuts  Asscher Cut Diamond

If you’re looking for an eccentric choice of a 5.5 carat diamond ring, then his stunning cut is for you. Asscher cut diamond rings look similar to the emerald cut but have a square shape instead of a rectangular one. They also have a higher crown and a more prominent step facet, which adds to their uniqueness. These rings are for the fashion-conscious and have made their way into pop culture. “Sex and the City” features an Asscher cut diamond engagement ring during Carrie Bradshaw’s brief engagement to Aidan Shaw.

This attractive cut’s hallmark feature is producing high-quality brilliance. Asscher cut 5.5ct diamond rings generate impressive shine and sparkle, unlike many other diamond cuts. Diamond experts often describe its glimmer as an “endless hallway with reflective mirrors.” However, this cut is short of clarity due to the flat table of the stone. If you set your eye on an Asscher cut, opt for a stone with at least a VS2 clarity grade.

5.5 Carat Marquise Cut Diamond

5.50 Carat Diamond Shape and Cuts  Marquise Cut Diamond

Marquise cut 5.5 carat diamond rings have an almond shape resembling an eye. These diamonds are high in brilliance and have a vibrant history. The story says that Louis XV commissioned the Marquise cut to resemble his main mistress’ lips. Back then, the Marquise cut was reserved only for royalty, and many exciting stories associate the cut with romance and desire. In modern times, celebrities like Ashlee Simpson, Victoria Beckham, and Catherine Zeta-Jones have all sported a marquise cut engagement ring.

These 5.5ct diamond rings’ crown has one of the largest surfaces among popular shapes. Marquise cut diamonds have a narrow and pointed shape and are altered brilliant diamonds. Surprise your special someone with a Marquise cut 5.5 carat engagement ring if they prefer a sleek design.

These rings seem larger than they are and give a longer, slimmer appearance to the wearer’s hands. These cuts evoke old-world elegance and give a glamorous allure to the overall look. If you think your partner would appreciate a 5.5 carat diamond ring with an enchanting allure, this stone shape is your top choice.

Pros and Cons of a Vintage 5.50-Carat Ring

Pros and Cons of a Vintage 5.50-Carat Ring Graphic

Vintage 5.50 carat diamond rings are extremely rare. While handcrafting done in the early 20th century doesn’t have the clean-cut quality of modern diamonds, vintage diamonds’ value is unquestionable. You can choose many historic styles and cuts for your partner, from across the Georgian Era to popular Art Deco designs. Here are some pros of buying a vintage 5.50 carat engagement ring:

  • A vintage ring’s beauty lies in its imperfections and imprecision, giving them a unique appeal.
  • There are many era-specific styles and cuts to choose from.
  • They’re cheaper than modern, clean-cut 5.50ct diamond rings, making them a budget-wise option.
  • Vintage 5.5 carat diamond rings often have a rich history and add a story to the ring.
  • They have a high level of intricate detail.
  • They’re more environmentally friendly.
  • Vintage 5.50ct rings have proven durability and lasting beauty.
  • The diamonds’ quality is more subtle, providing a variety of attractive colors.
  • They’re conflict-free and ethically sourced.

However, vintage 5.50 carat diamond rings also have a few shortcomings. Modern technology has made it easier to cut diamonds precisely, so vintage stones may not seem as sharply cut. If you’re considering buying a vintage 5.50 carat engagement ring, you should also consider its negative points:

  • Vintage 5.50 carat diamond rings don’t provide as much sparkle as modern ones.
  • Their color range is not as bright.
  • While durable, vintage 5.50ct diamond rings often show signs of damage.
  • They require delicate maintenance.

Vintage 5.5 carat engagement rings are not for everyone. While their quality isn’t as polished as in modern diamond rings, they have unique advantages. Choosing a vintage 5.50ct diamond ring for your partner is a matter of personal preference. We hopefully helped you decide if it’s your cup of tea.

Talk to an Expert

Talk to a Diamond Expert 5.50 Carat Diamonds

Buying a 5.5 carat diamond ring for your engagement isn’t a light decision. It would be best if you considered different factors before buying one since these diamonds are one of a kind. Additionally, they fall into the category of the most expensive diamonds in the world, so you should invest in them wisely.

If you can’t decide on your own, consult a diamond expert. For any additional questions about buying a 5.5 carat diamond ring, fill out the form below. One of our diamond experts will reach out to you as soon as possible.