4 Carat Engagement Rings

Estate Diamond Jewelry is proud to present our rare collection of 4 carat engagement rings. These fine rings have a center diamond with a weight of at least four carats.

Please note: Most of our 4 carat diamond rings aren’t yet listed on the website. Please feel free to contact us to request more options.

How Big will a 4 Carat Diamond Ring Look on My Finger?

Lady wearing 4 carat diamond ring on finger

The picture below is a demonstration of how large a four carat ring might look on your hand. Due to the size of the 4 carat diamond, the ring style will not really require a halo of diamonds around the center. A 4 carat round diamond has an approximate width of 10.30mm and will fill the finger nicely.

Assuming that the average finger size is 17mm, a 4 carat diamond will fill 60% of the finger’s width. If you add a halo, the ring will take up 70% – 80% of the finger’s width.

4 carat diamond engagement ring on finger
This picture is of a 4 carat vintage engagement ring on a finger. Note the elaborate designs along the shoulders.

How much does a 4 Carat Diamond Cost?

The chart shows the market prices fothe r a 4-carat diamond. Due to the rarity of the 4-carat diamond, it is very likely that the actual price may be a lot more. As the diamond weight size becomes larger, so does the premium for its rarity.  These prices were updated at the end of 2018.

Please note that the prices below are for a 4.00-carat diamond. Obviously, a 4.50-carat would cost substantially more.

 Color RangeSI1 ClarityVS2 ClarityIF Clarity
K Color$52,000$62,100$80,500
J Color$64,500$73,600$96,000
I Color$73,000$87,400$119,500
H Color$85,000$155,000$161,000
G Color$96,500$138,000$213,500
F Color$112,500$163,300$282,000
E Color$119,500$179,400$317,500
D Color$125,500$188,600$450,000

How to Buy a 4 Carat Diamond Ring?

Side Angle of a 4 Carat Diamond Ring

Buying a 4 carat diamond ring is a big decision. Here at Estate Diamond Jewelry, we have been curating 4 carat diamond rings for over 35 years. There are several things that you should know before making your decision. Here is our top advice.

  • First an foremost, research the sellers. Buying a 4-carat diamond is a big decision. Make sure that your seller has a pristine reputation. Check Google Reviews, Yelp and BBB.
  • Request documentation and certifications. There will likely be documentation for the diamond. Request to view the information and analyze it carefully.
  • Speak with an insurance broker and ensure that your new ring will be covered. Losing or breaking a 4 carat ring without insurance is a terrifying thought.
  • Learn the characterstics of the diamond and then research what it means. Arming yourself with knowledge is the most effectiv way to shop for your diamond.
  • Ask for the history of the diamond and/or ring. Ensure that it is ethically sourced.

If any of the rings interest you, please contact our dedicated staff to inquire about the ring you have in mind. They will be happy to help you and will be able to search our inventory and find you the rest of the 4 Carat Engagement Rings from our collection.

Estate Diamond Jewelry can be reached directly at our showroom phone number at (212) 265-3868. You may also reach us via email at info@estatediamondjewelry.com