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Top 20 0.90 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings

13035 Bolton Ring

If you want more bang for your buck, then consider engagement rings with center diamonds just under 1.00 carat as they are some of the best value rings you can buy. You can easily get an eye-catching engagement ring in this carat range without spending a fortune, so read on to discover the top 20 0.90 carat diamond engagement rings.

1. Highbridge Ring

Art Deco Era Highbridge Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $6,500

The Highbridge Ring is one of many admirable pieces from the Art Deco era.

It features a prong-set 0.93-carat old European-cut diamond with I color and VS1 clarity grades. The dome-shaped mounting is embellished with breathtaking artwork and fine milgrain and exhibits openwork throughout. The shoulders and the shank are decorated with hand engravings that make this already beautiful ring something truly special.

2. Madrid Ring

Madrid Floral Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $5,700

The Madrid Ring is another exciting addition to our list of the top 20 0.90 carat diamond engagement rings.

An excellent choice for those wanting an Art Deco style piece, the Madrid features a gorgeous 0.92-carat old European-cut center diamond with J color and VS2 clarity set in prongs. A cluster of old European-cut diamonds surrounds the center stone, while additional diamonds are pavé-set along the shoulders bringing the total carat weight of the additional stones to approximately 0.22.

3. Milton Ring

Art Deco Era Milton Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $6,000

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1930, this vintage ring is an excellent choice for those unafraid to grab some attention.

The 0.90-carat old European-cut center diamond is graded J for color and VS2 for clarity. This Art Deco era ring boasts plenty of detail. For instance, the center diamond is haloed by additional diamonds that graduate toward the shoulder, creating a feminine style. What’s more, the surrounding design features different shapes. Finally, the additional diamonds weigh approximately 0.30 carats in total.

4. Covina Ring

Covina Delicate Diamond Ring With Additional Diamonds

Price: $5,900

The Covina Ring is certainly perfect for those wanting a delicate and luxurious item. The GIA-certified center diamond of this impressive ring is 0.90 carats and boasts I color and VS2 clarity grades. What’s more, this special stone is emphasized by a minimal four-prong setting with contrasting color. Additionally, the gallery and shoulders are lined with additional diamonds that add significant sparkle.

5. Henlow Ring

Henlow Diamond Halo Engagement Ring With Adorned Shoulders

Price: $7,000

If she’s a fan of geometric halo rings, then the Henlow Ring will surely make her smile.

This ring features a 0.84-carat Asscher-cut center diamond surrounded by a stunning halo of baguette-cut diamonds. What’s more, the center stone holds GIA certification and is graded as F color and SI1 clarity. Round brilliant-cut diamonds adorn the shoulders while beautiful openwork decorates the gallery. Finally, fine milgrain borders emphasize the halo, center diamond, and shoulders.

6. Boston Ring

13084 Boston Ring

Price: $8,000

The Boston Ring is another exciting addition to the list of the best 0.90 carat diamond engagement rings. It features a lively Emerald cut diamond that weighs 0.87 carats. Framing the center stone is a stunning halo of blue French-cut sapphires, followed by another halo of old European-cut diamonds. This ring ensures the wearer’s maximum comfort, thanks to its low profile.

7. Ashbourne Ring

Edwardian Era Ashbourne Engagement Ring With Diamond Halo

Price: $4,500

Up next, the Ashbourne Ring is an excellent choice for bold women who are eager to showcase their love for luxury, class, and glamor.

This exquisite navette ring features 0.90 carats of three beautiful old mine-cut center diamonds set in a verticle orientation. Bordering the center stone are additional single-cut diamonds that give the ring extra sparkle. What’s more, the gap emphasizes both the halo and center stones.

This platinum on 18k yellow gold engagement ring is likely to become an heirloom thanks to its timeless beauty and unmatched craftsmanship.

8. Lucerne Ring

Uniquely Shaped Lucerne Diamond Ring Featuring Swirling Openwork

Price: $2,800

If you’re looking for something unique, then the Lucerne Ring is an excellent choice.

This show-stopper ring features three old mine-cut diamonds in a diagonal row with overall carat weight, color grades, and clarity grades of 0.90, J-K, and VS1-VS2 respectively. Intricate swirling openwork designs adorned with rose-cut diamonds surround the three stones. Finally, the ring was handcrafted in platinum and 18k yellow gold circa 1900.

9. Walton Ring

Walton Double Halo Ring Featuring Rubies And Diamonds

Price: $4,800

Elegance doesn’t have to be costly, and the Walton Ring proves just that.

The center stone of this strikingly beautiful engagement ring is a 0.50-carat Asscher-cut diamond with I color and VS2 clarity. The surrounding double halo begins with a layer of natural calibre and French-cut rubies, followed by a stunning halo of old-cut diamonds. This ring is platinum and features a triple-wire shank and an intricate under-gallery.

Although the center diamond is 0.50 carats, the total diamond weight is approximately 0.90 carats.

10. Edison Ring

Art Deco Era Edison Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $3,800

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, the Art Deco era Edison Ring features a sleek design. The 0.70-carat old European-cut center stone features H color and SI1 clarity and is set in box prongs. The tapered shoulders feature single-cut diamonds and fine milgrain borders. Finally, the ring bears French hallmarks.

11. Delray Ring

Delray Floral Diamond Halo Ring Featuring Marquis Stones

Price: $11,000

The striking Delray Ring is yet another exciting 0.90 carat diamond engagement ring.

The center stone of this stunning cluster engagement ring is a cushion-cut diamond with impressive D color and SI1 clarity. The beautiful cluster features marquis-cut diamonds set on an angle, thus enhancing the floral design of the ring. Finally, the Delray Ring also features a unique openwork under-gallery which adds to its beauty.

12. Elm Park Ring

Dainty Vintage Elm Park Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $5,800

The Elm Park Ring is an excellent choice for those wanting a delicate vintage piece. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1955, this lovely ring features an eye-catching old European-cut center diamond that weighs 0.76 carats and is certified by the GIA as I color and SI1 clarity. A tapered baguette-cut diamond adorns each shoulder. Finally, the total diamond weight of this vintage ring is estimated to be 0.92 carats.

13. Ocean View Diamond

Yellow Gold Ocean View Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Price: $8,000

Next on the list of the top 20 .90 carat diamond rings is the platinum on 18k yellow gold Ocean View Ring. The old European-cut 0.94-carat center diamond of this outstanding cluster engagement ring is set in prongs and is GIA-certified as H color and SI1 clarity. The center diamond comes surrounded by a halo of old European-cut diamonds, which enhances the ring’s floral design.

14. Milford Ring

Milford Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Floral Diamond Halo

Price: $8,200

The Milford Ring made it on the list of the top 0.90 carat diamond engagement rings thanks to its breathtaking floral design and timeless beauty. The center stone of this charming ring is a 0.75-carat old European-cut diamond with H color and SI1 clarity. Last but certainly not least, eight diamonds comprise the surrounding floral halo bringing the total diamond weight to approximately 1.20 carats.

15. Toledo Ring

Toledo Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Blue Sapphires

Price: $8,500

This charming Art Deco-style engagement ring features an old European-cut center diamond that weighs around 0.89 carats. What’s more, the center stone is GIA-certified and graded H color and VS1 clarity. Flanking each shoulder, old-cut diamonds and baguette sapphires are enhanced by fine milgrain filigree, which together makes an excellent feast for the eyes.

16. The Groton Ring

Groton Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Engravings

Price: $4,200

The Groton Ring made it to the list thanks to its intricate and intentional design.

If she prefers subtle elegance, then this is a great choice. The 0.84-carat old European-cut center stone features J color and VS2 clarity grades. Each shoulder is split into three sections which graduate toward the center and feature five total diamonds. Each section is emphasized by fine milgrain borders, which add to the ring’s radiance. Openwork, filigree, and delicate milgrain accentuate the gallery.

17. Lenoir Ring

Art Deco Era Lenoir Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $4,000

Next on the list of the top 0.90 carat diamond rings is the Lenoir Ring. Centering this French Art Deco engagement ring sits a bezel-set old European-cut diamond that weighs around 0.85 carats. The center stone boasts J color and VS1 clarity grading. A single-cut diamond flanks each shoulder, and detailed openwork accents the under-gallery. This ring also features maker marks and French Assey marks.

18. Utah Ring

Elongated Utah Diamond Engagement Ring With Diamond Halo

Price: $9,000

The Utah Ring is an excellent choice for those looking for a geometric halo engagement ring. The center stone of this ring features a lively GIA-certified elongated cushion cut diamond that weighs 0.95 carats. It holds an H color and SI2 clarity grade. A rectangular-shaped diamond halo with cut corners further accents the center stone.

Finally, each fleur-de-lis shoulder is set with a diamond, while the ring also has a triple-wire shank for added comfort and stability.

19. Virginia Ring

Virginia Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Hand Engravings

Price: $4,000

If you want a unique and unassuming vintage ring, then consider the Virginia Ring. Handcrafted in 18k white gold circa 1950, this exquisite ring features an old European-cut 0.71-carat center diamond set in box prongs. What’s more the center stone features J color and VS1 clarity. Embellishing the remaining surface of this rounded ring we find detailed fine milgrain and hand engravings.

20. Luton Ring

Art Deco Era Luton Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $4,000

Wrapping up our list, the French Luton Ring is similar to the Edison Ring above but with a charming twist. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, this Art Deco ring features a 0.60-carat center diamond with I color and SI2 clarity. The tapered shoulders are adorned with smaller diamonds and feature an elegant openwork shape.

0.90ct Diamond vs. 1.0 Carat Diamond

loose diamonds on gray background

Visually, there are no significant differences between 0.90-carat diamonds and 1.00-carat diamonds. In fact, to the naked eye, they are typically indiscernible. In general, if you opt for a 0.90-carat diamond you’re likely to pay 10-15% less than if you opt for a 1.00-carat diamond with similar quality specifications, i.e., cut, color, and clarity. So, if you want to get the best value, then 0.90-carat diamonds are ideal.

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