What Does Your Engagement Ring Say About You?

Written by: Benjamin Khordipour, Jewelry and Gemology Expert
August 30, 2021 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

An engagement ring is the greatest symbol of love and, likely, the most cherished piece of jewelry you can ever own. The shape, cut, color, and position of stones in the ring can tell a lot about your style and view of life.

No matter whether your second half has chosen the ring following your hints or own taste, most often the engagement ring suits the personality of its owner very well. 

Round Cut: Timeless Classic 

Edwardian Style Diamond Engagement Ring

This shape is, without a doubt, the most popular diamond style in the world. It allows the stone to sparkle with higher intensity with the help of over 56 facets. Besides that, round cut forgives imperfect color – the radiance and numbers of rainbow rays mask inclusions well. A round diamond ring may be pricier than a ring of another shape, as they are always in high demand, but it is worth it – they never go out of style. 

If your choice is the round cut, you likely have a timeless style and value traditions. You aren’t spending energy to stand out from the crowd but instead, value everlasting things, such as family. 

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Emerald Cut: Quiet Elegance 

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring SB1056

Emerald cut engagement rings are often understated. They have fewer facets, but loads of pros. This shape makes the diamond look bigger, elongates the fingers, and gives an art-deco touch to your look. The emerald cut reveals the clarity of the stone – this can be considered both a pro and a con, but if you have found a truly perfect piece, everyone will notice it. 

An emerald cut diamond on your finger suggests that you are elegant and soft-spoken, but fancy chic with an edge. You concentrate on becoming a better version of yourself, not seeking the approval of the crowd. 

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Cushion Cut: Endless Femininity 

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 12301-Artistic

In the old variation, it’s called the antique cushion mine cut, this shape has been around since the 1700s and has 58 to 64 facets. It has a softer look than round and princess cuts, featuring a rectangular shape with rounded sides.

Although not as sparkling as the round cut, the cushion cut has a more prominent fire, flashing with colorful rays. Because of that, this cut works great for colored gemstones. It is practical, too – you won’t catch clothing or objects with sharp edges. 

The cushion cut is best for brides who adore the vintage style. If you have a cushion cut engagement ring, you likely are feminine, kind, and humble. You are sensible, loyal to your loved ones, and don’t have to scream out loud to get noticed. 

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Oval Cut: Contemporary Classic 

Oval Cut Engagement Ring with Ruby 12936

This cut has the same facet number as the round cut, but a different, elongated shape. It gained popularity in the ‘60s and has been serious competition to classic cuts since. Firstly, the oval shape makes the diamond look bigger. Secondly, it is just as good at masking clarity and color imperfections as the round cut. Thirdly, your fingers will appear slimmer with an oval cut. Be aware of the bow-tie effect – all oval cut diamonds have some light leakage due to uneven light distribution. However, each bow tie is different and can be beautiful, too. 

If you wear an oval cut engagement ring, you are a genuine trendsetter. You like to turn heads and size does matter to you. Sophisticated yet remarkable, this is a choice for someone bold and adventurous. However, you also pay tribute to eternal values, respecting family traditions, and being a faithful person. 

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Pear Cut: Extravagant Yet Elegant 

Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring GS404

The pear cut is one of the rarest shapes of engagement rings, but certainly not the least eye-catching. This shape catches the light well, intensifying sparkle. However, it also escalates any color, so consider upgrading toa higher color grade. Just like the oval cut, pear cut diamonds have a unique bow-tie effect. Last but not least, the pear cut engagement ring provides more styling options, as it can be worn either with the sharp point up or down, changing the look noticeably. Some rings even have a horizontally oriented pear cut diamond – a look worth real fashionistas. 

Brides who go for a pear cut engagement ring are extravagant and have their opinion about everything. Self-confident and creative, you prefer to move to the beat of your drum. You don’t want to be a regular, traditional housewife – instead, you want to stand out and be remembered. Certainly not soft-spoken or timid, you are fun to be around and love to express yourself. 

Princess Cut: A Royal Choice 

Comprising over 50 facets, this cut is another sparkle champion. Stones can be rectangular or square. Elongated shapes can make your fingers appear more slender, while a square diamond has a more classic look. Just like the round cut, the princess cut is good at hiding imperfections, but is less popular (but no less beautiful!) and therefore, often less costly. Princess cut diamonds look great in solitaire rings, featuring a truly royal look. 

If you went for the princess cut, you stick to a classic look with a modern touch. You like contemporary things and are in no way boring. You are confident and self-sufficient. Maybe, you even like to set your trends? 

Marquise Cut: For Dramatic Personalities 

Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 12684-Artistic-2

Another trendy cut, which tells a lot about the personality of a ring owner. Marquise cut features 56 facets and has an outstanding sparkle. However, you should be aware when choosing this shape. Due to the pointed edges, marquise cut stones are prone to chipping and catch clothes and hair easily. This can be avoided by choosing the right setting that will protect the stone. Color grading is important, too. Finally, marquise-cut does not forgive low clarity, especially if the inclusions are located at the ends of the stone. But that’s not a high price to pay for something so sumptuous, right? 

Marquise cut is for dramatic brides with a striking sense of style and powerful character. You stand your ground and aren’t afraid to express your opinions. Your confidence and individuality are impressive, and you certainly aren’t a down-to-earth person. 

Asscher Cut: To Make a Statement 

Asscher Cut Engagement Ring SB1061

Similar to the emerald cut, the Asscher cut has 58 layered facets, creating a square shape with angled corners. This cut is less shiny than the Princess Cut, and is not going to mask inclusions – but if you go for the Asscher cut, you likely know your worth and aren’t ready to compromise the stone’s quality. This is a great choice for clear, evenly colored diamonds. 

Worn by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, this is a choice for stylish brides, who adore everything vintage. Your ring isn’t just a symbol of love – it’s a statement piece. You have an impressive imagination but also love timeless designs. Sincere, straightforward, and reliable, you have nothing to hide and are a great support for friends and family. 

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Heart Cut: An Attention Seeker 

If you hate seeing other women wearing the same pieces as you, you will appreciate a heart-shaped engagement ring. It is a rare shape for lovers of unique designs. A heart cut diamond will look perfect as a solitaire, drawing all the attention. When purchasing a ring with such an unusual shape, it is important to watch out for perfect proportions, which will ensure spectacular shine and fire to the stone. 

If you are wearing a heart-shaped diamond ring, you believe in symbolism and individuality. What could be a better symbol of love than a heart, after all? Everything in your life has a reason, and everything you do exhibits a rare aesthetic or your personality. 

A Vintage Ring: A Symbol With a History 

Vintage Engagement Ring with Diamond 11414

Is your ring a family relic, or was it owned by someone unknown from the 19th century? Either way, vintage rings are remarkable one of a kind, often featuring a style that can’t be found in stores nowadays. Some pre-owned rings can cost significantly less than a new piece, and each of them has its own, special history. 

If you are fascinated by history, this option is your go-to. You are romantic and artistic, and, perhaps, love to think of past days’ events, including the love story of your ring. Traditions are crucial, and you are determined to preserve them.?You want to contribute to eternal values and, likely, are against wasteful consumption, preferring to repair old, rather than buy new. 

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A Colored Gemstone: For the Most Creative Brides 

Ruby Engagement Ring Floral Halo 12938

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a diamond, right? If you fancy a dash of color, a gemstone engagement ring may be a good choice. The most common diamond alternatives are sapphire, emerald, and ruby rings, but any other gemstone will be a great option, as long as it matches your nature! From color-changing alexandrites to feminine pearls, gemstones can say even more about you than diamonds. Unless you go for a colored diamond, of course! 

No matter which gemstone is flashing on your hand, one thing is certain – you aren’t blindly abiding by the rules, you prefer to go your own way. To you, personal, intimate feelings matter more than prestige. You aren’t a materialist, but give some things a deep meaning. The color and cut of the gemstone can say a lot. 

For example, a garnet represents passion and serenity. Aquamarine is for adventurous brides, who value great communication and are always truthful. Blue sapphire is a choice of royal family members, such as the Dutchess of Cambridge, and is for those who follow tradition but fancy an unexpected twist. Citrine or champagne-colored diamond will cheer you up, symbolizing the joy that two people in love bring each other. 

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Ring With Multiple Stones: For Team Players 

Peridot Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring 12791

The most common number of stones for this setting is three. Such a ring is worn by the Duchess of Sussex and allows more room for creativity. You can frame the main diamond in two bright sapphires, or choose a band consisting of tens of tiny stones. The trick is to find stones of similar clarity and color grade. 

If you prefer a multiple stone ring to a classic solitaire style, you are creative and consider yourself a part of a community. You are a reliable friend and team member, with great improvisation skills and a fun, joyful character. You are the opposite of egoistic and have a solution to any issue. 

Something Different 

Maybe your engagement ring is something completely different, like a plain silver band, or you are wearing a locket pendant instead? If this is the case, you can be proud to have a truly outstanding view of life. Rules are made to be broken, and commonly established norms don’t matter to you – and that’s okay! 

Final Thoughts 

Customers in Estate Diamond Jewelry Showroom

It is up to you to determine which stone, cut, and design suit your personality the best. 

Hopefully, this article has cast a light upon the varieties of diamond cuts and helped you to understand your wants better. Or maybe you already own an engagement ring and were curious about what it says about you? 

Either way, your engagement ring is a piece that’s meant to stay with you for years ahead, and hopefully, understanding what your ring says about you will make it that much more special.