Top 15 Vintage Wedding Dress Vendors in NYC

January 29, 2020 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

A vintage wedding dress is a perfect match for a vintage engagement ring. And both items add a unique flair to the occasion. But where do you look for the dress that’s going to dazzle and charm?

Online is a good place to start to gauge the style you like, but that’s only a part of the job. To ensure the dress is a match made in heaven, you’ll need to hit the stores.

This article is here to make your hunt easier. It lists the New York vendors you shouldn’t miss and includes some contact information. That way, you can easily get in touch with the vendor if you fall in love with the dress.

Without much further ado, let’s dive right in.


Without a doubt, Shareen should be your first stop when searching for the perfect wedding dress. From top customer experience to exclusive dress collection, this vendor has everything a future bride could wish for.

But you need to make an appointment first because the Shareen website offers only a handful of dresses you can preview. There is an option to book the appointment via the website, or you can get in touch with Shareen at (212) 206-1644.

Either way, the appointment won’t fail to amaze you and the Shareen experts are bound to make the experience memorable. And if you want a glimpse of the vintage romance this vendor has to offer, check out their Instagram.

It provides a window into styles and looks that can set you apart from all other brides.

Angela’s Vintage Boutique

Located in the East Village, Angela’s Vintage Boutique is one of the best vendors in Manhattan. Nevertheless, you probably won’t need to pay Manhattan prices. This shop offers a great collection of dresses that fit any budget. But there’s a catch.

Angela’s Vintage Boutique doesn’t have an official website or Instagram account. If you want to take a look at their collection, you’ll have to go to Facebook or Pinterest. However, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker by any means.

This vendor has one of the best selections of period dresses and accessories. At the same time, you should be able to find eye-catching vintage pieces for your bridesmaids.

If you want to contact Angela’s to check out what’s currently on offer, call them at (212) 475-0101.

House of Deane

The main focus at House of Deane is designer wedding dresses for brides with a unique taste. Nevertheless, this vendor offers a vintage collection that you shouldn’t miss.

In addition to the period dresses, House of Deane has a remarkable selection of vintage jewelry. There are precious stone and metal pieces, as well as one-of-a-kind period bracelets, earrings, and more.

The House of Deane website is well laid-out and easy to navigate. However, you’ll need to dig deep to find the vintage dresses. That being said, the vendor’s Instagram page is the place to get a better idea of what they offer.

If you’re on Lorimer Street, don’t hesitate to drop by and check out the collection yourself. And, there’s always the option to make an appointment at (347) 844-0173.


Seventy years and counting, Kleinfeld has been the go-to place for wedding dresses in New York. Decades of experience and a keen eye for style put this vendor on the top 15 list.

You need to make an appointment to choose the dress of your dreams. But Kleinfeld also has one of the best online stores. You can use their website and filter the selection per more than a few criteria.

Be it price, dress details, category, or design, Kleinfeld makes it easy to find the gown of your dreams. And there are a bunch of accessories to complement your vintage style.

On top of a great online shop, Kleinfeld is super popular on Instagram. So don’t hesitate to check out their profile and see what attracted 1.2 million followers.

To book an appointment, call Kleinfeld at (646) 633-4300.

ieie Bridal

From medieval style to boho, the ieie Bridal collection of wedding dresses is hard to rival. But there is one thing you should know. These dresses are made in vintage style, rather than being true vintage preowned pieces.

However, this shouldn’t deter you from shopping. ieie Bridal offers customizations to make the dress more flattering for your body shape and style. Aside from the dresses, this vendor offers more than a few vintage veils, but there are no other accessories.

As for the website, the ieie Bridal site is among the most user-friendly. You’re immediately greeted with different styles and filters to narrow down the search.

Wondering how it all looks in action? Check out the ieie Bridal Instagram page and get a taste of vintage style that transcends generations.

If you like what you see, schedule your fitting at (866) 537-0609.


BHLDN’s Upper East Side location hints at the exclusivity of this shop. At the same time, this is one of the biggest vendors in the US and their shops are spread throughout the country.

But like some other vendors, BHLDN focuses more on the vintage style, rather than true vintage dresses. This gives you more room to tailor the dress to your needs and match it with BHLDN vintage accessories.

It would be great if the website offered more options to filter by categories. But the search feature works great and you just need to type vintage. Once you find the perfect piece, contact BHLN at (212) 206-6393 and book your appointment.

And while waiting for the appointment to come, follow BHLDN on Instagram to find the style that’s close to your heart.

David’s Bridal

This vendor is like a one-stop-shop for bridal gowns, formalwear, and prom dresses. What’s more, they offer a nice selection of accessories to round off a look. But there is one thing you should know about David’s Bridal website.

As soon as you enter, you’re at the “Book an Appointment” page. To skip this step, click on the shop’s name at the top of the page. Then you’ll be able to check out everything that they offer.

Since there’s no vintage category, you’ll need to use the search option. And this takes you to an amazing selection of vintage dresses and some accessories. The fitting can be booked via the phone and the number is (646) 827-4050.

To see David’s Bridal gowns in action, follow them on Instagram and feel free to like the dresses that best fit your preferences.


Pronovias landed on this list for two reasons. First, their collection of wedding dresses is hard to rival. Second, Pronovias website is one of the best you can find. So what are the features that make the website stand out?

The moment you enter the website, you get to browse through the vintage wedding dress collection. Just tap or click on the one you like and check out the features that make this dress special. Another great feature is that clicking or tapping on the like button instantly puts a dress on your wishlist.

But what about Pronovias’ social media presence? More than 1.5 million followers on Instagram attest to the vendor’s popularity. And if you decide to get in touch, call Pronovias at (212) 897-6393.

Schone Bride

If the wedding dress shopping takes you to Brooklyn, don’t miss Schone Bride on 530 3rd Avenue. Similar to some other vendors, Schone focuses on vintage-inspired wedding gowns. This gives you a chance to get a dress that fits both your body and the era you like.

When it comes to Schone website, there is some room for improvement. But once you get to the Designers page, it shouldn’t be too hard to find the dress that fits your dreams. Compared to some other vendors, Schone’s following on Instagram is small.

However, the Instagram page itself is among the best designed. So it’s well worth your attention. And when you find the perfect dress, schedule your fitting at (718) 788-3849. Of course, there’s also an option to do it via the official website.

Designer Loft

Designer Loft dazzles with their selection of designer wedding dresses. But this is not the reason the vendor got on this list. The shop has a collection of vintage-inspired gowns that will surely set your imagination running wild.

As for the website, it’s simple and easy to navigate. You’re always a click or two away from what you’re looking for. Plus, it’s super easy to make an appointment. You can do it right on the home page or call the vendor at (212)944-9013.

Despite the exclusive Manhattan location and a wedding dress selection to die for, Designer Loft has only about 2,5K followers on Instagram. But then, their posts really showcase the best of the best. And this gives you an idea of a fairytale wedding, New York-style.

Essence Designs

For many, Essence Designs is the vendor to choose for vintage wedding dresses. But this isn’t just one store. Essence Designs operates as a multi-brand vendor and its available at a few shops in New York.

The thing that makes your search straightforward is the vendor’s website. You won’t struggle to narrow down the search to vintage and find a store nearby. With this in mind, Essence Designs probably has the biggest collection of vintage (vintage-inspired) dresses.

Since it is a multi-brand store, you follow them at a few places on social media. A good place to start is the Essence of Australia Instagram or Stella York on Facebook.

The Bridal Salon NYC

Dreamy vintage-inspired dresses are one of the things that make this vendor stand out. And their website offers one of the cleanest online shopping experiences.

There’s no clutter on the pages. You just need to click on the image to find more about the designer or the collection. What’s more, you’re always a few clicks away from scheduling your appointment. And you can also do it by contacting the vendor at (212) 486 2900.

As for the Bridal Salon NYC Instagram page, it’s still in its infancy. But the posts give you a good idea about what to expect. And this goes double if you wish for a dress that exudes old Hollywood style.

RK Bridal

Situated in the Large Garment District, RK Bridal has been around since the early 1950s. And their collection of vintage and vintage-inspired dresses is second to none.

Hit the search icon on their website and just type vintage wedding dress. You’ll be presented with more than twenty corresponding categories. This might be invaluable to narrow down your choice and choose the right style.

But the online images don’t do justice to the actual dresses. Contact RK Bridal at (212) 947-1155 and schedule your appointment. You can also do it via the website, but the appointment form is all the way at the bottom.

Anyway, RK Bridal has a solid online presence. Their Instagram posts put you at the guest seat at the RK Bridal weddings. Of course, the dress takes the center stage.

Wedding Atelier

Wedding Atelier is proud to be one of the top 50 bridal salons in the US. And if you take a look at their Madison Avenue venue, it’s not hard to understand why it’s in the top 50. But what is the online Wedding Atelier shopping experience?

The website is clean, simple, and easy to navigate. One-click or tap takes you to bridal dresses, appointments, and more. Speaking of appointments, the form is quite comprehensive. But if you take time to fill it out, you’ll surely be presented with the dress of your dreams.

The vendor’s Instagram profile is carefully curated to showcase the top selection. And if you want to get in touch, Wedding Atelier’s phone number is (646) 542-0266.

Our Story Bridal

Carolina Herrera and Oskar de la Renta are just some of the names in the Our Story Bridal collection. The vendor keeps a curated selection of new, pre-owned, and showroom dresses. And more than a few of them fit vintage or vintage-inspired criteria.

But the thing that makes this vendor special is their dedication to preserving the environment. So if you’re into vintage and environmentally-conscious, this shop should be right up your alley.

But don’t take this as-is, go to the vendor’s Instagram page and see how the brides look in the dresses. As for the appointments, it’s best to book via the website.

Saying Yes to a Vintage Dress

Now you probably have a vendor that caught your attention. But vintage wedding dress shopping doesn’t need to be limited to reputable dealers.

If you have time, feel free to hit general vintage stores and thrift shops. You never know, the perfect wedding dress might just be hiding in plain sight.

Does the Vintage Engagement Ring and Vintage Wedding Dress need to match?

Vintage Engagement Ring from NYC Collection
One of the vintage engagement rings from the Estate Diamond Jewelry Collection (Located in NYC)

The simple answer is no! The wedding dress will only be worn for one day, but the vintage ring will be worn every single day. It is not a big deal if they don’t match.

Of course, it is wonderful if the ring matches the dress. If you’re getting an Edwardian Ring it would be lovely to get an Edwardian style dress. But it is not a requirement!

If you want to view our collection of vintage engagement rings, you can schedule an appointment at our showroom. We’re located on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, between 48th and 49th street.