Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Although we are famous for our rare collection of rare antique rings that were made between 80-150 years old, we also have a beautiful collection dedicated to vintage style rings (aka vintage-inspired rings). Below we will explore what makes our vintage style engagement rings so special and unique.

How our Rings are made?

Jewelry making vintage style ringThe vintage style rings that are made by Estate Diamond Jewelry are handmade using the same tools and techniques that the professionals used 100 years ago, and are set with a genuine antique old-mine cut diamond or old European cut diamond. We usually pick diamonds that were cut between 1900 – 1950, due to the fact that we rarely find high-quality loose diamonds that were cut before 1900.

Our third generation jewelers were trained with old-school techniques and the handmade jewelry that they create looks precisely like the high-end jewelry made in the height of the Art Deco Era.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the expert jewelers used to melt the metals themselves and that is how our jewelers make the metals for the Estate Diamond Jewelry rings. The platinum or gold is melted down and mixed with alloys by our experts.

Our techniques give the rings much more strength and endurance and also give it the romantic look that Art Deco rings are famous for.

Setting a Vintage Style Ring

Making Vintage Style RingsUnlike the quick modern setting techniques, our antique diamonds are set into the beautiful vintage style mountings the old-fashioned way. This ensures that the stones remain tight and secure, and can remain in place without falling out.

Our jewelers also check that the prongs and the bezels are as slim as possible and that the metal doesn’t cover the diamonds any more than it has to.

If needed, our expert diamond setters will also add detailed milgrain to decorate the ring and give it a more delicate finish.

As was common in the Art Deco era, many of our rings will have triple wire shanks.

How We Find the Antique Diamonds

Vintage Jewelry makingFor over 30 years we have been traveling around the globe collecting high quality and lively vintage diamonds cut in the 1920-1930s or earlier.

If an antique ring or jewelry is beyond restoration, we will remove the old diamond and give it a second life in one of our beautiful mountings.

Because our diamonds are antique and were cut many years ago, there is no need to be concerned about the ethical problems that unfortunately may exist with so many of the modern diamonds. Our antique diamonds are conflict-free and environmentally friendly.

Why a Vintage Style Ring is a Perfect ring for You?

To summarize, here is a quick list of the reasons why our vintage style rings may be the perfect choice for you.

  • The superior craftsmanship of the antique era + you’ll be the first person to wear it
  • True vintage Style mountings are handcrafted by expert jeweler. They are both delicate and robust
  • The mountings and prongs are always created to showcase the center stone
  • The antique diamonds are environmentally conscious and conflict-free

If these reasons don’t apply, you will probably want to take a look at the antique engagement ring collection.

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