Unique Engagement Rings

Are you looking for a unique and one-of-kind engagement ring? Here at Estate Diamond Jewelry we pride ourselves on our collection of unqiue and interesting engagement rings. We believe that the best place to find a unique ring is within history. Below are select rings from our collection of rare vintage engagement rings. Most of the pieces listed here are sold, but some of them are still available.

Selected Unique Engagement Rings

Antique Ruby Engagement RingDiamond jewelryEdwardian Diamond and Emerald RingAntique Diamond Engagement Ring

Descriptions of Rings 1-4

1. This truly unique, one-of-a-kind antique Estate Ruby Engagement Ring is accented by diamond and adorned with intricate openwork filigree.

2. SOLD. A beautiful Edwardian Engagement Ring, circa 1910, this ring is set with two primary old European cut diamonds at either side and adorned with two rows of emeralds and additional old mine cut diamonds.

3. A unique vintage engagement ring featuring a rare antique trapezoid-cut diamond in the center, its sides are adorned with a straight row of French cut emeralds and a pointed row of French cut emeralds. The shoulders are adorned with baguette-cut diamonds and round diamonds. The ring is reminiscent of a belt buckle and was made circa 1940.

4. SOLD. This rare 3-Carat Antique Engagement Ring was crafted circa 1920. As a truly unique engagement ring, it is adorned with intricate scrolls, openwork filigree, diamonds, and milgrain. This ring was made during the Art Deco Era and is the dream ring for the ultimate Deco collector.

Descriptions of Rings 5-8

French Gold Diamond RingAntique diamond ringArt Deco Style Engagement RingArt Nouveau Platinum Ring

5. This rare and iconic Oval Cut Engagement Ring is adorned with diamonds along the sides and curved openwork leading to a baguette-cut diamond along the shoulders. A quality diamond takes center stage in this French ring made circa 1960.

6. A breathtaking and important Art Deco Engagement Ring made circa 1920, this piece features an antique center diamond that weighs over 5 carats and is shouldered by baguette-cut diamonds and milgrained strips of openwork filigree.

7. This stunning Art Deco-inspired engagement ring was handcrafted by our third generation jewelers using antique tools and techniques. The center antique old European cut diamond is adorned by a halo of round diamonds and baguette-cut diamonds.

8. Featuring doublet metals and antique diamonds, this Art Nouveau Ring is a show-stopper. Its top is made of platinum, juxtaposed by a gold shank. The twisting design is characteristic of the Art Nouveau Jewelry Period as it was crafted circa 1900.

Descriptions of Rings 9-12

Antique Engagement Ring 1920Antique Diamond Engagement RingRare Antique Sapphire RingThe London Ring

9. This one-of-a-kind antique, beautiful  2-carat antique engagement ring, crafted circa 1920, is adorned with round diamonds along the shoulder and sides. This ring’s design and architecture are simply amazing.

10. SOLD. This is a very different and unique interpretation to the classic Asscher Cut Engagement Ring. This ring was made circa 1930.

11. This stunning antique non-heated sapphire ring was designed at the turn of the century. The center sapphire is adorned with diamonds and sapphires along the gallery. This sapphire and diamond piece is a very rare and important antique ring.

12. A fascinating antique-inspired engagement ring handcrafted by our third generation jewelers features a bold and lively antique diamond. This strong design is accompanied by doublet metals.

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More Information on Our Unique Engagement Rings

Over the past thirty years we have gathered a collection of rare vintage engagement rings, and each one of these beautiful rings are all one-of-a-kind and antique.

Because of the extreme shortage of antique rings, and in order to supply our customers who desperately want the quality of the rings of old, we also have unique vintage style engagement rings. These vintage style rings have been handcrafted by our third-generation jewelers using old tools and techniques from the early 1920s. Each ring is inspired by classic designs and every piece features craftsmanship that would rival the very best rings made around the turn of the 20th century.

If you have any questions, or if you want a custom unique ring, please feel free to reach out to us.

Why a Unique Engagement Ring is Better?

For those that want to be different and swim against the current, convincing them to get a unique engagement ring shouldn’t be very hard. The real question is, why wouldn’t everyone want one? Here are the strongest reasons that jewelry collectors seek out these stunning rings:

  • The quality and jewelry work of a unique ring will almost always be far superior to that of a typical commercial ring.
  • Uniqueness. There is a real excitement that comes along with knowing that you are wearing a ring that is unlike any other ring in the world.
  • Value. A unique ring, especially a quality unique ring should be able to retain its value far better other rings.
  • Unique rings make the best heirlooms. Passing down a typical ring as a heirloom will hold plenty of sentiment, but passing down a unique and rare ring has an even stronger charm.
  • It is easily recognizable if it is ever misplaced.
  • A unique engagement ring is a great conversation starter.

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