Top 20 Triangle Engagement Rings

February 3, 2022 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

A triangle engagement ring expresses a style that is uncommon in traditional rings. You’ve come to the right place if you have a flair for dramatic jewelry in elegant settings. We’ve put together a list of the 20 best vintage rings in our inventory. 

Top 20 Triangle Engagement Rings 

This article will help you find ideas and information about engagement rings with a triangle incorporated in the design. You will learn there is an unlimited selection of styles, stones, and settings from which to choose. 

If you prefer an antique style, our vintage pieces will appeal to your design aesthetic. Take a good look at our Art Deco and geometric rings if you’d like a modern or contemporary triangle engagement ring. We are confident that you will be pleased with what you see. 

1. Ogden Ring

Price: $2,500. Learn more about the Ogden Ring

This ring made the top of the list because it is versatile and beautiful. It is an Egyptian revival ring circa 1950. The design features a natural emerald in the middle. Lovely triangle cut diamonds sit on each side of the stone. Four natural sapphires grace the corners to add extra pizzazz. 

The amazing Egyptian figures engraved along the shoulders set it apart from the average engagement ring. However, one of the ring’s best features is its low-profile band design. The ring is resizable to fit any ring size at no extra cost. The ring design is suitable for a man or woman. In addition, platinum ring is handcrafted. 

2. Chelmsford Ring

Price: $22,500. Learn more about the Chelmsford Ring

This is a very unique Art Deco style engagement ring. It is a vintage piece circa 1920. A 2.2ct, color, VS2 clarity stunning diamond sits in the center of the ring. The stone is old European-cut. As rare as these features are, the beauty of the ring doesn’t stop there. 

The center diamond has two triangular sapphires set on each side. Additional old European cut diamonds serve to accent the platinum mounting. Finally, the ring features intricate hand cravings flow down both shoulders. This engagement ring is a dream come true on all points. 

3. Nevez Ring 

12126 Triangle Motif Artistic Aquamarine Ring

Price: $4700. Learn more about the Nevez Ring

The center stone of the ring is a heavenly soft blue aquamarine gem. The rectangular gemstone weighs 2.20ct and is 10mm x 7mm in size. The diamonds are arranged in a triangle pattern along the shoulders of the ring. The side accent diamonds are an estimated .030ct. 

This platinum ring is resizable to fit any ring size. There is no extra cost for this service. 

4. Lexington Ring

Price: 12,500. Learn more about the Lexington Ring

Nothing says “something blue” for a wedding like this unbelievable ring. Of course, you can’t miss the gigantic 28ct emerald cut aquamarine rock in the center. This fabulous prong-set gem measures an estimated 20.24mm x 17.06mm x 9.3mm. It is the ideal stone for a bride who swoons over the color blue. 

The triangle engagement ring includes a set of pave-set round brilliant diamonds along the shoulders. Lastly, openwork filigree graces the under gallery. This ring is a beautiful showpiece to complement a wedding with a winter theme. Actually, it is a wow factor any time of the year. 

5. Liberty Ring

Price: $18,500. Learn more about the Liberty Ring

The design of this vintage ring is truly unique. The Retro Era style look revolves around a 1.90ct prong-set old European cut diamond. The stone’s dimensions are an impressive 7.68mm x 7.7mm x 5.08mm. The shoulders sit higher than the triangular-shaped split shank in this unusual design. 

Smaller diamonds are pave-set into the shoulders. The ring is circa 1945 and bears French hallmarks. It is customizable to fit any ring size at no additional cost. 

6. Vine Ring

Price: 6,000. Learn more about the Vine Ring

The Vine Ring is a good-looking ring inspired by the Art Deco design. An H color, VS2 clarity Asscher cut diamond takes center place in this piece of jewelry. The 0.60ct stone is surrounded by three rows of natural emeralds and diamonds. The total carat weight of the accent gems is 0.45ct. The gems form a triangle design on all four corners of the ring. 

This platinum engagement ring is hand crafted. It is resizable to any size with no added cost. 

7. Fremont Ring

Contact us for price. Learn more about the Fremont Ring

The Freemont ring is a magnificent and rare piece of jewelry for several reasons. This vision of beauty is home to a 13.15ct Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond. This stone is a rare find, especially in the size found in the ring. 

The diamond is GIA certified with VS1 clarity. Yellow gold prongs hold the diamond in place and complement the color of the diamond. Contact for more details and information about this stunning showpiece. 

8. Bergon Ring

Price: $96,000. Learn more about the Bergon Ring

A breathtakingly clear cushion shaped rose-cut diamond is main feature of this ring. The antique stone weighs a massive 3.11cts. Not surprisingly, it is D color and VS1 clarity. On the side, three 0.75ct diamonds form an interesting triangle engagement ring shape. The micro-pave setting of the accent stones give the ring a contemporary feel. 

The center diamond measures approximately 10.14mm x 9.81mm x 3.01mm. This hand platinum ring is GIA certified. It is resizable to any size without extra cost. 

9. Elrig Ring

Price: $15,000. Learn more about the Elrig Ring

Several interesting details make up the design of this triangle engagement ring. The center stone is an old European cut 1.74ct, K color, and VS2 clarity diamond. Further details include a fancy leaf design in the gallery. Then, natural caliber-cut, triangle shaped emeralds flow from the shoulders. Finally, a group of old European cut diamonds joins the party for more accentuation. 

The platinum ring presents a low profile. It is resizable to any size at no extra cost. 

10. Woodlands Aquamarine Ring

Price: $3,900. Learn more about the Woodlands Aquamarine Ring

This ring says “I do” in blue with a 1.18ct natural aquamarine gemstone. A double halo of French cut sapphire and round brilliant diamonds circle the stone. The center gem measures about 7mm. It has a noticeably rich hue and deep saturation. 

Our in-house jewelers can resize the ring to any size at no extra cost. 

11. Segovia Ring

Price: $7,200. Learn more about the Segovia Ring

A 1.54ct Columbian Emerald takes center stage in this geometrical wonder ring. The gemstone is 6.73mm x 6.44mm x 5.33mm. Graduating baguette-cut diamonds join a tapered baguette to form a stylish triangle pattern on the shoulders. 

Further, a row of antique diamonds traces the shape of this handcrafted platinum ring. The ring measures 11.72mm x 16.75mm with the accent row of diamonds included. Our in-house jewelers will customize this ring any size at no additional cost. 

12. Marino Ring

Price: $9,800. Learn more about the Marino Ring

This is a popular halo-style triangle engagement ring with a little something extra. The center stone is a cushion cut diamond. It is G color, and SI1 clarity. A row of accent diamonds creates a triangle shape on each shoulder. The lovely scrollwork decorates the under gallery. 

The platinum ring is GIA certified. The design presents a bright and gleaming low profile. 

13. Connecticut Ring

Learn more about the Connecticut Ring

This ring is a tribute to the Art Deco Era circa 1930. It has a 1.98ct old European cut diamond in the center. The stone is K color and VS2 clarity. Accent diamonds rest on the shoulders of the unique rounded-square-shaped ring. 

Mesmerizing French cut triangle cut sapphires frame this fine engagement ring. Intricate openwork decorates the under gallery of this two-color piece. 

14. Tiffany Pear-Shape Accent Ring

Price: $16,000. Learn more about the Tiffany Pear-Shape Accent Ring

The center stone is a high quality 1.04ct brilliant cut diamond just as you would expect from a Tiffany ring. In addition, the stone is G color and VS1 clarity. A couple of pear-shaped diamonds accent the ring design. The 0.47ct weight side diamonds are prong-set in a triangular shape. 

This is a platinum crafted ring. It is a numbered and signed by Tiffany & Co. piece. The ring’s original paperwork and the Tiffany box are included in the purchase. The center diamond is inscribed with weight of the ring. 

15. Alvor Ring 

Alvor Ring Finger Picture

Learn more about the Alvor Ring

This is a luxurious engagement ring featuring a 1.75ct, K color, and VS1 clarity center diamond. The old European cut stone measures about 7.05mm x 7.00mm x 5.00mm. Old-cut accent diamonds surround the main attraction and add depth to the piece. 

Natural onyx and natural emerald stones flank the center diamonds. The side gems are triangular-cut. The platinum ring has a low, diamond-depth profile. It is resizable to all sizes at no additional cost. 

16. Antique Carré Cut Engagement Ring

11235-Antique Triangle Style Double Carre Engagement Ring Artistic

Learn more about the Antique Carré Cut Engagement Ring

A pair of carré cut diamonds is the central feature of this unique antique ring. The pair of center diamonds weigh about 1.50ct apiece. They are E color and VS1 clarity. 

The luxury of the ring continues with accent diamonds lining the shoulders and lower gallery. Detailed milgrain work makes a triangle pattern on each side of the center stones. The ring is Art Deco Era, circa 1925. 

17. Queensland Ring 

Queensland Finger Picture

Learn more about the Queensland Ring

Deep blue hues radiate from the massive sapphire set in the center of this ring. The hefty 3.05ct stone is prong-set in a platinum mounting. Two triangular-cut diamonds on the shoulders provide contrasting accents. They weigh approximately 1 carat total. 

The engagement ring features a beautiful sapphire in the center. The diamonds in this piece have a total carat weight of approximately 1 carat. 

18. Napoli Ring 

Napoli Ring on Finger

Learn more about the Napoli Ring

An enchanting old European cut diamond sits in the center of this circa 1920 ring. The stone is 1.18ct, J color, and VS1 clarity. Diamond studding that fall from the shoulders add more sparkle to the piece. Finely detailed filigree and milgrain further embellish this ornate engagement ring. 

The current size of the ring is 7. However, it can be up or down sized at no extra cost. 

19. Bulgari Vintage Sapphire Ring 

Learn more about the Bulgari Vintage Sapphire Ring

The impressive high level of craftsmanship in this ring starts with the 11.91ct Ceylon sapphire. The stone is nestled in a center gold bezel setting. A sapphire this size is unique. However, this gemstone is an extremely rare find because it shows no signs of heat or other treatment. 

A triangular-shaped diamond sits on each side of the substantial stone. This is a solid 18k yellow gold ring. The piece is signed Bulgari, circa 1970. It is certified by the American Gemological Laboratory (AGL). The AGL certificate for the center sapphire is available upon request. 

20. Athens Ring. Circa 1920

Price: 25,000. Learn more about the Athens Ring Circa 1920. 

This striking ring is original Art Deco vintage circa 1920. The center diamond of the engagement ring is a notable 2.41ct, J color, and VS1 clarity. The diamond features an Old European cut. In addition, single cut and old European and single cut diamonds form triangles along the shoulders. 

The dramatic under gallery boasts open work and intricate filigree. It is a rare platinum piece that is resizable to any finger at no additional cost. 

A Shape that Is Uniquely Yours 

Shopping for a diamond engagement ring from Estate Diamond Jewelry

As you see, triangular engagement rings come in all shapes, sizes, and price points. Perhaps you like a ring with a brilliant white sparkling center diamond and triangles on each side. Maybe a colored gemstone piece caught your eye. The ring that represents your engagement should reflect your vision whatever style you like. 

Celebrate your individuality as well as your nuptials on your wedding day. Choose a triangle ring that brings you joy every time you look at it.