Top 20 Triangle Engagement Rings

Written by: Afshin Shaddaie, Jewelry and Gemology Expert
August 30, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Triangle engagement rings express a style that is uncommon in traditional rings, so if you have a flair for dramatic jewelry in elegant settings, then you’ve come to the right place. Yet even with a seemingly uncommon design element, there seems to be an unlimited amount of excellent options available. So, to help in the process of discovering the perfect ring for you, we’ve put together a list of the 20 best triangle engagement rings in our inventory.

1. Trieste Ring

Heavily Embellished Bold Dome Shape Diamond Ring

Price: $7,500. Learn more about the Trieste Ring

Starting off our list, the Trieste Ring is a perfect fit for those wanting a bold Art Deco piece. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, this striking ring features a 1.38-carat old mine-cut center diamond in an elevated setting. Then, this dome-shaped ring is embellished to the fullest extent; crossing ribbons, openwork, fine milgrain, engravings, and additional diamonds all come together to deliver quite a spectacle.

2. Chelmsford Ring

Rounded Diamond Engagement Ring With Openwork Ornamentation

Price: $18,000. Learn more about the Chelmsford Ring

Up next, the Chelmsford Ring is another very unique Art Deco era engagement ring.

This rounded antique piece was handcrafted in platinum circa 1925 and features a 2.14-carat center diamond. The rounded shoulders are composed of diamond-adorned ribbons along their perimeter, thus creating the triangle shapes. What’s more, lovely openwork fills the triangular gaps between the ribbons and the center stone. Finally, more impressive openwork decorates the bridge. 

3. Bohemia Ring 

Dome Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring With Diamond Scales

Price: $12,000. Learn more about the Bohemia Ring

Yet another bold antique option, the Bohemia Ring has somewhat of a scale-like design composed of many triangular and kite-shaped segments. Not only do these layered segments form a mesmerizing pattern, but they are also adorned with pavé-set single-cut diamonds. What’s more, each individual segment is highlighted by fine milgrain borders.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1900, this French ring features a 1.48-carat center diamond with K color and VS2 clarity.

4. Lexington Ring

Large Aquamarine Ring With Diamond Adorned Triangular Shoulders

Price: $12,500. Learn more about the Lexington Ring

If you’re looking for something with a bit of color, then consider this enchanting ring.

It certainly goes without saying that the gigantic 28-carat emerald-cut aquamarine in the center happens to be the star of this piece. That’s not all though, each of the triangular shoulders is set with six pavé-set round brilliant-cut diamonds which enhance the center stone. Finally, it’s hard to miss the openwork patterns along the sides of the large box shoulders and gallery.

5. Liberty Ring

White Gold Diamond Ring With Unique Shank And Shoulders

Price: $18,500. Learn more about the Liberty Ring

If you get excited by unique designs, then the Liberty Ring is an excellent choice. Handcrafted in white gold circa 1945, this French ring revolves around a 1.90-carat European cut diamond set in four prongs.

Now, for the spectacular shank and shoulders. The split shank holds the shoulders which are adorned with pavé-set diamonds. What’s more, this unique feature is where we found our triangles- both in the shank and shoulders.

6. Rovigo Ring

Art Deco Diamond Ring With Four Sapphire Triangles

Price: $16,500. Learn more about the Rovigo Ring.

The prominent sapphire triangles of the Ravigo Ring make it a perfect fit for this list. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, this Art Deco ring features a 1.64-carat old European-cut center diamond. The intricate details found on the setting itself, as well as the fleur-de-lis shoulders, and shank certainly enhance this unique design.

A triangle engagement rings list certainly would not be complete without the stunning Rovigo Ring.

7. Fremont Ring

Ring With Yellow Diamond And Triangular Shoulders

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Fremont Ring

The Freemont Ring is a magnificent and rare piece of jewelry for several reasons. This vision of beauty features a 13.15-carat Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond. This stone is a rare find, especially in such a large size. What’s more, this precious stone is GIA-certified and graded VS1 for clarity.

Yellow gold prongs hold the diamond in place and complement its color. Meanwhile, each shoulder is comprised of a large triangular diamond.

8. Bergon Ring

Dainty Three Stone Engagement Ring With Triangular Shoulders

Price: $96,000. Learn more about the Bergon Ring

Up next, the Bergon Ring features a spectacular colorless rose-cut center diamond GIA certified as D color and VS1 clarity. The 3.11-carat antique stone is flanked by a 0.75-carat triangular diamond on either side. Finally, the dainty band features micro-pavé-set diamonds all along the visible sections, giving the ring a luxurious and modern feel. 

9. Cedar Ring

Art Deco 0.40ct Center Old European Cut Diamond Open Work Engagement Ring - Cedar Ring - Hand Video

Price: $2,200. Learn more about the Cedar Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1925, the Art Deco Cedar Ring features a 0.40-carat center diamond prong-set in a square bezel. What’s more, the old European-cut center stone stone is graded I for color and VS2 for clarity. Serving as a transition from the square face to the band, triangular shoulders feature impressive openwork filigree.

10. Woodlands Aquamarine Ring

Large Aquamarine Ring With Diamond And Sapphire Halos

Price: $3,900. Learn more about the Woodlands Aquamarine Ring

If you’re looking for something bold and colorful, then consider the geometric double-halo Woodlands Ring. The 1.00-carat round center aquamarine is surrounded by an octagonal double halo of French-cut sapphires and round brilliant diamonds. Finally, each shoulder is adorned with a triangular section of sapphires surrounded by diamonds.

11. Segovia Ring

Emerald Engagement Ring With Surrounding Diamond Accents

Price: $7,200. Learn more about the Segovia Ring.

If green is her color, then perhaps the 1.54-carat Columbian emerald on this ring will make this a perfect fit. Graduating baguette-cut diamonds join a tapered baguette-cut diamond to form a stylish triangle pattern on each shoulder. Further, a row of antique diamonds adorns the perimeter of this handcrafted platinum ring.

12. Charlton Ring

Original Art Deco1.50ct Diamond & Geometric Onyx Halo Ring - Charlton Ring. Circa 1920 - Hand Video

Price: $14,000. Learn more about the Charlton Ring.

Yet another stunning Art Deco piece, the Charlton Ring was handcrafted in platinum circa 1920.

It’s quite clear that white diamonds and black onyx produce a striking contrast that enhances both elements, and this alluring design element has a strong presence here. What’s more, there is a contrast of shapes as well; the circular diamond surrounded by a square perimeter of onyx. This bold juxtaposition of simple shapes and colors is a key attribute of Art Deco pieces.

The center stone is a 1.50-carat diamond, while the triangular shoulders feature outstanding fleur-de-lis openwork.

13. Connecticut Ring

Diamond Ring With Uniquely Shaped Sapphire Halo

Price: $15,000. Learn more about the Connecticut Ring

A striking tribute to the Art Deco Era, this lovely piece features a 1.62-carat old European-cut center diamond with J color and VS1 clarity. The surrounding sapphire halo is as outstanding as it is beautiful; it is comprised of four edges curving inward, and an inward-facing triangle at each corner. Finally, additional diamonds rest on the shoulders of this spectacular ring.

Of the triangle engagement rings on this list, the Connecticut Ring is certainly one of the most unique.

14. Tiffany Pear-Shape Accent Ring

Tiffany Diamond Ring Featuring Two Pear Shaped Diamonds

Price: $16,000. Learn more about the Tiffany Pear-Shape Accent Ring

The center stone of this gorgeous Tiffany Ring is a 1.04-carat brilliant-cut diamond with G color and VS1 clarity. A 0.47-carat pear-shaped diamond adorns each side of the center stone, while the rest of this platinum ring is quite minimal.

Finally, rest assured of the authenticity of this ring as it has been numbered and signed by Tiffany & Co. What’s more, the original paperwork and Tiffany box are included in the purchase.

15. Alvor Ring

Art Deco Diamond Ring Featuring Triangular Emerald Sections

Price: $10,500. Learn more about the Alvor Ring

If you’re keeping an eye on luxurious triangle engagement rings with a touch of color, consider the Alvor Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, this stunning piece features a 1.00-carat, J color, and VS1 clarity center diamond. Additionally, old-cut accent diamonds surround the main attraction and add depth to the piece. Finally, nestled between the diamond elements, a triangular section of emeralds adorns each shoulder.

16. Ring

Large Double Halo Diamond Ring With Sapphires

Price: $15,000. Learn more about the Lisbon Ring.

Similar to the Woodlands Ring earlier on our list, the Lisbon is a large double-halo ring featuring a layer of sapphires.

The 1.58-carat center has J color and VS1 clarity while the surrounding double-halo features an inner sapphire layer and an outer diamond layer. Then, the triangle shoulders follow suit and display an inner sapphire layer with surrounding diamonds. Finally, each layer on the face and shoulders is bordered with fine milgrain.

17. Queensland Ring

Sapphire Engagement Ring With Triangle Diamond Accents

Price: $12,000. Learn more about the Queensland Ring

Deep blue hues radiate from the massive sapphire set in the center of this fantastic ring. The hefty 3.06-carat stone is prong-set in a platinum mounting. Two triangular-cut diamonds are wedged between the sapphire and diamond on each side. The side diamonds have a total of 1.20 carats, while additional diamonds on the prongs and shoulders total approximately 0.12 carats.

18. Luso Ring

Rounded Diamond Ring With Diamond Halo And Emerald Accents

Price: $25,000. Learn more about the Luso Ring.

If you’re looking for a round halo ring with a bit of flair, then consider the Luso Ring. The triangular sections composing the shoulders certainly make this ring stand out; each shoulder features three sections consisting of several diamonds overall as well as three kite-shaped emeralds.

The diamond halo and center stone are no less mesmerizing, however- the 2.42-carat old European-cut center diamond is surrounded by 0.35 carats worth of additional diamonds.

19. Mississippi Ring

0.50ct Center Asscher Cut Diamond and Sapphire Double Halo Ring - Mississippi Ring - Hand Video

Price: $4,800. Learn more about the Mississippi Ring.

Featuring subtle triangular shoulders, the Mississippi Ring is perfect for those who prefer dainty pieces but find the double halo alluring. Yet again, and for good reason, this ring features a double consisting of sapphires and diamonds. The stunning Asscher-cut center stone weighs approximately 0.50 carats and is GIA-certified as J color and VS2 clarity.

20. Athens Ring

Dome Ring With Large Diamond And Embellishments

Price: $59,000. Learn more about the Athens Ring

Last but not least, the dome-shaped Athens Ring is a sparkling treasure with intricate embellishments. The 4.59-carat old European-cut center diamond with L color and VS1 clarity. What’s more, the diamond sits in an elevated setting adorned with a row of smaller diamonds. Then openwork and fine milgrain bordering produce ribbons and triangles around the mounting.

A Shape That Is Uniquely Yours 

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As you’ve seen, triangle engagement rings come in all shapes, sizes, and price points. Perhaps you’d like a ring with a brilliant white sparkling center diamond and triangles on each side. Maybe a colored gemstone piece caught your eye. The ring that represents your engagement should reflect whatever style you feel suits you and your partner best. If you have any questions or are in need of guidance, then simply fill out the form below and we’ll be more than happy to help.