Top 30 Unique Engagement Rings

Written by: Afshin Shaddaie, Jewelry and Gemology Expert
October 27, 2022 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Engagement rings remain a sign of commitment and love in many cultures. While all engagement rings are stunning and come in different styles and colors, some unique engagement rings present a rarity that doesn’t fail to turn heads.

If you’re looking for something different, we’ve compiled a list of unique engagement rings whose craftsmanship is out of this world. Keep reading to find out all about them.

Top 30 Unique Engagement Rings

1. Weybridge Ring. Circa 1945

K501 Unique Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

Price: $60, 000

Starting off the list strong is the exotic Weybridge Ring. This vintage-style engagement ring has an emerald-cut center diamond weighing 2.15 carats. The tank-scroll motif flanked with extra diamonds, and natural blue sapphires give this vintage ring rare flair. The diamond’s VVS1 clarity gives it an extra shine that perfectly complements the entire ring.

2. Fremont Ring

14033 Fremont Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Price Upon Request

The Fremont Ring is perfect for those who appreciate the attention that comes with fancy-colored engagement rings. This stunning ring boasts a 13.15-carat, GIA-certified, radiant-cut intense yellow center diamond. The center stone is prong-set and accentuated by two large triangular diamonds. The yellow gold prongs perfectly complement the center stone, adding to the ring’s radiance.

3. Astoria Ring

13233VB Unique Astoria yellow gold diamond engagement ring

Price: $51,000

The flashy Astoria Ring might be the perfect engagement ring for those who love yellow gold. A vibrant old European cut diamond weighing 4.39 carats sits at the center of the ring. The center stone is haloed by small old European cut diamonds, which are pave-set. The under-gallery exposes openwork that’s beautifully crafted for added interest and detail. When combined, these features radiate luxury, beauty, and bold femininity.

4. Aspen Ring

13105 Aspen Ring

Price: $3,800

Halo rings are rare and gorgeous, but a double halo arrangement bauble unlocks a new level of uniqueness, and the Aspen Ring is good example. Its center stone is a lively aquamarine gemstone that’s framed with French cut blue sapphires. The natural sapphires give this already perfect ring a rich blue color that oozes boldness. The edge feature small round-cut diamonds that refine the final look of the piece.

The teal and the blue are contrasting yet perfectly adorn the hand of your bride-to-be.

5. Haddon Ring

13025 Haddon Sapphire and Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $140,000

Sapphires and diamonds are a terrific combination, but the Haddon Ring is a rare case. The center stone of this handcrafted ring is a 4.09-carat Asscher-cut diamond in G color and VS1 clarity. A row of French cut fine blue sapphires that give the ring some extra attention frame the center stone. Each shoulder is dazzled with a tapered baguette cut diamond for extra sparkle.

Generally, the size and the quality we see in this unique engagement ring are hard to come by, making it a rare asset that’s likely to become an heirloom.

6. Estate Halo Ring

12861 Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Platinum Engagement Ring

Price: $58,000

If your bride-to-be doesn’t shy away from the attention that comes with flaunting a colossal bauble, then you should consider the Estate Halo Ring. This antique piece is flanked by a bezel-set cushion cut L color diamond that weighs 5.02 carats. The center stone comes surrounded by additional antique diamonds that add an extra radiant glow to it. The under-gallery of the setting features beautiful openwork that stretches down to the triple wire shank.

7. Bethpage Ring

D3763 Bethpage Emerald Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $140,000

There’s something about fancy-color diamonds that make them unique, and the Bethpage Ring is proof of that. This fancy-colored ring centers a GIA-certified yellow emerald cut diamond with VVS2 clarity. The stone weighs a whopping 4.04 carats and lies in a bezel setting. Pave-set brilliant cut diamonds that extend down the shoulders frame the center stone.

The Bethpage ring is indeed perfect for those unafraid to command attention.

8. Champs-Élysées Ring

VMK13 Champs-Élysées Unique Engagement Rings

Price Upon Request

All diamond engagement rings are special, but the Champs-Élysées Ring demands special attention. This luxurious engagement ring features a GIA-certified, pear-shaped Fancy light pink center diamond that weighs 1.05 carats. The center stone is haloed by additional round pink diamonds that weigh 0.31 carats. Framing the round pink diamonds is a beautiful artwork design that further magnifies the detail of this accessory.

The shoulders of the ring feature extra brilliant cut, micro-pave diamonds. The mounting is 18k rose gold and 18k white gold. This ring is one of a kind because of the radiant glow from the bright stone and intricate design.

9. Adelaide Ring

13464 Adelaide Ring

Price: $2,200

The Adelaide Ring is another engagement bauble with a rare flair to it. The ring features three oval cut rubies bezel-set in an east-west direction. The three center stones have a combined weight of 0.75 carats and are haloed by round brilliant cut diamonds. The ring has a simple platinum mounting.

10. Kent Ring

13423 Unique Diamond and Onyx Engagement Ring

Price: $45,000

The Kent Ring is perfect for those who love the combination of black and white. The center stone is a Cushion-cut diamond that weighs 4.30 carats. The center diamond is bezel-set in onyx, giving the diamond a unique shiny black halo. The ring comes adorned with stellar milgrain, and the under-gallery exhibits beautiful openwork. This 18k white gold engagement ring was handcrafted circa 1925.

11. Norristown Ring

13428 Unique Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Price: $92,000

All diamond rings are beautiful, but the Norristown Ring is unique and special. Centering the ring is a sizable pear-shaped rose-cut diamond that exudes royalty and femininity. The center diamond weighs 6 carats, has a K color, and is of VS1 clarity.

The under-gallery is dazzled with additional diamonds which extend down the shoulders. Sure thing, this unique engagement ring will turn heads.

12. Medway Ring. Circa 1890

13729 Medway Art Nouveau Ring

Price: $5,500

If you’re all about uniqueness, then the Medway Ring is likely what you’ve been trying to find. This ring is an outstanding piece from the Art Nouveau era. The seven old mine-cut diamonds are set in prongs forming a heartwarming flowerhead design. The shoulders swirl outwards from the center diamonds and feature a hand-engraved leaf motif that makes this already perfect ring a marvel. This ring is set in 18k gold which adds to its radiance.

13. Syosset Ring

VMK14 Unique Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

Price Upon Request

The Syosset Ring is perfect for those looking for plenty of bling. The center stone is a cushion cut Fancy light blue diamond weighing 1.15 carats. The prong-set center stone is surrounded with additional pink diamonds that weigh around 0.36 carats.

The symmetrically arranged pear-shaped rose-cut diamonds that accent the center stone make this engagement bauble stand out from the crowd. The shoulders are dazzled with additional micro-pave diamonds. Finally, this beautiful bauble is 18k rose gold set in 18k white gold.

14. Claverton Ring

13885 Claverton Kunzite and Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $4,500

Of course, we couldn’t forget the Claverton Ring. It is a beautiful gemstone ring that centers radiant emerald-cut kunzite that weighs 2.14 carats. The kunzite stone is saturated with a pink hue, giving the entire ring extra shine. Each shoulder is dazzled with two trapezoid cut diamonds, which earns the ring some extra glow. The Claverton Ring is handcrafted in platinum.

15. Scandia Ring

12070M Scandia Marquis Cut Pink Diamond Ring

Price: $88,000

Maximalism can be beautiful, and the exotic Scandia Ring is here to prove the point. Centering the ring is a marquise-cut Fancy light pink diamond weighing 1.02 carats. The center diamond features a halo of prong-set Fancy pink diamonds, with an outer halo of additional brilliant cut diamonds.

The shoulders are divided into three sections, and each is dazzled with micro-pave round brilliant-cut diamonds. This ring is handcrafted in 18k yellow gold and 18k white gold. The level of craftsmanship that went into this ring is breathtaking and the piece will likely stay in the family for generations.

16. Edmonton Ring

 13407 Edmonton Amethyst Engagement Ring

Price: $900

Elegance doesn’t have to be pricey. The Edmonton Ring is the most affordable engagement ring on this list, yet it exudes a rarity that’s not easy to come by. Centering the ring is a bold oval-cut amethyst that weighs 2.74 carats. The center stone has a neighboring amethyst on each side which perfectly complement it. Each shoulder is dazzled with three diamonds weighing 0.02 carats. The mounting is 18k yellow gold which adds to the ring’s radiance.

17. Southwell Ring. Circa 1935 (Vintage, Art Deco Era)

13782 Southwell Unique Vintage Diamond Engagement ring

Price: $13,000

If you’re going for something simple but flashy, you should consider the Southwell Ring. This handcrafted unique engagement ring centers a prong-set GIA-certified old European cut diamond that weighs 1.06 carats. The lively diamond stone is of I color and VS2 clarity. Baguette cut diamonds dazzle the shoulders giving the ring that extra shine and glow. The under-gallery features beautiful openwork which adds to the ring’s detail.

18. Vintage Buccellati Ruby Ring

11640 Vintage Buccellati Ruby Ring

Price: $29,000

If you’re looking for something stunning yet delicate, the  Vintage Buccellati Ruby Ring might be “the one.” This striking ring is set in 18K gold and dazzled with diamonds. The center stone is a stellar Burma ruby, weighing 7.41 carats. The detailed, handcrafted engravings make this already perfect ring something special.

19. Cenon Ring. Circa 1840

13224 Cenon Ring

Price: $2,800

If you think navette rings can’t get any more beautiful, you haven’t seen the Cenon Ring. This antique piece hails from the Georgian era and was handcrafted in 18k gold. Three pearls are in the center, and the border features fine turquoise, giving it a bold green-to-blue glow. The shoulders showcase a fleur-de-lis design giving the ring added interest.

20. Harrisburg Ring. Circa 1815 (Antique, Georgian Era)


Price: $2,800

If you’re going for a flashy look, then the Harrisburg Ring will serve you well. This navette ring was handcrafted in 18k gold during the Georgian era. The center is dazzled with a sizable seed pearl surrounded by a cluster of smaller pearls. The 18k yellow gold that reigns the entire ring gives it a showy radiant feel.

21. Welwyn Ring. Circa 1840 (Antique, Georgian Era)

13225 Welwyn Ring

Price: $2,500

The Welwyn Ring is the perfect engagement ring for unique ladies who always want something different. This handcrafted ring is from the Georgian era and is a rare piece, centered with topaz. The pink topaz is portrait cut and haloed with prong-set seed pearls. The area around the shoulders and the pearls is adorned with black enamel, which leaves the ring with a more reserved look.

And for motif lovers, the Welwyn Ring has you covered. The shank features a breathtaking, hand-engraved botanical motif.

22. Islip Ring. Circa 1945

13734 Islip Ring

Price: $9,000

For those who love aquamarines, the Islip Ring is one of the unique engagement rings in this category. Centering this vintage gemstone is a prong-set, emerald-cut aquamarine weighing 20 carats. Each shoulder comes accentuated by three single cut diamonds set in prongs. The shoulders extend to an under-gallery that features beautiful openwork.

23. Melbourne Ring. Circa 1945

14002 Melbourne Ring

Price: $2,800

The Melbourne ring is a good choice for those unafraid to step out with a bold design. Instead of the typical one stone that we see in many engagement rings, this ring features five diamonds, making it stand out from the crowd. The inner three center diamonds feature cushion cuts while the outer two are old mine cut. The inner-most stone weighs 0.25 carats and is in K color. All five stones combined weigh 0.75 carats.

This ring is platinum on 18k yellow gold. The shank is simple, but it perfectly complements the five center stones.

24. Canterbury Ring. Circa 1925

13708 Unique Canterbury Diamond Engagement Rings

Price: $10,000

Next on the list of the top unique engagement rings is the Canterbury Ring. This Art Deco era ring is a large engagement bauble. It centers a radiant antique cushion cut diamond that weighs 0.80 carats. The center diamond comes set in prongs and surrounded by two halos of old mine cut diamonds.

Extra channel-set baguette cut diamonds accentuate the center stone. The under-gallery comes adorned with beautiful openwork, which adds to the ring’s beauty. The mounting is platinum on 18k yellow gold and was handcrafted in England circa 1925.

25. Pickford Ring. Circa 1925

14032 Pickford Ring

Price: $2,500

The Pickford ring is for those looking for a minimalist ring that doesn’t forego elegance and class. Like the Melbourne Ring, it has five diamond stones instead of the typical solitaire. The five diamonds weigh around 0.49 carats and are of I-J color and SI1–SI2 clarity which gives the ring dazzling beauty.

26. Segovia Ring

12056 Segovia Ring

Price: $7,200

Next on the list of the best unique engagement rings is the stunning Segovia Ring. This geometrically designed ring has an Emerald center stone that weighs 1.54 carats. Baguette-cut diamonds along with a tapered baguette diamond accentuate the center stone. A row of antique diamonds surround the stone and extend to the shoulders, adding to the radiance of the ring.

27. Norwell Ring

13703 Norwell Unique Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Price: $14,000

If you’re looking for a simple and minimalist ring but don’t want to forego class and elegance, then the Norwell Ring is a perfect choice. This handcrafted ring centers a prong-set, oval, rose cut diamond that weighs 1.55 carats. The center diamond is in I color and VS1 clarity. The shoulders and the shank feature micro-pave brilliant cut diamonds. The under-gallery comes adorned with additional round brilliant-cut diamonds giving the ring a trendy flair.

This unique engagement ring is handmade and set in simple, delicate platinum that perfectly complements the setting.

28. Chartreuse ring

13282 Chartreuse Ring

Price: $7,900

We can’t miss the Chartreuse Ring on the best unique engagement rings list. What earns this magnificent piece some extra attention is the stunning bezel-set, cushion cut Burma ruby that reigns the center. The ruby weighs around 0.97 carats and comes framed with pave-set diamonds. Furthermore, beautiful milgrain decorates the ring, and the under-gallery featured detailed geometric cutouts.

This platinum ring is a recreation that borrows from the Art Deco era.

29. Formosa Ring

13283 Formosa Vintage Diamond and Ruby Engagement Ring

Price: $7,900

The Formosa Ring doesn’t fail to make a statement of boldness, beauty, and glamor. The ring takes inspiration from the Art Deco era and centers an oval cut natural ruby that weighs 1.52 carats. Surrounding the ruby are pave-set diamonds in a stunning design. The shoulders comes dazzled with additional pave-set diamonds for extra shine. This ring is platinum on 18 gold. Fine milgrain decorates the ring and brilliantly adds to its beauty.

Indeed, the level of detail and skilled craftsmanship that went into this piece is invaluable and timeless.

30. Medina Ring. Circa 1890

14037 Medina Ring

Price: $7,500

Finishing off the list of unique engagement rings is the Medina Ring. This navette cocktail ring is another excellent piece from the Victorian era. The center of the ring comes glammed with a row of fine oval cut Burmese rubies. Additionally, old European cut diamonds set in prongs in an elongated setting halo the center stones.

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