Top 20 Funny Wedding Proposal Videos February 11, 2019 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Proposals are romantic, touching, emotional and lots more. Some are even funny, whether they are intended to be or not. Here we have our top 20 funny proposal videos.

Falling, In Love

Is it a good thing or a bad thing when the object of your proposal faints when you ask her to marry you? Good, we think!

Watch this fantastic video below!

Back In The Room

This really shouldn’t be funny, but just is. A UK hypnotist goes through a hilarious routine at home with his girlfriend, including more than one proposal, and the results are fantastic!

When The Penny Drops

This one took a while. It just shows that people need to pay more attention to what’s literally in front of them.

Wait for it. It’s worth it!

Using a Proxy

Why go it alone in your proposal, when you can get one of the biggest stars of the NFL to help you out?

Diving Right In

You want your proposal to make an impact? Then jump off a building…

Know When To Stop

You don’t need to understand what is being said. You just need to be able to understand body language better than this guy.

Timing Is Everything

When the ball drops in Times Square to signal the start of a new year, why should it be the start of your engagement too?

Oh, It’s Real

It doesn’t matter how many times you say it, when it’s real, it’s real!

Just For Kicks

When the surprise doesn’t go according to plan…

It’s Not Such A Small World After All

Not if you can get the happiest place on earth involved in your proposal!

When You Bite Off More than You Can Throw

Proposing causes a wide range of reactions. Having food thrown at you is probably not first on the list, though.

There Have Been Better Proposals

Finding new ways to propose is fun. This, though, goes way past fun…

Well, Thanks For Playing

When a public proposal turns into a very public refusal. Wait for the announcer, who doesn’t skip a beat…

Love’s Young Dream

Like anything in his life is going to be up to him.

There’s Such A Thing As Trying Too Hard

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, as the saying goes.

The Best Laid Plans

You know when they say “measure twice, cut once”?

Taking One For The Team

If you’re going to propose in public, make sure everyone’s on the same team!

Never Work With Children or Animals Pt. 1

They never hit their mark on time.

Never Work With Children or Animals Pt.2

Seriously, they won’t stick to the script.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

A lot, as it turned out!

Did you find these videos funny? Do you have some videos to add? Tell us in the comments below!

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