Top 10 Vintage Style Earrings

November 20, 2016 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Vintage Style Earrings are one of the most sought after types of earrings, and yet most people don’t know what they are.

In this article, we will introduce you to all the vintage styles of earrings that you need to know about!

  1. Chandelier Earrings
  2. Cluster Diamond Earrings
  3. Platinum Cluster Earrings
  4. Vintage Gemstone Earrings
  5. Diamond Stud Earrings
  6. Diamond Floral Earrings
  7. Vintage Designer Earrings
  8. Diamond Halo Earrings
  9. Vintage Diamond and Sapphire Earrings
  10. Art Deco Style Earrings

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Vintage Chandelier Earrings

vintage ruby chandelier earrings

The great thing about vintage jewelry is that it eschews traditional style periods, and can encompass everything from Art Deco to 60’s retro. These fabulous ruby chandelier earrings dip their toe into Art Nouveau without becoming too set in the genre. Beautiful Burma rubies are the drops of the chandelier. The round diamonds act as the anchor for each of the 9 rubies on each set.

The earrings are yellow gold and display a finish with fine filigré work. Each drop length is nearly 3.5 inches. This pair is guarantees to draw admiring glances due to its beauty.

Price $10,800. Click here to view these earrings.

Vintage Style Cluster Diamond Earrings

Victorian Style Cluster Earrings 10328

If 5.20 carats of old mine cut diamonds sounds like a lot, imagine them set into stunning cluster-style earrings.

The large center diamond displays two halos of 10 and 12 smaller diamonds in each. A cushion-like arrangement reflects light in every direction. An additional single diamond makes the connection to the hook at the top of the earring. The overall effect is a compact, yet incredibly impressive, show of diamonds.

Price $11,500. To learn more about these earrings click here.

Vintage Platinum Cluster Earrings

1940s Earrings

When earrings are described as “cluster” style, the actual range of the settings that make up the clusters is often surprising. These fantastic 1940s vintage diamond earrings are a great example of a cluster that stays away from symmetry and is almost free form in its construction.

Eight round and eight baguette, prong set, diamonds in each earring bring additional interest to an already captivating set.

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Vintage Gemstone Earrings

Citrine and Diamond Earrings

Although citrine is reasonably common in lower-end jewelry, high-quality citrine of the standard required for fine jewelry is actually quite rare. The citrine used in these wonderful earrings is a deep rich burnt orange hue. The color displayed in these earrings are the most sought-after color for natural citrine.

Set as the focal point among five rose-cut diamonds, the contrast works beautifully between the citrine and the diamonds. The dual yellow and white gold setting makes a very unusual pair of earrings that won’t fail to impress.

These earrings don’t have a price because they are sold. Contact Estate Diamond Jewelry to ask them to commission a new pair.

Platinum Vintage Diamond Stud Earrings

earrings old miners

The usual trend for diamond earrings is to use an array of smaller diamonds in various cuts. These incredible earrings go the other way, with just two diamonds in each earring weighing a total of 5.28 carats.

Each top diamond is 0.21ct and each bottom diamond is 2.43ct. The bezel set arrangement with milgrain edges frame the gems perfectly. Add fine platinum mountings and you have a set of earrings that go so much further than just accessorizing.

This style of earrings is available in many different carat sizes. Click here to view this pair of earrings.

Yellow Diamond Floral Earrings

Yellow Diamond Cluster Earrings

Another set of earrings that goes against accepted wisdom and yet does it so well that it’s impossible not to impress.

In general, diamonds that show hints of color aren’t as desirable as colorless diamonds. These earrings, however, are a wonderful exception. There is no hint of color, the diamonds are vivid yellow. This pair is incredibly rare and highly regarded treasure.

The 2.07 carats of fancy vivid diamonds are in that second category, featuring a deep yellow color that is rarely seen. Add 2 diamonds totaling 2.46cts in each earring, and the finished set is quite beautiful.

If you want to learn more about these earrings, click here.

Vintage Designer Earrings


One of the great names in jewelry design, VC&E are renowned for their unusual and big, bold designs. These quite incredible earrings each contain seven round cut diamonds, set amongst multi-layered 18K gold petals.

This design could easily be quite masculine due to the “spiky” effect of the petals, and yet it is not. The designers maintain an exquisite air of femininity in a very interesting and unusual set of earrings. These earrings are as beautiful as they are unique.

These Van Cleef earrings cost $28,000. Click here to learn more about these earrings.

Vintage Diamond Halo Earrings

Diamond Halo Earrings

Many earring designs will have contrasting metal settings to the colors of the stones, such as yellow gold and colorless diamonds or something similar. These fantastic earrings stick to the popular ever-true diamond+platinum combination of success in jewelry. The earrings maintain a sparkling clarity from all angles.

Each earring sports a 1.25-carat old European cut center diamond. 25 smaller diamonds in milgrain-enclosed halos surround the center diamond. These wonderful earrings ooze class and sophistication and would grace any occasion with ease.

In conclusion, these stunning earrings are available for purchase. Click here to learn more.

Vintage Diamond and Sapphire Earrings

17-09 Earrings

As if to emphasize the point we made above about contrast being common in earrings, these earrings use color in a beautiful way. We just love these diamond and sapphire because of their strong diversity.

The center diamond sits within a frame of pavé sapphires. An additional halo of eleven diamonds in each earring. Each piece has a finish of a gold bezel in a platinum setting. The tri-color effect lifts these earrings from stunning to sublime.

To learn more about this pair of halo earrings, click here.

Rare Art Deco Earrings

Antique Art deco Earrings

Art Deco is one of the most important periods in jewelry design. It takes its influences from the rapidly changing world of the time. Harsh symmetry and sharp edges are the hallmarks of this era.

These incredible drop earrings embrace all the elements of Art Deco. The old mine cut diamonds set in ever-larger steps in completely characteristic of the Art Deco Era. Beautiful and unusual, they would be the perfect adornment for any occasion.

After reading this description, you will probably want to learn more about these earrings! Click here to read the entire description.

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