Our Top 10 Rings that Include Sapphires September 12, 2016 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Sapphires have been revered for millennia, so it’s no surprise that they are one of the most popular colored gemstones for use in jewelry and decorative items. Of course, their use in vintage sapphire diamond engagement rings is one of the best ways to show them off to the maximum effect, and here we take a look at the Top 10 Sapphire Rings in our collection at EDJ.

1.66ct Floral Estate Diamond Engagement Ring

1.66 carat floral estate diamond engagement ringThis stunning ring is slightly unusual in that the center diamond is from the 1920s and came about during a time when Art Deco was dominating the aesthetic and style of everything from architects to pottery. What makes this design notable among unique sapphire and diamond rings is that it accurately reflects the earlier Art Nouveau movement from 10 or 20 years before, which brought much softer, much more flowing designs.

The fabulous center diamond  is an Old European Cut popular at the time, has J Color and VS1 Clarity. In a nod to the symmetrical demands of Art Deco, though, the diamond is surrounded by 2 halos of sapphires and diamonds, each of 21 stones. Finished with both fine milgrain and filigree and set on a triple wire shank, the combination of diamonds and sapphires make for a wonderful piece among vintage sapphire diamond engagement rings.

Antique Pear-Shaped Ceylon Sapphire Ring

Antique pear shaped Ceylon sapphire ringIt’s often usual to see sapphires playing a supporting role to diamonds, but this isn’t always the case. Sapphires are quite beautiful enough to stand alone, and this ring is an excellent example of that ability. Ceylon, now known of course as Sri Lanka, is one of the most sought after mining areas for sapphires, due to the depth of color and overall quality of the stones from that region.

The amazing 9.59ct pear-shaped sapphire at the heart of this creation is prong-set in handmade platinum containing delicate and complex engraving work and is finished with 2 further sapphires, one on each shoulder of the band.

A sapphire of this quality needs no supporting act, and is one of the best examples of a sapphire ring that we’ve seen.

French Cut Wedding Band

French cut wedding band with sapphiresGone are the days when a wedding band was just plain gold with no markings or design additions. Nowadays, as evidenced by some of the most unique sapphire and diamond rings, wedding bands are free to be whatever the wearer wishes them to be. This particular band shows that, sometimes, tradition can be overcome by evolution.

With lovely, elongated, French cut sapphires channel-set and finished with delicate milgrain, the effect of this unusual wedding ring is sure to be a talking point wherever it is seen! With the deep rich blue, and almost masculine cut of the sapphires balanced by the milgrain it is, at the same time, both simple and bold in equal measure.


Rare and Important Antique Sapphire Ring

Rare antique diamond and sapphire ringDated to c.1900, during the Art Nouveau period, the endless soft curves and edges of this very rare example make it truly one of a kind.

Most sapphires are heat treated to improve color and clarity, and good specimens of untreated stones are highly sought after. With a cushion cut sapphire at the center of the ring, this design ensures that the stone makes a magnificent focal point even for a ring which has so many other wonderful qualities. With both a halo and a perimeter of diamonds, separated by further, smaller sapphires and all mounted in platinum on gold with very fine engraving on the side of the gallery, the eye-catching properties of this ring are endless. From any distance and any angle, this antique sapphire ring is an instant hit with all who see it.

Antique Style Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

Antique style diamond and sapphire engagement ringThis gorgeous engagement ring, modeled after a ring originally made in the 1920s, shows perfectly the symmetry of the Art Deco period and unique sapphire and diamond rings.

From the old mine cut diamond, the precision order then contained in the radiating layers of sapphire and diamond, finally arriving at the final outer halo of sapphires gives an indication of how rules needn’t overwhelm beauty and originality.

Although perhaps not quite within the definition of a “classic” engagement ring, this ring nevertheless provides a statement that is hard to ignore.

Vintage Sapphire Ring

Vintage sapphire ring with diamond accentsWith its broad shoulders bold design, at first glance it would be too easy to mistake this for some kind of cocktail ring. Though, that would be a terrible injustice to the beauty of the design and the stones it contains.

An incredible 5.11ct center sapphire sets this apart from vintage sapphire diamond engagement rings, and the open filigree work on the lower gallery mean the effect just goes so much further than all lesser examples.

If the sapphire alone isn’t enough, the surrounding diamonds and platinum mounting all add up to a spectacular ring for any occasion.

The Amsterdam Deco Ring

2.28 Old European cut Amsterdam sapphire and diamond ringInspired by the beautiful capital of the Netherlands, a very lively 2.28ct old European cut diamond sits atop this remarkable creation.

With two waterfalls containing 20 French cut sapphires divided by smaller diamonds, the high position of the center stone literally makes this ring stand out from the rest.

The sapphire accents draws the eyes right into the center diamond.


Vintage Buccellati Sapphire Ring

Vintage Buccellati gold and sapphire ringHave you ever had one of those moments where you just crave something different? Well, here, “different” is absolutely what you get.

No simple platinum mount here, or pave set halos. Instead, we have a 2-tone gold lace-like band, studded with diamonds  and a hand-engraved floral motif on the lower shank. Also, these features are drawn together by a stunning oval cut sapphire with a depth of colour rarely seen among fine vintage jewelry.

A stunning example of unique sapphire and diamond rings by the legendary Milanese jewelry house, Buccellati, this ring is dated c.1960, and clearly shows that design conventions were left aside to create a beautiful centerpiece by anybody’s standards.

Diamond and Cabochon Sapphire Ring

Rare diamond and cabochon sapphire ringA precious stone described as “cabochon” is one that has been shaped and polished instead of the more usual facet creation by cutting.

Having 12 cabochon sapphires in one ring makes this ring even more unusual, even among vintage sapphire diamond engagement rings.

Inspired by both the Art Nouveau floral motifs and the planned symmetry of Art Deco design, the beautiful hand-crafted setting of the Ceylon sapphires around the center 1.5ct brilliant cut diamond has produced a piece of exquisite beauty and delicacy where the blue of the sapphires and the center diamond take equal billing.

Cambridge Ring

Art Deco inspired Cambridge sapphire and diamond engagement ringArt Deco-inspired and set within a triple-wire platinum band and a fleur-de-lis studded with diamonds, a 1.13ct old mine cushion cut diamond is undoubtedly the star attraction.

When viewed from the side, the understated impression belies a beauty that, when viewed from above, surprises you with a halo of sapphires complete with diamond intersections that just make the whole ring come to life.

Setting this ring apart among unique sapphire and diamond rings, the center diamond itself is dated c.1915 and has J color and VS2 clarity.


A Little More about Sapphires

Sapphire is the birth stone of September, and is believed to protect both the wearer and those close to them from harm. It also symbolizes trust and reliability.

Derived from the element corundum, sapphires can actually be any one of a number of colors apart from the more common – and most desired – blue. They can be green, yellow, purple, brown and even clear. Clear sapphires, although not highly prized, are often used as diamond substitutes when expense is a consideration.

It might surprise you to know that you’ve probably seen as many red sapphires as you have blue. It just so happens that we know a red sapphire by another name – a ruby. Rubies and blue sapphires are often found in the same areas of the world, but one color will dominate in such areas, and there is rarely an equal distribution found when mining.

Sapphires have been used in jewelry making for as long as jewelry has been around. Because of it’s protective powers, it was often set in vintage sapphire diamond engagement rings and the jewels of royalty as a method of warding off danger and malevolent spirits.