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Penndel Bracelet. Circa 1925, Antique, Art Deco Era.


0.15ct Diamond Altamont Art Deco Engagement Ring. Circa 1920


Art Deco Estate 0.40ct Diamond And Sapphire Engagement Ring. Orleans Ring. Circa 1925


Old Euro VS1 0.25ct Diamond Engagement Ring. Fairbank Ring


1.23ct Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring. Denmark Ring


Rovigo Ring. Circa 1920, Antique, Art Deco Era


1.31ct Old European Cut Diamond and Sapphire Ring. Cambridge Ring


1.58ct Art Deco Style Diamond and Sapphire Platinum ring. Lisbon Ring


4.26ct Old Euro Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. Yale Ring


Central Park Ring. Platinum Diamond and Sapphire Ring.


Fenmore Ring. Circa 1910, Antique, Edwardian Era


Toledo Ring


Vintage Half-Eternity Wedding Band. Edgemont Band. Circa 1950


Colmar Ring. Circa 1920, Antique, Art Deco Era


Connecticut Ring


Curel Ring. Circa 1925


Kennedy Ring


Modbury Ring


Perth Ring


Regal Ring


1.29ct Old European Cut Diamond Sapphire Halo Corby Ring


1.32ct Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring. Fairmonte Ring


1.96ct old European Cut Diamond Platinum Ring


3.11ct Diamond and Sapphire Halo Narlon Ring


Antique Art Deco 0.20ct Diamond Engagement Ring Elton. Circa 1920


Arlington Ring


Belwood Ring. Circa 1925, Antique, Art Deco Era


Bernex Ring. Circa 1925


Bloomsburg Ring. Circa 1910 (Antique, Edwardian Era)


Brookville Ring


Constantinople Ring


Elvas Ring


Eramosa Ring


Genin Ring. Circa 1920 (Antique, Art Deco Era)


Georgetown Ring


Golders Green Ring