Top 30 Simple Diamond Engagement Rings

Written by: Afshin Shaddaie, Jewelry and Gemology Expert
August 21, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Picking the perfect engagement ring can be challenging. You may feel tempted to choose a modern and unique design, but few styles beat traditional simple diamond engagement rings. They’re straightforward, timeless, and a statement piece your partner will show off for years.

In this article, we’ll review the top 30 simple diamond engagement rings to help you make an informed decision.

1. The Lewiston Ring

Simple Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Colorless Center Diamond

Price: $6,500

First up on our list, we have the lovely Lewiston Ring. This subtle vintage solitaire engagement ring features a GIA-certified 0.65-carat old European-cut center diamond. What’s more, a tapered baguette-cut diamond flanks each side of the center stone. Last but certainly not least, the colorless center diamond of this platinum ring boasts the highest color grade possible (D) and VS1 for clarity.

2. The Fairmont Ring

Simple White Gold Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $9,000

If you’re looking for a simple women’s engagement ring that will leave your partner speechless, you can’t go wrong with the Fairmont Ring.

Handcrafted in 18k white gold circa 1980, this stylish yet simple French solitaire ring features a 1.29-carat old European-cut diamond set in four double prongs. The minimalistic white gold band is sleek and subtle, allowing the diamond to shine uncontested.

3. The Mulberry Ring

2 carat simple diamond engagement ring with diamonds

Price: $32,000

If your partner appreciates elegant jewelry, then surprise them with the wonderful Mulberry Ring. This classic platinum piece features a GIA-certified 2.19-carat antique cushion-cut diamond set in prongs. What’s more, the stone boasts an H color grade, making it a near-colorless diamond. Finally, a baguette-cut diamond adorns each shoulder.

4. The Cesena Ring

Vintage Cesena Solitaire Diamond Ring With White Gold

Price: $10,500

While some assume that simple engagement rings are boring, the Cesena Ring proves that’s not always the case.

The dazzling 1.45-carat old European-cut diamond features a high profile and is set in six prongs. Moreover, the mounting forms a scallop-edged surface under the center stone giving this vintage ring a unique look. Finally, this French ring was handcrafted in platinum on 18k white gold circa 1950.

5. Wellington Ring

Simple Engagement Ring With Baguette Diamonds On Shoulders

Price: $12,500

Up next, the Wellington Ring maintains a simple look while also displaying interesting shoulder accents. The center old European-cut diamond weighs approximately 1.50 carats and is set in four prongs. The three staggered baguette-cut diamonds on either side of the center stone certainly add some intrigue to this otherwise subtle ring. The ring evokes an art deco aesthetic with its clean lines and simple design.

6. Solsville Ring

Solsville Diamond Engagement Ring With Diamond Adorned Shoulders

Price: $7,500

The gorgeous Solsville Ring was handcrafted in platinum and features a GIA-certified 1.00-carat old European-cut diamond set in four prongs. What’s more, three old European-cut diamonds are pavé-set along each shoulder, while additional pavé-set diamonds line the gallery.

7. The Elm Park Ring

Elm Park Diamond Engagement Ring With Diamond Adorned Shoulders

Price: $5,800

The beautiful vintage Elm Park diamond engagement ring is set with an old European cut diamond from the 1920s. The center diamond sits flanked by two tapered baguette-cut diamonds on the shoulders of the handmade platinum setting. This vintage ring was handcrafted circa 1955.

8. The Dutchess Ring

Vintage Dutchess Diamond Engagement Ring With Diamond Adorned Shoulders

Price: $72,000

If you’re looking for a simple ring with a larger stone, then the Dutchess Ring is a great choice. Handcrafted in 14k white gold circa 1950, this vintage diamond engagement ring features a 4.25-carat old European-cut center diamond. What’s more, the center diamond is flanked on each side by a tapered baguette-cut diamond. Finally, the center diamond is set in simple prongs which emphasize the stone.

9. The Scottsboro Ring

Scottsboro Diamond Engagement Ring With Milgrain And Openwork

Price: $23,000

If you are not totally set on the idea of a simple ring, then consider compromising with something that has some subtle intricacies, like the Scottsboro Ring.

This bezel-set piece features a dazzling old European-cut center diamond weighing approximately 2.00 carats. Then, a row of smaller stones lines the shoulders, giving the mounting a sophisticated edge. When it comes to the aforementioned subtle intricacies, we have leaf-motif openwork with additional diamonds decorating the gallery, while fine milgrain borders all diamond elements of the ring.

10. Lewes Ring

Simple Lewes Diamond Ring Featuring Eight Prong Settings

Price: $3,000

Although its simple style is not entirely representative of the era, the Lewes Ring is a great choice for those wanting an antique piece. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, this French Art Deco era ring features a plain band and a 0.43-carat diamond with J color and VS2 clarity set in eight prongs. If your partner would appreciate a piece with some history, then this ring is an excellent option.

11. Lons Ring

Simple Diamond Engagement Ring With Baguette Diamond Shoulders

Price: $13,000

If you want a ring that is simple but still stands out a bit from the crowd, then the Lons Ring is an excellent option. This delicate and low-profile diamond engagement ring features a GIA-certified 1.14-carat old European-cut center diamond. For some added appeal, six baguette-cut diamonds adorn each shoulder offering a unique geometric design.

12. Atkins Ring

Atkins Aquamarine Ring Featuring Six Prong Setting

Price: $1,600

If you’re looking for a simple design, but are intrigued by diamond alternatives, then consider the Atkins Ring. Featuring a plain band and a round-cut aquamarine with no other elements, this ring manages to be as simple as possible while offering the non-diamond gemstone as a unique aspect. The stone weighs approximately 1.62 carats and is set in six prongs.

13. The Worcester Ring

Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring With Diamond Adorned Shoulders

Price: $2,500

The Worcester Ring is another great option for those who want a vintage French ring. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1950, this engagement ring features a GIA-certified, 0.50-carat, old mine-cut center diamond with I color and VS1 clarity. Additionally, three single-cut diamonds adorn each shoulder and beautifully complement the center stone.

14. Carnegie Ring

Carnegie Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Diamond Cluster

Price: $4,000

As far as cluster rings are concerned, it doesn’t get more simple than the Carnegie Ring. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1925, this beautiful French Art Deco ring features a 0.50-carat center diamond surrounded by 0.30 carats of single-cut diamonds. The center stone has H color and SI1 clarity grades, while the cluster is graded in the range of H-I for color and VS2-SI1 for clarity.

15. The Covina Ring

Covina Diamond Engagement Ring With Adorned Gallery And Shoulders

Price: $5,900

If you decide to go for the Covina Ring, then you can rest assured that your ring will stand the test of time. This simple engagement ring offers a classic and timeless style that can be passed on from generation to generation. A GIA-certified 0.90-carat prong-set old European cut diamond sits at the center, while smaller diamonds embellish the gallery and shoulders.

16. Cleft Ring

Two Tone Victorian Era Cleft Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $2,200

Up next, the Cleft Ring offers a departure from the typical design, yet it maintains an overall simple look. This two-tone Victorian era ring was handcrafted in silver on 18k yellow gold circa 1860 and features a 0.35-carat old mine-cut diamond with I color and VS1 clarity. Utilizing silver for the mounting while the band itself is yellow gold helps to emphasize the diamond and makes the ring stand out in general.

17. The 0.22ct Tiffany Ring

Tiffany Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring Made From Platinum

Price: $2,200

For the ultimate option in simplicity take a look at this platinum Tiffany ring. The simple band features a 0.22-carat round brilliant-cut diamond on a platinum setting. What’s more, the inside of the band is signed Tiffany & Co. ensuring the authenticity of this ring. This ring certainly makes the perfect everyday accessory that won’t distract or clash with other accessories.

18. Rochdale Ring

Rochdale Minimalistic Diamond Ring With Accent Diamonds

Price: $9,500

The simple Rochdale engagement ring features an old European-cut center diamond set in four bold prongs. Accompanying the center diamond is a tapered baguette-cut diamond set on each shoulder. This minimalistic ring offers a great option for those looking for a vintage diamond ring that offers a clean and simple aesthetic. Finally, the center diamond of this platinum ring weighs approximately 1.08 carats.

19. Morristown Ring

Morristown Simple Engagement Ring Featuring Sapphire Center Stone

Price: $4,200

For those who prefer minimalistic rings, the Morristown Ring is a unique option both in terms of the main stone and the overall style. The geometric design features a 1.68-carat emerald-cut natural sapphire set in prongs with graduating baguette-cut diamonds on either side of the center stone. The simple platinum band maintains the ring’s sleekness and keeps the design from being too colorful.

20. The Westridge Ring

Platinum Westridge Solitaire Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Price: $1,500

The Westridge Ring is an excellent option if your partner is a fan of the delicate blue color of aquamarine stones.

The dainty platinum setting features knife-edge shoulders, while the round-cut aquamarine center stone weighs approximately 1.25 carats. The natural gemstone boasts impressive saturation, and your partner will receive compliments wherever they go. What’s more, the four-prong setting perfectly displays the stone and ensures it is a sight to behold from any angle.

21. Carthage Ring

French 4.04ct Center Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Circa 1960 - Carthage - Hand Video

Price: $65,000

Up next, the stunning Carthage Ring features a large diamond set in six prongs with no other design elements and a plain band. Indeed, it does not get more simple than this ring, yet it is no less enthralling. The diamond weighs 4.04 carats and is rated J for color and VS2 for clarity. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1960, this French engagement ring is sure to impress anybody who sets eyes on it.

22. The Norwell Ring

Platinum Norwell Diamond Engagement Ring With Additional Diamonds

Price: $14,000

Simple yet dazzling, the Norwell Ring is a classy engagement piece with a 1.55-carat rose-cut center diamond. Delicate prongs hold the center stone in place while rows of micro-pavé round brilliant-cut diamonds line the shank and shoulders. Similarly, the prongs and the under-gallery are addorned with additional round diamonds.

23. The Park End Ring

Platinum Park End Diamond Ring With Adorned Shoulders

Price: $20,000

If you’re searching for a simple diamond engagement ring, then have a look at the 1950s Park End Ring. The 2.14-carat old European-cut center stone is accented by a prominent baguette-cut diamond on each shoulder. Handcrafted in platinum, this ring is certainly simple but no less gorgeous.

24. The Lowville Ring

Lowville Diamond Engagement Ring With Accentuating Baguette Diamonds

Price: $9,800

The Lowville Ring is another one of more involved rings on this list, and we’re sure it will leave your life partner speechless.

The platinum setting features a cushion-cut center diamond flanked by accentuating baguette-cut diamonds, while the shoulders feature bullet-shaped bezels containing smaller diamonds. The center stone is GIA-certified as a 1.10-carat stone with K color and VS1 clarity, while the additional diamonds add approximately 0.35 carats.

25. Haydon Ring

Simple Haydon Engagement Ring Featuring Impressively Large Diamond

Price: $90,000

The spectacular Haydon Ring is our next choice and although it is very simple, it’s no less exciting. Indeed the 5.81-carat old European-cut diamond is quite a spectacle, and this item having the highest price on our list certainly reflects that. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, this crown-style solitaire ring features intricate hand engravings along the shank and gallery.

26. The Wheaton Ring

Wheaton Dainty Diamond Engagement Ring With Shoulder Diamonds

Price: $3,800

Up next, the dainty platinum Wheaton Ring is another excellent choice for those wanting a simple yet effective engagement ring. This elegant beauty features an old European-cut center diamond weighing approximately 0.59 carats. What’s more it has G color and SI1 clarity grades. The gallery and shoulders feature rows of smaller stones, accentuating the quality and sparkle of the center diamond.

27. The Volos Ring

Volos Three Diamond Engagement Ring With Geometric Setting

Price: $8,000

The gorgeous Volos Ring is perfect for those who want a dainty ring that utilizes various shapes in an eye-catching way. This unique and simple platinum ring features a GIA-certified 1.09-carat center diamond, with a smaller diamond on each side. The three diamonds have a combined weight of approximately 1.33 carats.

The unique setting of this ring resembles a square with circles on either side, and this alluring aspect of the piece is emphasized by fine milgrain borders.

28. Tiffany Platinum Solitaire Ring

Signed Tiffany Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $2,800

This signed Tiffany platinum solitaire diamond engagement ring is undoubtedly both simple and captivating. The edged platinum shank, the 0.30-carat diamond, and the 6 prongs it is set in; there are few elements composing this stunning and minimalistic ring, but they certainly are effective in creating a cohesive and elegant piece. The round brilliant-cut diamond has H color and VVS2 clarity.

29. The Deansgate Ring

Deansgate Dainty Diamond Engagement Ring With Accent Diamonds

Price: $60,000

The breathtaking Deansgate Ring features an emerald-cut center stone flanked by a wide bullet-shape diamond on either side. The accent stones certainly compliment the center diamond well and follow the same clean line aesthetic. The center stone weighs 3.14 carats, while the additional diamonds constitute 0.80 carats. Finally, the simple platinum setting keeps the design monochromatic and offers an overall minimalistic look.

30. Halifax Ring

Simple Edwardian Two Tone Halifax Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $24,000

Wrapping up our list, the Halifax Ring is certainly one to keep an eye on. This French Edwardian era ring was handcrafted in platinum on 18k yellow gold circa 1900. The 2.50-carat old European-cut diamond is set in eight prongs and is beautifully contrasted by the yellow gold band.

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