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Use our Antique Jewelry Page to browse all of the antique and vintage jewelry on our online website. Estate Diamond Jewelry has been collecting rare and fine jewelry for over 30 years, and now holds one of the rarest online collections of museum quality antique jewelry. Browse the Victorian Era, Art Deco Era, Edwardian Era and Retro Era Jewelry.

Use the filters on the side to fine-tune the jewelry. If you have any questions about the rare vintage jewelry, please feel free to reach out to us.

Longmeadow Ring Top ViewLongmeadow Ring Top Side View Picture

Longmeadow Ring


Linas Ring


Fancy Color Brown-Pink Diamond Ring Top View

Le Marais Ring


Lons Ring


Revel Platinum Ring Octagon ShapedRevel Engagement Ring Top Side

Revel Ring


Front view of Narlon diamond brilliance with sapphire haloThe undergallery view of platinum diamond and sapphire ring

Narlon Ring


Front view of Tufton Ring with Ruby HaloTop Side Angle of Tufton Ring with triple wire

Tufton Ring


Cushion cut diamond engagement ring with old mine haloTop side angle of cushion cut diamond ring fluerdelis

Erie Ring


Atlantic Sapphire Ring with Diamonds on shouldersTop Side View of Sapphire Ring

Atlantic Ring


Front image of Eura ring with floral halo diamonds

Eura Ring


Front View of Faro RingTop Side Undergallery picture of Faro Yellow Gold Ring

Faro Ring


Luxembourg Blue Diamond Ring Front ViewTop Side Angle of Luxembourg Blue Diamond Ring

Luxembourg Ring


Rennes Ring


Montmartre Ring


Seine Ring


Thames Ring


Tagus Ring


Bologna Engagement Ring Front View

Bologna Ring


Rhine Ring