Top Five Reasons to buy an Old Mine Diamond January 20, 2014 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Here is our list of the top five reason to buy an Old Mine Diamond (and Old European Cut Diamond).

Read our rundown on why the Old Mine Diamond is the best choice for your engagement ring, and what makes the antique diamonds so popular.

5) Charm and glow. The old mine and old European diamonds were fashioned to glow and shine. The diamond cutters of the early 1900’s cared less about saving weight, and more about the sparkle of the diamond.

Though it is a matter of opinion, old mine diamond enthusiasts will describe the older diamonds as having a brilliant gleam that’s not found in the more precisely cut modern diamonds.

Old Mine Diamond
Old Mine Diamond

4) Scarcity. The very factor that makes old mine diamonds so hard to come by is the very reason that they are treasured so much. Old mine diamonds, unlike modern diamonds, are hard to find and even harder to buy.

There are millions of modern cut diamonds being sold on the market and an unlimited amount of modern cuts to be made in the future. Old mine diamonds on the other hand are scarce. No longer are they being cut, and even when they were, very few couples could afford them and so there were very few made.

Most of the antique diamonds have been kept within their respective families as heirlooms, passed from one generation to the next. There are very few old mine diamonds available to the public.

3) A quick view of the statistics at Google Search has shown that the vintage and antique jewelry trend is growing stronger each year. More and more people want jewelry that is antique or vintage style. Vintage is back in.

One of the most distinguishable aspects of antique and vintage engagement rings is the distinctive feature of the old mine cut diamond. The true Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian enthusiasts will only want a old mine cut diamond in their jewelry.

The old-mine cut diamonds were first made popular in the early 1800’s and continued to be the primary diamond cut until the mid 1900’s. During that time period most round diamonds were cut with the proportions of the old mine diamond and old European diamond.

2) The antique mountings. Old mine cut diamonds will almost always be set in a beautiful antique mounting or a stunning antique-styled mounting. The craftsmanship and skill found in the older jewelry is rarely found in modern jewelry. For someone who loves antique and vintage diamonds, the vintage style of the mounting will undoubtedly be a part of their passion.

1) Individualism. There is no other old mine diamond that will look exactly the same as the one that you own. The diamonds of old weren’t cut with lasers, computers and machines. They were cut by a trained diamond cutter. Each stone would be assessed by eye and then the cutter would be determined the best way to cut the stone in order to maximize it’s beauty.

You can be certain that the old mine diamond that you own is the only diamond in the world with those dimensions. It’s handmade. And nothing is more beautiful than a one-of-a-kind antique handmade diamond.

Old Mine Cut Infograph
Five Reasons to get an Antique Engagement Ring – Estate Diamond Jewelry

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