Marriage Proposal Checklist

August 3, 2017 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Estate Diamond Jewelry have tapped into their 30+ years of experience to bring you the most definitive proposal checklist on the internet. Below is the list of everything that you need to do in order to propose successfully.

Proposal Checklist Rundown

Read below and read are breakdown of each item on the list.

  1. Make sure she’s ready to marry you
  2. Ask permission from her parents (optional)
  3. Find out her ring size and preferences
  4. Find the perfect ring
  5. Secure proper insurance for your ring
  6. Discover the perfect time to propose
  7. Decide upon a proposal style and scout out a good location
  8. If desired, hire a photographer, musician/s and any other extras (optional)
  9. Propose
  10. Inform family and close friends
  11. Spread the good news to everyone else

Make sure she’s ready to marry you

There is nothing more disheartening than proposing and getting shot down. We suggest that you ensure that you are both on the same page before you begin the proposal checklist.

Ask permission from her parents

If she (or you) come from a traditional family, this step will be important. It has been the standard for centuries for the man to ask the fiancee’s father permission before marrying her. In many circles, it is still the accepted practice. Research her family’s opinion on the matter carefully before jumping to conclusions.

For more information on asking permission from her father, click here.

Find out her ring size and preferences

Usually the fiancee will know her size and preference, but if you are planning to surprise her, you’ll need to find out all the information in advance.

Here are a few ways to find out her preferences:

  • Ask her family (mother, sisters and cousins)
  • Ask her friends. Usually her close friends will know what type of jewelry and rings she obsesses about
  • Pinterest. Locate her pinterest account and see if she has a board dedicated to engagement rings
  • Casually ask her (without making it obvious)
  • If you can’t ask her casually yourself without making her suspicious, ask someone else to do it

Find the perfect ring

Diamond and Emerald Engagement Ring

Work out your budget and what you want and buy it.

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Secure proper insurance for your ring

This section isn’t a requirement for most, although it really should be. The cheap cost that it costs to secure insurance for your ring makes it such an obvious step.

To read more about how to insure your ring, click here.

Discover the perfect time to propose

Finding the correct time is difficult, especially if it is supposed to be a surprise. Here is a list of the factors that need to be considered before deciding upon the right time to propose:

  • Is she available?
  • Will she want to proposed at that time?
  • Will either of you be exhausted or not-in-the-moment?
  • Are other people invited? Will they be available?

Decide upon a proposal style and scout out a good location

There are so many ways to propose, ranging from a simple intimate proposal and going all the way to proposing with a marching band on live TV. Most proposals require plenty of preparation. The more thought that goes into the proposal, the better it will come out.

Here is a list of 25 best proposal ideas.

Hire Extras

Many proposals, especially the elaborate ones, require a team. They all need to be hired and coordinated. Here is the list of the most common extras that people hire for their proposal:

  • Photographer
  • Musicians. Solo musician, quartet or orchestra
  • Driver. Taxi, car, boat, plane etc…
  • Gear. Scuba diving, hiking equipment, skiing equipment, boating equipment etc…
  • Entry Passes. If your proposal requires entry cost or validation


Now that all the hard work is over, it’s time for the proposal to begin. Some guys prefer writing up a little speech while others want to talk straight from the heart. There is no correct answer. This is your moment. Choose whatever makes you most comfortable.

Inform family and close friends

Many of your family and close friends may already be at the proposal, but if they aren’t you probably want to act fast. Word travels quickly and there may be some family and friends who you’ll want to tell before they find out on Facebook and Instagram.

Grab the moment before you post it online and tell them first.

Spread the good news to everyone else

Once all the people who need to know, have found out about the engagement, go to social media and blast the news into the ether. You can post pictures of each other and photos of the rings. The more the merrier.