Vintage Wedding Bands

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  • Rochelle Infinity Band Top ViewRochelle Infinity Band Top Side View

    Rochelle Infinity Band

  • Roswell Diamond Wedding Band Top View 12760Roswell Band Side View 12760 TSV

    Roswell Band. 9.4MM

  • Ruby Wedding BandRuby and Gold Wedding Band

    Ruby and Gold Wedding Band

  • Gold Band With Calibre Cut Rubies - Maryland BandRuby and Gold Gemstone Wedding Band - Maryland Band

    Rutherford Band

  • Sarasota band full eternity 14k gold and ruby band 14658-TV-1000PX14658-TSV-1000PX Sarasota band full eternity 14k gold and ruby band

    Sarasota Band

  • 6676 Saratoga Band Top View Ruby DiamondStunning Ruby and Diamond Eternity Band Saratoga Band

    Saratoga Band

  • Diamond and Sapphire Half Eternity Band - Savoy Band 14459 TVSapphires and Diamonds Gold Wedding Band - Savoy Band 14459 TSV

    Savoy Band. 2.3mm

  • White Gold Eternity Band with Rubies and Diamonds - Sedalia BandRuby and Diamond Eternity Band White Gold - Sedalia Band

    Sedalia Band

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  • Fancy Yellow Diamond Eternity Serven Band Top View18k Yellow Gold Serven Band Top Side View

    Severn Band. 4.65mm

  • Diamond and Yellow Gold Half Eternity Band - Sherwood BandYellow Gold and Diamond Band Sherwood Band Side View

    Sherwood Band. 2.80mm

  • Diamond and Gold Half Moon Ring - Shetland Ring 14589 TV

    Shetland Ring. Circa 1975, Vintage

  • Marquise Diamond White Gold Wedding Band - Shoreview Band 14795 TV

    Shoreview Band

  • Shared Prong Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring - Stanford RingPlatinum Shared Prong Set Diamond Ring - Stanford Ring

    Stanford Band. 2.4mm

  • Platinum and Sapphire Eternity Steinway Band Top ViewChannel Set French Cut Sapphire Band Steinway Band 15021 Top Side View

    Steinway Band. 2.20mm

  • Baguette Cut Diamond Eternity Wedding Band - Sumner Band 14953 TV1.00ct Baguette Cut Diamond Eternity Band - Sumner Band 14953 TSV

    Sumner Band. 3mm

  • Diamond and Emerald Half Eternity Band - Sylvan Band 13985 TV

    Sylvan Band

  • 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Eternity Band - Teaneck Band 12443 TVYellow Gold and Diamond Geometric Wedding Band - Teaneck Band 12443 TSV

    Teaneck Band

  • Front View of Tifferet Wedding Band 11497Tifferet Wedding Band 11497 SV

    The Tifferet Wedding Band. 3.30mm

  • Tiffany Diamond Set Platinum Wedding Band - Tiffany Wedding Band 14293 TVDiamond and Platinum Tiffany Wedding Band - Tiffany Band 14293 TSV

    Tiffany Wedding Band, Matte Finish. 4.8mm

  • Tiffany Platinum and Diamond Wide Band 14292

    Tiffany Wedding Band, Polished Finish. 4.6mm

  • Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond Wedding Band TV 12843VCA Diamond White Gold Band TSV 12843

    VCA Band

  • 5mm Brushed Finish Platinum Wedding Band - Venton BandPlatinum Brushwork Finish 5mm Wedding Band - Venton Band

    Venton Band

  • Gold and Diamond Leaf Motif Buccellati BandOpen-Work Design Diamond Buccellati Band

    Vintage Buccellati Band

  • Buccellati Wedding Band TVVintage Buccellati Wedding Band TSV

    Vintage Buccellati Wedding Band

  • Vintage style wedding bandVintage style wedding band

    Vintage Style 2MM Wedding Band

  • Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Half-Eternity Band - Winwood Band 14455 TV

    Winwood Band

  • Yellow and Aquamarine Wedding BandYellow Diamond and Aquamarine Wedding Band

    Yellow Diamond and Aquamarine Wedding Band

  • Yellow Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

  • Yellow Diamond Yellow Gold Wedding BandYellow Diamond Yellow Gold Wedding Band

    Yellow Diamond Gold Wedding Band

  • Yellow Gold Wedding BandGold and Platinum Band

    Yellow Diamond Wedding Band